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Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil-Naamkaran Fan Fiction)(Episode 19)

Hi friends.I hope you all liked the 18th Episode . And yeah I can’t be regular so after the episode I’ll tell when will I update the next episode . I can only give short updates but I’ll try to give big episodes . if there’s any grammatical errors I’m sorry .Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction . And I might be adding some AvNeil scenes from the serial but it will be a bit different. Hope you all will like it.

And I’ll mainly focus on AvNeil.

I can only give short updates . Sorry for that ..

And yeah I’ll start AvNeil love story after sometime . But I’ll try to make it soon .

If you have missed the 18th episode here’s the link

Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 18)

Enjoy the episode.


Scene 1:
Police Station

Avni and Aishwarya leave from the police station.

Neil: (To DD) DD come here.

DD: Yes sir?

Neil: Open the lockup and Bring Aman Mehta, Dushyant and Umesh Gupta to come to the interrogation room.

DD: Okay sir.

DD goes to the jail cells and opens the lockup where Aman, Dushyant and Umesh are present. He sees them sitting on the floor.

DD: Hey you all.

Aman, Dushyant and Umesh: (Looks at DD)

DD: Neil sir is asking you 3 to come to interrogation room. You come soon. Ok? I’ll be waiting outside.

Aman, Dushyant and Umesh see each other.

Aman: (to DD) Okay sir will come.

DD: fine. Come soon.

DD goes out and he’s waiting.

Aman: Finally, police are giving us a chance to explain.

Dushyant: Yes. Now let’s tell them how we were helpless to do this job and we’ll tell what all we know about that gang. I know police will understand us and they’ll help us.

Umesh: But what if they don’t understand us? Then what can we do? And if K.K comes to know that we told everything about him to police then ……

Aman: (cuts Umesh in between) Even I’m thinking about the same . but let’s try to explain to the police about what happened with us and what all we know about K.K.

Suddenly they hear DD’s voice.

DD: (To Aman, Dushyant and Umesh) Are you all going to come or not? Neil sir has planned to give you a chance to explain. If you all are not coming now then you won’t have another chance.

Umesh: Sir we’ll come now. (To Dushyant and Aman) Let’s go to interrogation room now. Or else we won’t get another chance to explain.

Aman: yeah you’re right. Let’s go.

Dushyant: Fine let’s go now.

Aman, Dushyant and Umesh come out of the Lock up and they follow DD. They reach the interrogation room.

Scene 2:
Mehta Mansion

The Mehta family members are seemed to be tensed as Avni and Aishwarya didn’t return home yet.

Asha: (Tensed) Avni never listens to me. I told Her that I’ll come with her. Now see both Aishwarya and Avni didn’t come home yet.

Deeksha: (Tensed) Aishwarya pregnant and she went out alone in this state.

Ashish: I hope my kids are fine. (To Riya) Riya did Avni or Aishwarya call you by any chance beta?

Riya: (Tensed) No bade Papa. Neither Avni called me Nor Aishwarya bhabi called me. I hope they come home soon.

Avni and Aishwarya reach Mehta mansion.

Hetal sees them entering the house.

Hetal: (relieved) Finally the kids have come.

The Mehta family members see Avni and Aishwarya entering the house.

Everyone gets relieved seeing them.

Everyone go near them.

Asha: (Relieved) Avni, Aishwarya.

Asha goes near them and she hugs them.

Ketan: (relieved) good that you both have come home.

Riya: We all were worried about you both.

Asha and Ashish look around.

Avni: Mom, Dad what are you looking for?

Asha: (looks around) Where’s Aman? You both went to police station to meet him and bring him home right? Didn’t he come with you?

Ashish: Yeah he was under police custody because of some misunderstanding right? I hope everything is fine now but why he didn’t come with you?

Avni and Aishwarya look each other.

Asha: Avni tell na. Why didn’t Aman come with you both?

Avni: (in a sad tone) Mom, dad listen to me. There’s no misunderstanding. Police were right. He was involved in an illegal business . So Bhai is in jail now.

Everyone gets shocked.

Ashish: (shocked) WHAT! MY SON IN JAIL!

Avni: (in a sad tone) yeah dad. It’s true that Aman Bhai was involved in an illegal business.

Asha: (shocked) No way! My son won’t do such kind of work.

Ashish: (shocked) yeah. He cannot do like that. I can’t believe this.

Aishwarya: (to ashish) (in a sad tone) Ashish papa this is the truth . Even I’m equally shocked and I’m still unable to accept the fact that Aman was doing such work.

Everyone are shocked and they’re unable to accept the fact that Aman is was involved in an illegal business and he’s behind bars now.

Hetal: (to aishwarya) Aishwarya you seem to be tired. You go and take rest in the room. And I’ll get something for you to eat.

Aishwarya: ok hetal kaki.

