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Nimki Mukhiya 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki calls Tune

Nimki Mukhiya 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Tuna says why is nimki not calling. She calls him. He says where are you? Nimki says I am fine. How is my family? he says they are really worried for you. Nimki says don’t tell them about me. He says your mother in law came too. Babu is worried too. She saysv really? He says why aren’t you sure? She says I know. Take care of my family please. When all this ends I will coem here. He says where are you? She cuts the call. Nimki imagines herself in jail. she says no I can’t go there.

Scene 2
Rekah says everyone is back from Ghat tola. Dablo says my business plans fail in front of Nimki all the time. She says but nimki has gone away. Tettar laughs. Babbu says it was so much fun. dadi says is she found? he says that stupid girl is out of my life. Tettar says its

not a good news. Jhariya says amma ji was so worried about her. She slaps Jhariya and says are you crazy. Babbu says amma was doing politics as well. She dared touching me. Now she is away from my life I am so happy. I hate her. Babbu says you all decided this for me. I suffered alone. Thank God she is out of my life. Sweeti says calm down. We are so selfish we can literally be against each other too. Everyone is dazed.

Mausi says why you like this pasta? Elena says nimki likes it. Mausi says but she isnt’ here. Elena says but she might come.
Ahi says to Mausi eat please. She says I don’t like this pasta and all. Nimki is hidden inside. mausi says is there someone in room? Elena says no one is there. Nimki hides behind sofa. Abhi comes to take his phone. Nimki hides. Elena says baba pleas let eat. Its commissioner. Abhi says I told you if Nimki comes here I will tell you. Abhi goes out. Nimki eats pasta from Abhi’s plate. Mausi is coming out. Nimki hides. Abhi comes back and says who ate my pasta? Elena says you ate. Mausi says you forget things. Nimki is hidden uneder the table. Abhi goes out. Mausi goes to her room.

Everyone is ghat tola is worried for Nimki. They say nimki is defaming all the ghat tola. Police comes here every day. Ram is hiding his daughter. tune says what are you saying. Have some shame and Nimki hasn’t done anything wrong. Awoman says what about her giving people fake meds. Chachi says she can never do this. This is all Nehar’s plot. Tune asks Muah and mono to go inside.
Precap-Abhi sees Nimki in his house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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