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Swaragini – Me and my best friends Season 2 (RagSan) Intro



Hey everyone … its me Aditi with new season of my previous ff me and my best friends. This season has nothing to do with first season , only characters are same . So new readers are welcome.

If you haven’t read first season then let me tell you about characters and plot.

Swara – A girl full of life ,hates her father cos he left her when she was young. She is bff of Ragini and Laksh. Loves her brother.

Laksh –  Swara’s best friend . Loves her

Ragini – Swara’s best friend. Loves both of her best friend very much.(you will get know a lot more about her as the story proceeds).

Rohan – Swara’s brother. Loves his sister.

Sanskar – Rohan’s friend. Came with him to visit india from america.


So this was short intro of characters . First season was Swara’s POV as it was Swalak ff . But this season will be Ragini’s POV.

If you want to know how last season ended then click here https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/swaragini-best-friends-swalak-chapter-6-last-chapter/


I will continue only if I get more than 10 comment on this.

If you have any confusion then comment below.

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