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SwaSan pure love mini shot os

Lets start:-
A big mansion was shown.. Written “MAHESHWARI MANSION” looked liked the owner s choice was really classy and royal!..
As we move in we can see a guy and a girl fighting.. The girl s condition was really not gud.. Tears were continuously coming out from her eyes.. Pain and hurt could be clearly seen!
The guy was shouting at her.. Though care could br clearly seen in his voice..
“what the hell is wrong with u han SWARA? how many times i said u to abort OUR baby.. Plzz?” the guy roared angrily..
Only to recive a tight Slap from Swara!
“Dare u say anything SANSKAR this child is the symbol of our love and how can u say to abort this han?” Swara said crying..
(they r our SwaSan only who r married!)
Sanskar just looked at Swara with blank expressions he silently took her hand and started slapping himself agressively making Swara shocked and helpless!
” beat me Swara beat me more.. Beat me till my DEATH but plzz abort this baby” Sanskar said and now he totally broke down!..
Swara s heart breaked seeing her LOVE like this..
She jerked her hand from him and tightly hugged Sanskar!!!..
Sanskar s condition was no less he was crying like a child hiding in Swara s embrace..
Swara s tears were also running like river!..
Both the souls were depressed and lost..
After an hour SwaSan broke the hug, still sobbing..
Sanskar took Swara s palms kissing her hand..
“Shona u know i have no one in this world except u! I cant lose u Swara! I will die without u.. (keeping his hand on Swara s tummy) what do u think is it easy for me to say u to abort this child?? Swara this is OUR BABY but( cupping her face lovingly) i cant LOSE YOU ur my world! Doctors had clearly said tht if u give birth to this child then u may leave the WORLD! “Sanskar said the fear tht Swara won’t be with him only sent him shivera!!!
Swara cried seeing his condition..” Sanskar u know we have no family we both are ORPHANS! and i know how much u love kids right? Plz Sanskar.. Plz try to understand.. This child is our symbol we cant let him go this easily..” swara said breaking down..
Sanskar side hugged her.. “i know Jaan! But i cant let u go away from me i know im SELFISH but i cant do anything i have no one in this world except u” Sanskar said trying to make Swara realize!
“Sanskar plz try to understand and yes i will go through any PAIN to give birth to OUR CHILD!” Swara said..
Sanskar after a thousands of more fights agreed.. Only if tht had safety of Swara s!
Meeting the doctors Swara had to go through alott of pain during her labour but her SOULMATE Sanskar didnt leave her side! Giving her more and more strength!…
SwaSan are childhood friends belonging from rich families when Swara was 16 and Sanskar 18 their families died in an accident! Since tht time they r living together!… SwaSan soon found love in their friendship and married 4 yrs back..
But Swara had problem in her uterus.. And doctors had clearly said if she gives birth to a child at this stage then she would surely lose herself! But swara didnt agree and wad ready to give birth and even ready to fight with God!
Sanskar loving his wife more than anything wad fighting with Swara as she was his life his soul and he cant losr her! He love kids and wants to have one but not on the cost of losing his JAAN!…
Sanskar wad placing here and there in tension as today was Swara s delivery!
And this was not like other normal delivers it wad one of the most complicated deliveries ever!
Sanskar was the richest man of kolkata!.. And he was ready to give all the properties and everything for his WIFE!..
A loud scream could be heard.. Indicating tht Swara delivered a baby!..
Just as doctors came out of the operation theatre Sanskar rushed like wind..
“Doctor how z Swara?” Sanskar asked..
Doctors nodded in positve sign!!..
Sanskae fell in his knees crying.. “thanku God thanku sooo much if u now TAKE MY LIFE also na i would not say anything” Sanskar said..
Just then nurse came holding a baby..”Mr Sanskar Maheshwari congratulations! U have got  a  baby boy!!” nurse said..
Sanskar squealed with happiness..
Just as he was going to take The baby..
“nurse can my WIFE meet him first.. Then me? Swara has more right than me!” Sanskar said… Nurse smiled at him..
Nurse took Sanskar and the baby to Swara.. Swara smiled seeing Sanskar..
Nurse kept the baby in the cradle.. And wrnt.. “sanskar wht is this y didnt y pick him han?” Swara said..
“Swara u have given him birth taking sooo much of pain and its ur right First!” Sanskar said..
Swara looked at him lovingly and felt the luckiest woman in the world!
“i know tht but i think its coz BOTH of us tht OUR baby is born so wr both will hold him first!” Swara said with a wink..
Sanskar s ryes widened and he wad shocked seeing so boldness in Swara…
He just smiled and both took their symbol of LOVE
SwaSan smiled with tears..
” Varun Sanskar Maheshwari “Swara said..
Sanskar smiled side hugging her..
” coz Varun dhawan and Varun kapoor both r my fav! “Swara said dreamily and teasingly..
Sanskar frowned..” huh go and marry those idiots onlu “Sanskar said being jealous..
” oye dont call them idioys.. And ur my LOVE my LIFE “Swara said genuinely…
Sanskar smiled kissing her forehead..
” I LOVE YOU “both said at the same time joining their foreheads…
The end..

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