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Pyaar (Ragsan) Pt 11 by Aliya

Let’s begin…

Sanskar was moving in the car…
He had a lone tear in his eyes…he goes into Fb

Ragini looks into his eyes: sanskar… You will not leave me na!

Sanskar felt guilty he couldn’t look into her eyes which had immense love and trust for him

Ragini: sanskar what happened??

Sanskar: Ragini..i..i want to tell you something….

Ragini: what happened sanskar?? Is everything alright? She cups his face

Sanskar closes his eyes: please.. Ragini for my sake your will not attend the college tomorrow…

Ragini: but why???

Sanskar: please

Ragini: what happened? Is something bothering you.. if you are ok then share it with me!

Sanskar held hand which was in his cheeks…he kissed her palms

Ragini smiles…

Sanskar:i am sorry

Ragini: Sanskar what happend?

Sanskar nods in nothing: you still not attend the college right

Ragini:hmm..ok if you are saying this much….

Sandler smiles a bit

Next day

Swara: Sanskar.. Today i will be so happy you know why..today i will see the broken Ragini ..

Sanskar didn’t say anything

Swara hugs him:i love you Sanskar

He felt uncomfortable…he just remembered Ragini

Sanskar:did i really love swara???

He frees swara from him…

Swara:whatever you are doing for me na…i can hug you for whole day…today i want to see Ragini..she rhought herself smart and now i will teach her who is smart!

This was all seen and heard by soniya..
She was shocked
May be she is the friend of Swara…but she wouldn’t never like when someone backstabs

Swara:today when you will propose me infront of all college…i think that behen ji would be broken down into tears

Soniya herself: this is wrong…i should do something

Soniya immediately goes from there…

She searches for Ragini but she was no where to be found

And she spots avni…

Soniya:avni avni…
She held avni’s hand

Avni was shocked

Soniya:i want to talk to you

Avni:but i don’t want to you..

Soniya: please avni

Avni ignores her and was about to go

Soniya: its about Ragini

Avni stops

And they moves to near by empty class

Soniya tells the incident which she witnessed

Avni looks at her and laughs: this must be Swara’s right…

Soniya: avni you have to trust me

Avni: if you tell anything against me and my friends may be it’s Ragini or sanskar..i won’t spare you.. What you thought you would do these drama and i would believe it..no never ever…

Soniya: why would i tell you.. atleast…

Avni: same why would you tell me this…if by chance you are telling the truth too why should i believe you who are you to me…let me say who you are…you are swara ki chamchi…

Avni goes from there

*Here avni sees Ragini who is getting ready to go to her siblings school function

Avni:if that day i believed soniya*

Sanskar was guilty he wasn’t understanding his true feelings..who is his love swara or Ragini?

Sanskar goes out of the college..he sees the college ground is crowded…

He was shocked to see all his and Swara’s photograph’s…

And everywhere it’s written I LOVE YOU SWARA

Swara goes to him and hugs him…

Swara crosses her eyes and looks at Ragini who was shocked her eyes were filled with tears

Sanskar’s eyes falls on Ragini….
Ragini looks at him she had lot of questions in her eyes for him…. He could see how hurt

Avni was so shocked that even she didn’t believe soniya

Swara drags sanskar

Swara: you know what guy’s…we both love eachother from 2 year’s…actually we both met in our family business function and now see…..

Sanskar’s eyes were fixed on Ragini who was crying silently….

Avni was about go to Sanskar and question him for his deeds.. It was so clear sanskar cheated Ragini… He was in love with Swara for 2 year’s

Ragini held her avni looks at her Ragini nods in no….

Avni takes her from there…

*Sanskar was in tears:if i had found who my love is on that day…now even i have lost her and i am so unlucky that i didn’t even got the chance for the apologies
He wipes the tears and wears the goggles just to hide his facial expression*

Avni: why did you stop me?
Ragini cries…..

Avni couldn’t hold herself seeing her friend crying she hugs her

Ragini:what you would have asked him?why did you cheat me? Why i feel on his trap!

Avni;mistake was mine…it was mine if i didnt force you to accept his friendship…

Ragini gets up and goes….


Sanskar couldn’t take Ragini from his mind…

His mobile beeps…

He sees Ragini’s text…

“Meet me at xxx”

He thinks to apologize her there..

He was about to go when he spots avni infront of him

Avni slaps him:agar kuch sharam bachi ho tho Ragini se milne mat aana
(If some shame is left in you then don’t come to meet Ragini)

She goes from there…

Here Ragini was waiting in a cricket stadium she was fully broken…
Avni was with her

Avni felt disgusted seeing sanskar there

Ragini: ani i want to talk to him alone

Avni goes from there giving a quick glare to Sanskar

There was full of silence

Ragini: one minute….i have only one question why did you do this?

Sanskar had no answer…

It starts to rain

Pehle Kabhi Na Tune Mujhe Gum Diya Fir Mujhe Kyu Tanha Kar Diya

Ragini: everything was a……….lie
Sanskar had tears but it’s strange that you can hide your tears in the rain

Guzare The Jo Lamhe Pyaar Ke Humesha Tujhe Apna Maan Ke

Ragini:tumne…tumne mujhse….ka..kabhie PYAAR hi nahi kiya tha…yeh sab jhoot tha?
(You..you didn’t ever loved me..this all a lie?)

To Fir Tune Badli Kyu Ada
Ye Kyu Kiya

She falls in her knees and burst into a bitter cry
Sanskar was having unstoppable tears…he was froze because he was her culprit!

Kabhi Jo Badal Barse
Mai Dekhu Tujhe Aankhe Bhar Ke
Tu Lage Mujhe Pehli Barish Ki Dua

Bith RagSan remembered all their moments

Tere Pehlu Me Reh Loon
Main Khud Ko Pagal Keh Loon
Tu Gam De Khushiyan Seh loon Sathiyaa

Ragini gets the call from Raj

She picks it

She was froze after what he said: maa..
She cries….

She gets and runs from there….

Sanskar couldn’t move his body

“tumne…tumne mujhse….ka..kabhie PYAAR hi nahi kiya tha…yeh sab jhoot tha?”rings in his ears

*Sanskar sees Ragini’s photo in his mobile:if i could tell you now how much i love……….

To be continued……..

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