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Swasan Naughty Pair by Chaitu Part 18

hii guys i don’t know why today I’m not in a mood to write but still I wrote I wanted to complete this flashback fast no problem next chapter it going to end I know this part is too bad but please adjust this one for now thank you

After match everyone called them to do kuldev pooja sanskar stood beside swara who was praying closing her eyes he got mesmerized
Sanskar : bas bagvan iss janam keleiye yeh hii kafi hein bus woh Jo kuch bhi maang rahena buss dedena usse hamesha kush rakna mera kush bhi ussme hein kuch dinno hi sayi but thanks for sending her in my life for a shord period he smiles and prays the god
Swara : thank you bagvan uss gundo se bachane keliye aur iss situation mein muje mere prince se melwane keliye I love him so much after going for here our ways departs but please end me meeting in that ways of my life I want him in my life please give me a strength to say him what I feels I know he feels for me but buddu he won’t tell me so I should only take a step na she pouts
Sanskar : ohh…god why she is pouting lagtha hein god ko bahut maska kar rahein umm….I just want to kiss that pout suddenly someone was pulling His shirt he saw mottu
Sanskar : what
Mottu : bhaiya if you see bhabhi like that in pooja time na god will take your eyes so silently pray to God OK now turn
Sanskar made bad faces and turns towards the god
Everyone did arthi
Head person : now u people also do arthi and asked her to make you parents soon
Sanskar mouth hung open
Swara blushes
They took arthi to do but stopped by someone
Lady : ek minute …kya chori tum sindoor lagana bullgayi kya
Swara : ohh I didn’t find there so
Head : no problem chora maa kii pero mein sindoor hein na usse lekhar apni bendni kho lagdena
Hearing them Swasan were shocked he didn’t move
Head : app dono pati patni hein na
Sanskar : yeh kya baath huyi humari shaadi hogayi yeh
Head : uske maang mein sindoor barna
Sanskar took sindoor from god feet and brings his hand to her forhead

Khuski : what did you guys are already married
Even arnav also becomes shock
Arnav : u guys are married
Khushi : I taught I’m going do your shaadi like that like this but you guys
Swara : guys stop it he didn’t fill my maang
Arshi : what

Before sanskar fills her she without anyone notice acting as sliding her hair she fill her maang both took a long breath
Head : now perform the pooja
They both did pooja and had there dinner and went to sleep sanskar was sleeping on ground and swara on bed in midnight sanskar got up to drink water saw towards bed but swara was not there he came out and searched every where but didn’t find her he got panic by this time everyone got up and started to search her while moving he stamped her bracelet he got her way the goons were dragging her suddenly one of them fell on the ground flyingly all turned around to see red eyed angry sanskar swara smiled through tears he bet them black and blue even villagers fought with them sanskar went to her but swara got unconscious and about to fell on the ground but sanskar held her someone in the group checked her
Man : don’t worry because of scared she got unconscious take her let’s go
Sanskar took her in arms and went to there hut everyone slept but not sanskar after passing time he also slept beside her after sometime swara got up she saw him sleeping peacefully thinking as he sleeping she confrsed her love and sanskar got happy he got up she becomes shocked he hugged her and confessed her both are now drowning in their love

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