Aishwarya goes to the room. Hetal goes to kitchen.

Riya: I’ll be with aishwarya bhabi.

Deeksha: yeah even I’ll come with you Riya. We need to be with aishwarya.

Riya and Deeksha go to the room where Aishwarya is resting.

Ashish: (in an angry tone) I never thought that Aman would end up doing something stupid and he’ll be behind bars! Cheee ! I feel ashamed to be called as his father….

Asha: (cuts ashish in between) ashish please don’t say that. He can’t do anything like that.

Ashish: (in an angry tone) Asha, you’re still supporting your dear son?

Asha: (in an angry tone) I’m not supporting him. I’m trying to say that there might be a reason why Aman was doing all this.

Avni: Mom even I think there might be a reason . Because when I and Aishwarya bhabi Met Aman Bhai in jail he was again and again saying that he was helpless to do that work.

Everyone get surprised yet shocked.

Ketan: (shocked) Aman was helpless to do this work?

Avni: yeah ketan kaka. When I met Aman Bhai in jail he was saying that again and again.

Ashish: But what might be the reason? Why was Aman helpless to do such cheap works?

Avni: even I don’t know dad. Police said they’ll interrogate Aman Bhai and his colleagues who were involved in this business under some gangsters.

Ashish: I don’t know what to say. My mind is not working. I’m so confused and worried now.

Ketan: Now we should think what can be done to solve this problem.

Avni: Yeah ketan kaka. You’re right. I’m planning to bail out bhai.

Ashish: fine then. Let’s talk to our lawyer Mr.Mishra right now and try to bail out Aman today.

Avni: dad we can’t bail out bhai today.

Ashish: why? Why can’t we bail Aman today?

Avni: actually I discussed about this with the police officer Neil who’s handling Aman bhai’s case. He said the court is closed for a day. So we can only bail out Aman Bhai tomorrow.

Asha: (disappointed) so what can we do now?

Ashish: As Avni said we can only bail out Aman tomorrow. I’ll better talk to Our lawyer Mr.Mishra right now and ask him to prepare the papers so that we can bail out Aman tomorrow.

Ashish makes a phone call to the lawyer Mr.Mishra

Ashish: (in call) Hello? Mr.Mishra?

Mr.Mishra: (in call) Yes Mr.Ashish Mehta. Tell me.

Ashish: Mr.Mishra I need your help right now. It’s urgent. actually my son is under police custody. I want you to bail him out …..

Mr.Mishra: (cuts ashish in between) I’m so sorry Mr.Ashish. I’m in airport right now. I’m going to Lucknow for some days. I’m extremely sorry Mr.Ashish.

Ashish: (disappointed) oh okay Mr.Mishra.

Ashish cuts the call.

Ketan: What happened ashish bhai? You seem to be disappointed.

Ashish: (tensed) Actually Mr.Mishra is not available now.

Asha: (tensed) Now What can we do? How can we bail out our son?

Avni: (tensed)(thinks) I should definitely do something so that I can bail out Aman Bhai. I need to search for some lawyers.

Avni keeps thinking.

Scene 3:
Interrogation room

DD takes Aman,Dushyant and Umesh to interrogation room.

They enter the interrogation room.

The interrogation room has four blank walls painted gray, but one wall includes one-way glass with the transparent side on the outside of the room.

The video recording equipment is out of the sight of the respondents (Aman,Umesh and Dushyant)so they do not get distracted or nervous while speaking.

The lights in the room are neither too dim nor too bright.

They see Neil,jaspreet,Suketu and other officers who are in Neil’s team sitting on the chair.

Neil gets up and goes near Aman, Umesh and Dushyant .

Neil: (points towards the chairs) you three of them Sit there and make yourself comfortable.

Aman,Dushyant and Umesh see each other and get tensed. Neil senses that they’re tensed.

Neil: No need to be tensed. We won’t do anything. We’ll just ask you few questions. And you all have to answer them.That’s it. Now you all sit on the chair.

Aman: (tensed)(nods yes)Ye… yea.. yeah officer Neil. (To Dushyant and Umesh) Let’s Sit.

Dushyant: yeah.

Aman,Dushyant and Umesh sit on the chair. They’re opposite to the police officers.

Neil sees DD,Kamal and Nishant and signals them something. They understand what Neil is trying to say.

So Neil,DD,Kamal and Nishant go behind the wall which has one-way glass with the transparent side on the outside of the room so that they can record while The respondents are speaking.

All 3 (Aman,Dushyant and Umesh) See each other.

Umesh: (whispers)(to Dushyant and Aman) Dushyant , Aman bhai I don’t know why these police officers are creating a scary environment here. I’m so scared and I feel like peeing now. Right here!

Hearing Umesh said, Aman and dushyant give weird expressions.

Dushyant: (gets up from the chair)(shouts) YIKES UMESH!

The officers see dushyant.

