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Episode 3 

Scene 1:Chamko cafe .

Neil:Avni,lets go to watch a movie.

Avni:Ok , but which?

Neil: That we will see.

Scene 2:Inside a mall.

Neil and Avni go to watch a movie and after watching the movie Avni  gets sad as she remembers how Karan left her and she runs away from there while Neil feels bad for her .He follows her ,

Neil:(shows Avni’s picture to the watchman)Have you seen this girl?

Watchman:Yeah ,sir she took a auto and went that way.

Neil:Thank you.

Scene 3:Pareikh Mansion.

 Avni is about to enter inside her house when Neil hold her hand from back .

Neil:Avni,I am sorry I didn’t knew about the movie.


After saying this she goes to her room and Neela talks with Neil.

Neela: You are Neil right?

Neil:Yeah ,Aunt .

Neela:I am sorry that she shouted on you ,don’t mind her she is very sensitive.

Neil:No aunt its okay,she has told me everything.

Neela:Oh ok.

Neil: If you don’t mind can I go to her room.


Neil goes to Avni’s room.

Neil:Avni,please forgive me ,wont you forgive your friend .


Neil:(thinks)She needs some time and space .

He goes down .

Neela:See I told you she is very sensitive but you know she was not like this before ,She was the Avni who talked  very politely to everyone ,who loved to get her clothes drenched in rain ,who loved to sing ,who wrote to spread her happinees and not the one who shouts on everyone ,hates rain ,hates singing and writes to hide her pain.

Neil:Aunt,I am glad that you told me ,(holds Neela’s hands)and now I promise you that I will bring that  old Avni back .

Neela:You can call me Neela Ma.

Neil:Ok ,so I will call you Neela Ma from now.And please give your number to me .

Neela:ok ,here you go( gives him her number.

Avni was in her room and she realised that she shouldn’t have shouted on Neil and she also got scared by thinking that Neil will break their friendship,then she looked out of the window and saw that his car was still there so she went down and saw that Neil was about to open the gate of his car but before that she went there and held his hand .

Avni:(crying)Neil I am sorry for shouting at you but please don’t break our friendship,please.

Neil:(wipes her tears)Avni,I will never break our friendship ,I know that you need some time to adjust with me and I promise you that I will  be there for you till my last breath no matter what.

Avni hugs him.

Neil:Ok so now let’s make you happy so now you are coming with me to the radio station.


Neil:No ifs and buts and first you smile, you don’t look good when you cry .

Avni smiles faintly.And then they both get into the car.

Scene 4:Radio station.

Neil:Welcome to the program of the lonely hearts who are waiting for love to enter their life’s,ya you all got it right it’s me RJ Neil,and today I am going to tell you all why I love rain but first let’s hear to this song :(he plays dekha hazaroon dafa apko )and stares at Avni. After the song gets over he says:so rain has been my best friend from childhood,do you all know why because no mater how much we cry while standing in rain only a few people will come to know that we were crying ,so I love rain and now it’s time to go so we will meet tomorrow,Bye .

After that Avni and Neil go out and it starts raining,Neil gets very happy while Avni gets sad but when she sees Neil jumping like kids in the rain she starts smiling and soon joins Neil,then Neil clicks her picture from his phone and sends it to Neela Ma.

Then he drops Avni to Pareikh Mansion.

Scene 5:Chamko cafe (next day)

Neil:Avni meet him he Is my best friend DD.

Avni:Hey DD ,And Neil you meet her she is my best friend Sunehri.and Sunehri he’s DD.

Neil:DD,Sunehri you both talk ,I have to tell something to Avni.

He takes Avni to a corner.

Neil:Avni ,yesterday I got an invitation card for Karan’s birthday party and i think that it will be a good  chance to rub it off his face and to show him that you have moved on so we will go there.

Avni:But,Neil we are just friends.

Neil:Avni,we both know but Karan doesn’t knows and don’t you trust me.

Avni:I trust you but how will I face him.

Neil:Don’t worry i will be there with and now go home I will come to pick you up at your house in 3 hours.


Scene 6:Pareikh Mansion.

Avni comes down and she was wearing a red gown,when Neil sees her he gets completely smitten by her looks.

Avni:Neil,lets go.NEIL .

Neil:Yeah ,you said something?

Avni:Where are you lost ,I said let’s go.


Scene 6: Kapoor Mansion.

Karan:Welcome ladies and gentlemen,oh see who has came to my birthday party my ex-fiancée Avni Ayesha the illegitimate granddaughter of Dayawanti Mehta and do you all know why she has came here to show me that she has moved on.See how shameless she is she has came here with her new boyfriend,wow awesome.


He turns back and sees that Avni is not there ,He angrily stares at Karan and then goes to find Avni.

Scene 7:Outside Kapoor Mansion.

Neil:Avni,I am sorry that I interfered in your personal matters but he was insul…

Before Neil could complete his sentence Avni pulled him into a deep and passionate kiss for almost  5 minutes and finally they both broke the kiss due to lack of breath , then Neil said :Dont tell me that you did it to forget what happened at the party.

Avni :But that’s why ,I did it.

Neil:Ok,let me drop you home.


I hope you like this FF.


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