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My Best Memories With You (Kaanchi) Chapter 2

Previous Episode :

Kabir and Sanchi reach the restaurant. They were escorted to a beautifully decorated table . The Manager of the table came to them

Manager :Good evening ! Sir, we are organising a couple contest in the restaurant. You both look good together. I think you should participate.

Kabir : No, thanks ! We would like to place our order

Manager : Through this contest, the love between you both will bloom more beautifully.Mam, please request sir .

Sanchi looks at Kabir and then at the manager with confused look . Kabir looks at the manager and then at Sanchi . He then nods at the manager

Manager : So, what are your names ?

Kabir: Sanchi and Kabir

The Manager went to the stage . Soon, all the couples who were there finished their supper and the manager announced the beginning of the contest .

Manager : Attention love birds ! The contest is going to begin . We will start the contest with a compatibility test . You and your partner, both will be given a notebook and I will ask you questions . The couple whose most of the answers match will be the winner .

Manager : What is the favourite your wife(most of the couples were husband and wife )likes ?

Kabir * Mostly girls like pink, I think I should write pink *

Sanchi * My favourite colour ? I don’t like a particular color…all the colors are my favourite*

Manager: What is your husband’s favourite pass time ?

Kabir :*being in hospital and treating patients or being with maa *

Sanchi* being with kusum aunty and treating patients*

Manager : Who’s your wife’s 3am friend ?

Kabir* Of course Isha and Pragya*

Sanchi *Isha and Pragya*

Manager : Mr and Mrs Khanna, you are the winners with Mr . Kabir and Miss Sanchi as runner ups . Now, the contest being over let’s have a romantic dance between all the couples .

Both Sanchi and Kabir wanted to stop this nonsense ,but willinglessly did all those things a normal couple would do happily . Both of them were very awkward and couldn’t make eye contact . Finally, it was over and both of them had a relief but before going ,the manager bombarded another task at the couples .

Manager : Before going, I want you all to have free complementary drinks ..but the thing is only one glass is alcoholic and others are non-alcoholic. So whoever drinks it, his or her partner has to face the effect .

Both Sanchi and Kabir had their drinks and went to the car .Kabir opened the door of the car for Sanchi to sit inside. He closed the door and started driving .

“Kabir!!!!” Sanchi yelled .

“Kabir ? And why are you yelling ? Can’t you talk slowly ?” Kabir looked at her annoyed and stopped the car.

” Because you are Khadoos ! And Hitler and….” reasoned Sanchi

“Have you gone mad ? Or did you have alcohol in your drink ???” Asked Kabir remembering the drink they had.

“Sshhh ! Chup ! Always you talk blah blah blah and I listen …But now I will speak and now you listen ” She said while giving him a angry look

“Dr.Sanchi ! You are not in your senses , so keep quiet !!” Replied Kabir

“You keep quiet ! From the day we are engaged , Sanchi that patient is this and this patient is that ..I know this marriage is a compromise but we can be friends, right ? And what is this Dr.Sanchi ? I’m not a doctor outside the hospital….Call me Sanchi ” Said Sanchi while keeping her palm on Kabir’s mouth .

“Okay !! We are friends from now , is it clear ?”replied Kabir while driving

There was sudden silence in the car . Sanchi was silent . Kabir was looking at her continuously and wondering .whether she passed out or is sleeping .

“Dr.Sanchi !! ” Kabir called out to Sanchi .

“Only Sanchi ” Sanchi woke up with sudden jerk and poked her finger on Kabir’s nose

“Can you stop behaving like a child ? ” Asked Kabir irritated

“No ! My Childhood is my precious memory ! You Khadoos cannot do anything with it ! You can not separate me from my father.. you can not ..” said Sanchi and then started to cry .

“Why are you crying ?” asked Kabir .

” Because I want to do bhangra and you are not letting me do it ” said Sanchi while sobbing

” Between your childhood and your father from where the hell bhangra came ? “asked Kabir

“Listen you are not in your senses now !! So, better to keep quiet!!” said Sanchi .

“What ? I’m not in my senses ? It is you who is not in senses by the way ” Kabir said grumpily

“You grumpy angry old man !!! Always snatch chances to be angry ” said Sanchi making a weird face

” I’m a old man ? Then what are you ? Senorita ??” Said Kabir reacting .

” See ! You are again angry ! Grumpy man ” teased Sanchi

” Again call me that and I will ….” Said Kabir while thinking what he will do when she says .

” What you will do ? Break my face ? Hit me ? ” Said Sanchi with hands on her waist and eyes narrowed . She brought her face very close to Kabir .They inches apart . Sanchi hit her head with his head .

“Are you insane ? Have you gone mad ? ” Shouted Kabir .

” See you’re angry again !! Angry grumpy man ! ” Teased Sanchi again .

This time Kabir fell silent. He did not say a word because he knew if he said another word , the conversation will go on like this they will never reach home . So he pulled out a box somewhere out of the car. He took out some tablets out of the box which were sleeping tablets .

” You are going to eat poison ? No, I have no problem . You can eat and die but just give me your phone so that I shall tell the police that you are commiting suicide ” said Sanchi

” This is for you , c’mon eat this ! ” said Kabir

” I don’t want to die at a very small age ..” said sanchi holding Kabir’s hand .

” It’s  my order ” said Kabir angrily .

” When I die , remember you have to go jail for it ” said while she made a puppy face and ate the tablets .

” Ok ! I’m  ready to go to jail ” said Kabir smirking .

After eating the medicine Sanchi had gone somewhat mad . She told ” before dying, I wanna convey all my love for Isha and Pragya . ” She started moving closer to Kabir and kissed his cheek

” What are you doing ? ” Kabir said while rubbing his cheek to remove the lipstick mark .

Our Wild cat Sanchi made every possible attempt to convey her love to Isha and Pragya ( by kissing Kabir ) . All her attempts were futile but Kabir’s white shirt was full of lipstick marks .

Within 15 minutes Sanchi fell into a deep sleep and Kabir had a victorious smirk on his face .He drove away to Kapoor mansion

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