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Shakti 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer saves Soumya from Kishan lal

Shakti 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya telling Sameer that the dolls are not toys and says such toys will not be made? Sameer says it will be made? Soumya says they are not toys for me and asks him to give. He drops toy from his hand. Soumya looks at the male doll. Sameer’s mum picks up female toy and keeps in the basket. Sameer asks Soumya to do work at work hours, and not to be emotional all the time. Sameer’s mum asks her not to remember the moments which hurts her, and asks her to fight with those memories and says one day you will not remember them. She says if you want then these toys will not go to market, but I want it to make it to market as I want you to fight. She says if your mum would have been alive then she would have said same thing.

Harak Singh talks to Kishan Lal and asks him to search

Soumya near Amritsar. Preeto makes Jasleen hears him. She tells Jasleen that Harak Singh hates Soumya and can do anything. Jasleen says Harak singh has to understand. Harman comes and asks Jasleen to come, they leave to enquire about the call.

Raavi wears necklace given by her lover and thinks Balwinder will never give her such necklace. Shanno comes and reminds her of the promise that she will give half of the share from stolen money. Raavi tells that Balwinder gifted her necklace and asks him to tell. Shanno says I came to ask you to come to kitchen. Balwinder asks from where did you get it? Raavi says it is bought with locker’s money. Balwinder says you didn’t give me money that day to buy vest. Raavi asks him to go.
Maninder is sweeping the road, while Varun asks him to clean properly. Some people gather there. A man asks him to clean the gutter. Maninder refuses. Varun says my sasur will clean the gutter now. Maninder takes out the gutter lid and puts his hands inside.

Inspector tells Harman that he will leave. Harman tells Jasleen what we will do now. Jasleen says we will try again and says very soon we will know something. Harman asks if Soumya is in any trouble. Jasleen says she is innocent.

Sameer’s mum asks Soumya to call him and asks him to come to shop as house door is locked. She asks Soumya to scold Sameer as he is very vocal/loose talks. Sameer meets some guy and tells him that his business is working well because of some lucky charm. Kishan lal hears and thinks he must be talking about Soumya. He thinks she used to do amazing things in Harak singh’s factory. Sameer comes to shop and says he has brought everything. Kishan Lal sees Soumya back and thinks she is Soumya. Sameer says he is going to dhaba and asks shall I get food for you. Soumya says yes. Sameer says I will get food parcel for both of us. Once Sameer goes, Kishan Lal comes and says I need toys. Soumya sees him in the front mirror and thinks what is Raavi’s sasur doing here? She hides her face and turns to him. Kishan lal asks who are you? Are you Soumya?

Sameer comes back and sees Kishan Lal asking if she is Soumya? He sees Bunty and asks him to act to cry. He tells Kishan Lal that she is his wife and Bunty’s mother. He asks Kishan Lal not to stare his wife again, and scares him taking Bunty’s name. Kishan Lal leaves. Sameer closes the door and pretends to scold Sameer. Kishan Lal thinks he sees Soumya everywhere and thinks to leave before that boy comes. Sameer tells Soumya that he cares for her even though she is married to someone else and loves him. Soumya asks him to open the door and says boy’s mother must be searching for him. She thanks Sameer. Sameer asks do you have kids? Soumya reminisces Aditya and gets emotional. Sameer says if you had kids then you would have brought them, and says you will be a good mother. Soumya gets emotional. Sameer says lets have food. He says timing was good else this will not happen again and asks her to stay there.

Harman tells Jasleen that his Gulabo is alive and he will surely find her. Jasleen says we will paste posters everywhere. Harman says Soumya was found in Ludhiana, then she jumped in pond, and then this call. Jasleen says I think someone is trying to divert you and that’s why has done this pond game. She says someone from your house must be behind it. Harman asks Harak Singh? Jasleen says many be someone else also. Harman says I will confront him. Jasleen says first we have to search her. Soumya says sorry to Sameer and asks him not to tell anything against her husband.

Maninder gets unwell. Varun says no need to go to doctor and calls him slacker. Surbhi says you can see his condition and asks him to be quiet. Maninder tells bebe that he will die with fever. Sumit comes there. Surbhi says he is having much fever. Sumit says we shall take him to doctor.

Women workers come to Sameer’s shop and give him money. They tell that they went to fair and sold all toys soon. Sameer gives them their share. They leave. Sameer says very soon we will rule on toy world. Soumya says she don’t want to rule. Sameer asks why? He says I will change your name and suggests rosy, gulab…Soumya recalls Harman calling her Gulabo.

Sameer suggests Soumya to remarry. Soumya gets upset. Sameer says I am not telling anything to him and says may be you will get a good guy than him, you are beautiful and runs business well, and says anybody will marry her. He asks if she thinks he will return to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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