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Shivika TS ft rudra (trust)-shot 3

Hey guys so I am back with third shot hope you all enjoy it.

If you missed last shots;



Anika shivered hearing the pain in his voice”wha..what do you mean?”she stammered.
“Oh so you don’t know? After destroying my family you are acting innocent? Ok let me help you come” he tugged her wrist roughly and pulled her through the office and to the car. This was the first time when she actually noticed the office staff pointing and gossiping about her.
“I said leave me Rudy” she growled. But he was too full of emotions to listen. And made her sit in the car and drove rashly to the mansion.
During the whole journey Anika observed the blood red eyes of rudra he looked just like his brother what had happened to him she was sweating badly all the negative thoughts had raged a storm in her mind.
At last after what seemed to her like hours they were finally here in front of the oberoi mansion. There was pin drop silence there a grim atmosphere had enveloped the house. She could feel a lump in her throat. Again rudra grabbed her hand and took her while her feet just followed like puppets she was too numb to think or understand anything. She was still drowned as the memories of old times had clouded her mind.
As they stepped inside first thing she saw was enough to wind her heart she saw her mother her Pinki mom on wheel chair like a stone while both jahnvi aunty and Gauri were trying to feed her. Rudra took her near them as they rose in shock seeing them.
“Bh..bhoujai?” Gauri muttered while anger was clearly visible on jahnvi aunty’s face.
“See for yourself ” rudra pulled her ahead. “See what happened to my choti maa”.
Anika inched forward but before she could say something Rudra continued ” no stop don’t get stuck here come” he pulled her while her eyes were fixed on the sweet old lady with tears rolling down her cheeks and before she could blink she was standing in front of her and shivaye’s room as Rudy pushed the door open her heart stopped she felt the world around her go stagnant rudra was saying something but all she could understand was the figure in front of her,her love, her life, her shivay in front of her lying lifeless on the bed with numerous machines attached to his body.
Her mind went blank her heart seared with pain and her body gave up her legs felt like jelly she tried to take a step but fell down.
“Bhabhi” she felt a pat as she returned to the real world only to see concerned eyes of Rudy her Rudy not Rudra Singh Oberoi. “Are you ok” she nodded and the Stone Singh Oberoi was back.
“What?…when..?” And she blabbered a number of questions in next few seconds.
“Bhabhi..bhabhi” Bhavya suddenly engulfed in a hug crying badly.
“Bhavya wait ” he pulled her off with a jerk and took Annika to adjoining room before the door got closed she could see the different expressions of all the oberois standing out side. Rudra took her and made her sit on the couch and pulled himself a chair near him.
“So..?” He started handing her a glass of water. She drank the water and everything remained still she was trying to absorb what just happened while he just sat there and stared at her.
“Ru..rudra?” She finally asked after few moments.
“Mr Oberoi” he retaliated but his eyes spoke otherwise.
“What happened?” She continued weakly.
“You don’t know you destroyed everything and now you are acting as if you don’t know anything have you not seen news lately?” He let off a dry scoff.
It was true Anika actually was reminded of shivay everytime she switched on the news and so she never ever so much as glanced at news she would even burn the news paper if it said oberoi on it.
“Please” she begged.
“Ok so let me tell you a story so it happened that my bhabhi just walked out seeing something..”
“It was not something Mr Oberoi it was my life going down” she shouted remembering the past. “It was a betrayal by my husband my life and I was made to watch it with my own eyes as my life was robbed I did what anyone would have done in my place even you!!”
“Oh was it ? so you watched it with your own eyes you are saying then if I were you I would have gotten my eyes checked” rudra shouted leaving her confused “as if my eyes were ok I would have seen what was happening there I would have seen my brother in law sitting there as pandit chanting wrong mantras, I would have seen bride putting on vermilion and mangalsutra on her own, I would have seen the pheras without gathbandhan, I would have seen my husband getting angry when he got proofs about his family rather than the proofs against my father, I would have seen my husband getting beaten up and held on gunpoint for the family picture, I would have seen my family in front of bua, I even if I had not seen those I would have shouted on my husband I would have questioned him why he did that, I would not have straight gone to the police and sent the family with I called my family to jail for the crime they had not committed”.
Anika remembered how she missed each of the moment rudra had just spoken about and was cursing herself for not trusting her shivay and her family. “I..” she started to clearlify that she had not handed the proofs to the police, but rudra stopped her.
” You what? You want to say something even now? You know what were the after effects of your lack of trust? My brother was looking for you like a mad person when we came to know about your actions and papa and Chote Papa we’re arrested but Choti ma didn’t believe that her daughter could do it and she rashly left to search for you and met with an accident. We took her to the hospital and..”
Shivay had gone to fulfill some formalities and Omru were moving to and fro waiting for the doctor while Gauri was sitting praying for her Choti ma when doctor arrived.
“Doctor how is she” they all rushed to him.
“I am sorry but she slipped into coma” it was as if a thuderbolt fell on them they all were numb untill they heard Gauri call “bade Bhaiya!!”
Omru looked up and found shivay who had just arrived and heard the conversation standing numb at a distance.
He started to step back slowly mumbling something inaudible about everything leaving him….. everyone gone…. He had to go… His Ani…his ma…”
Omru ran to him but he just left from there.
And the next thing they knew was seeing shivay lying on the road in a pool of blood, some one had hit him, mumbling “…” And he fainted.
FB ends.
“That was the last blow to us Bhaiya had too slipped into coma because he was not responding to any of the treatments, Choti ma got concious after about a month but couldn’t handle the shock of not having any of her children beside her in her fragile health and went under shock.” Rudra concluded tears were freely flowing his eyes. While anika couldn’t just believe what had happened. She was in a shock and looked on the verge of fainting again.
“They both needed someone on their side but she wasn’t there.” Rudra shot an accusing glare at her. “I somehow got papa and Chote Papa out but the family I loved was gone. ”
While Anika was dying a million times in each second. For the next few seconds rudra was saying something but all she could understand was he was accusing her but she couldn’t understand anything reality dawned on her only after few seconds when rudra had composed himself and shook her.
“So Ms. Trivedi you might be thinking why I brought you here I want a deal from you I will give you your brother back if you help me” Rudra said in a business like tone.
Annika had forgotten about Sahil she was just in a pool of guilt.
“I know I can’t even bear your face but I know my brother loved you like a maniac and only way to bring both my brother and Choti Ma back is you so I will tolerate you. You will live here near them take care of them and bring them back. I don’t know how but I want it to done if you want Sahil. And remember don’t ever try to interfere with anything else” Rudra added sternly and left with a Stone Singh Oberoi tadi. While she just sat there.

So guys how was it?? Hope it didn’t get boring but I wanted to give past in one shot.
So guess,
Will others accept Anika?
Will Rudra’s plan succeed ?
What will happen if it does?
Will will be Shivay’s reaction?
Next shot will also be an emotional rollercoaster and may be the last shot.
Many of you may feel it was unfair to Anika but don’t worry wait for the next one

And yes before I forget Nikitajai you were right again as always…😂😂

So see you next time

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