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Porus 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Gets Attracted To Barsin

Porus 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shivdutt scolds messengers not to lie about Puru and his team’s death. Messengers cry and act that they are telling truth and show Puru, Ambhi Kumar, and Laachi’s belongings. Bamni, Ambhi Raj, and Dasyu raj cry seeing their children’s belongings, believing they are dead.

In Faras, Barsin’s mother tells her daughters that they were getting proud death, but now they have to live a dignity less life and attend their enemy’s party. Barsin asks not to lose hope, they will escape. Mom asks how. She says wait and watch. Alexander walks in wearing Farsi clothes and holding wine and says he wanted to celebrate in Farsi clothes, did they like it. He says looks like his voice is not reaching them, he will come near them. He walks towards them. They get afraid, but Barsin continues smiling. Alexander asks why she is smiling so much, if she has planned something. He knows she returned from Bharath just now and is good in politics.

Anusuya looks at Puru’s name and smiles. Bamni shows her Puru’s anklet. She asks Puru wore while leaving for Farsi, what is it doing here. Bamni says Puru’s boat sank and tells her whole incidence. Anusuya says her son is alive as she did not get any indication that her son is unwell, a mother can feel what others cannot feel. Her son is born in water and water cannot take his life. She saw her son being thrown in Jhelum river, but a mother’s heart knew it cannot kill her son. Bamni says she gives him inspiration whenever she is with him. She asks to trust his feeling, they did not find any dead bodies, son is alive and he knows Puru does not leave any task incomplete. Puru has gone to meet his fate at Faras and he must have reached Faras by now.

Puru walks into party venue with other Farsi people. Alexander looks at door eagerly for Barsin, but misses Puru and his team’s checkup. Puru tells his team that Alexander realized something is wrong, they have to find Barsin soon.

Precap: Puru reaches Barsin’s room and says Bhrati can go to any extent to fulfill their promise. Alexander asks Ephastian why Barsin is taking so much time. Ephastian says let us go and check. Alexander walks towards Barsin’s room.

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