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My Best Memories With You (Kaanchi) Chapter 3

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After eating the medicine Sanchi had gone somewhat mad . She told ” before dying, I wanna convey all my love for Isha and Pragya . ” She started moving closer to Kabir and kissed his cheek

” What are you doing ? ” Kabir said while rubbing his cheek to remove the lipstick mark .

Our Wild cat Sanchi made every possible attempt to convey her love to Isha and Pragya ( by kissing Kabir ) . All her attempts were futile but Kabir’s white shirt was full of lipstick marks .

Within 15 minutes Sanchi fell into a deep sleep and Kabir had a victorious smirk on his face .He drove away to Kapoor mansion
Kabir stopped the car in front of the Kapoor Mansion .He looked at her and a unknown smile crept to his face . He came out the car . He slowly carried her in his arms saving her head from getting hit . He carried her in bridal towards his room and made her lay down He looked at her in disbelief beacuse she was wide awake 👀👀😂😂. She still had the effect of alcohol .

Kabir : You woke up ?

Sanchi was looking at Kabir and all of a sudden she pulled Kabir towards her . Now both of them were in the bed with Kabir on top of Sanchi . Sanchi was smiling mischievously . He tried to push her but our wild Sanchi drooled on him . Between all her attempts , Kabir’s lipstick marked shirt was ripped by her . His body had the marks of nail scrathes by Sanchi . He was in bare body, Sanchi pulled him back and somehow fell asleep keeping her head on his chest . Kabir had no other option , so slept like that .

In the morning Sanchi woke up with a headache which a effect of hangover . She slowly got up and looked at where she was sleeping and on whom she was sleeping . She saw dupatta lying on the floor with Kabir’s ripped lipstick marked shirt . She got out of the bed and looked at herself by stepping in front of the mirror . Her hair was open , her lipstick smudged, scratch marks on her neck and most importantly her ripped dress . She quickly covered herself with the dupatta.

* What happened last night ?? I just remember drinking the cocktail at the restaurant and after that …Did Dr.Kabir do … No he won’t do this to me … Oh God !!! * These thoughts bombarded Sanchi’s mind . She went to the bed and tried to wake Kabir up .

Sanchi : Dr. Kabir ! Dr. Kabir ! Dr. Kabir !!!

Still Kabir didn’t wake up . Sanchi screamed at the top of her lungs “DR KABIR !!!” Kabir woke up startled.

“Huh ? What happened Sanchi ?”he said sleepily

” Can I know what’s was going on here last night ?? And why are you shirtless??” said Sanchi pointing at the floor .

” You don’t remember ?” asked Kabir .

“Of course I don’t remember that’s why I’m asking you !!” snapped Sanchi

” Okay ! Okay ! Calm down . Seriously  you don’t remember what happened between us last night ??” asked Kabir still in doubt .

“Dr. Kabir !! I seriously don’t know what happened? Would you like to tell me ? ” She said while gritting her teeth .

” Okay ! You know yesterday, we became united .. our soul became one ..and …” Kabir said blushing while Sanchi interrupted .

” WHAT ??? You are joking, right ? ” asked Sanchi in shock

” You don’t believe me ,then see this.. I tried to stop but you drooled on me and I thought ….”reasoned a blushing Kabir while he showed all the lipstick marks and scratches .

Sanchi could not believe this and burst out crying . Kabir looked at Sanchi and tried to console her .

“It was a joke ,Sanchi !!” said Kabir seriously .

Sanchi looked at him with teary eyes and he nodded . Sanchi wiped her tears and hit him lightly on his shoulder .

” Do you think that I would that without your permission even though we’re engaged ? Don’t you trust me ?” asked Kabir .

Sanchi looked at him and was lost in his eyes . They both got lost in each others eyes when Kabir broke the eye lock

Kabir : I didn’t know that you are this fierce when drunk !!(laughs and shows her a video which he shooted last night )

Sanchi : Sorry Dr.Kabir ! But you should have done something ..

Kabir : You know you were uncontrollable last night !

Sanchi : I’m really sorry for the inconvenience , Dr.Kabir !

Kabir : By the way, you don’t need to call me Dr.Kabir ! Call me just Kabir like you were calling me last night . Are you fine with that ?

Sanchi : Umm..Dr.Kabir ! Today is a important surgery , you know..So, get ready.. I’m going for now and we’ll meet in the hospital  (she said changing the topic )

Kabir : You still didn’t answer my question Sanchi !

Sanchi : Get ready KABIR!! (She said emphasizing her last word)

Kabir : No need to go , You can get ready here !

Sanchi : There are no clothes here

Kabir :You can borrow something from Maa …whatever it is you get ready here …I don’t wanna get late

Sanchi : Ok fine !

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