Jaspreet: (to Dushyant) Don’t shout! And yeah interrogation will start now after Neil sir comes. So keep quite until Neil sir comes.

Dushyant: Ugh…. I’m … I’m sorry. (Sits on his chair)

Aman: (rolls his eyes) (Whispers)Umesh, this is how interrogation rooms look like.

Umesh: How do you know? Have you been here before?

Aman: No this is my first time ! I have seen interrogation rooms only in movies. Now Why are you asking such stupid questions Umesh?

Neil enters the interrogation room again and sees Aman and umesh talking.

Neil: (To Aman and Umesh) is the conversation between you both over?

Umesh: sir…. we were…

Neil: (rolls his eyes) (cuts Umesh in between) I don’t need your explanation now. So shall we start?

Aman: Yeah.

Neil: Fine then.

Neil sits on the chair. He signals DD to start recording the Video while they’re interrogating .

Neil: Listen, You 3 are under arrest because you all were caught robbing the bikes. Now We’re giving you a chance to explain why you all did this. I even know that you were working under gangster K.K . Now I want you all to tell why you were helpless to do this work? How That K.K trapped you and used you all? Tell me?

All three stay silent.

Jaspreet: (in an angry tone) Oh hello? Are you all dumb ? Can’t you all speak or can’t you hear ?

Suketu: (in an angry tone) Neil sir is asking you something. So Answer him.

Neil: Jaspreet , suketu stay calm . Let them talk . (To aman, dushyant and Umesh) Listen. Don’t get tensed or scared. If you say the truth we might help you out. And we’ll also be able to catch that gangster K.K. So tell us.

Aman,Umesh and Dushyant are still silent and they don’t say anything.

Neil: (rolls his eyes) Now you 3 are testing my patience. Are you going to tell me are not?

Jaspreet: sir I think we’re wasting our time. They’re not ready to say anything.

Suketu: neil sir, let’s put them back in jail.

Aman,Umesh and Dushyant get shocked when suketu says this.

Neil: yeah you’re right.

Aman: OKAY FINE …. FINE ! WE’LL TELL … WE’LL TELL! (To dushyant and Umesh) guys if we don’t say anything, no one will help us .

Umesh: But If K.K comes to know that we told police everything , you know what he’ll do to us and our family…..

Neil: (cuts Umesh in between) No need to be scared! I assure you that K.K cannot blackmail you all or do anything to or your family.

Dushyant: Mr.Neil, do you even know how dangerous is that K.K ! He can do anything. He trapped us in such a way that we had no other option rather than agreeing to him!


Aman: I’ll tell what happened with me.

Neil: okay Aman. You tell first.

Aman: One day I was driving a car in a highway.


Aman is seen driving a car near a village area which is sparsely populated. Suddenly he sees a 19yr old boy who’s injured a lot. That boy suddenly comes in front of Aman’s car . Aman gets shocked seeing him and applies brake and he stops the car. He doesn’t hit the boy but the boy falls in front of car. Aman gets tensed and he gets out from his car. He goes near the boy.Suddenly a group of people come running there. They get shocked seeing the boy.A lady cries and she sits down and makes the injured boy lie on her lap .

A lady: (cries) oh god what happened to my pappu!

The boy pappu is breathing heavily. The people see Aman and his car. The people get angry and start confronting Aman. Some take pictures of Aman , his car and Pappu’s injured body so that they can prove that Aman has hit pappu with his car. Aman tries to explain them that he didn’t hit pappu but they don’t listen to him. Suddenly Pappu’s brother who happens to be Karan Kukreja (K.K) comes there and starts confronting Aman. People assure K.K and Pappu’s mother Kamini that Pappu will be fine. They take Pappu to the nearby village hospital which is very small. After taking there , pappu stops breathing. He dies. Kamini cries a lot. K.K vows that he’ll make Aman’s life miserable.

#####Flashback ends#####

Aman: (in a sad tone) this is what happened sir.After Pappu’s death K.K didn’t let me go. He said he’ll ruin me by showing the pics of me , my car and his injured brother pappu to the police. I tried explaining him that I didn’t hit his brother but he wasn’t ready to listen. Even doctors said that his brother pappu dies as he was hit by my car which is not true !

Jaspreet: so that means you hit K.K’s brother pappu.

Aman: Sir I swear I didn’t hit K.K’s brother! He was already injured and he fell in front of my vehicle and he died. I don’t know why the doctors lied.Sir please believe me I didn’t hit him.

Suketu: Ok fine. But tell why were you helpless to work under K.K

Aman: He started blackmailing me by saying that he’ll create problems in my life. He said I should listen to him and do what he says or else he’ll try to harm my family. At first I refused and I left from that place. But I don’t know how he tracked me and my family. he tried to harm my wife , my sister Avni and the kids and who are in Sukoon ghar , the orphanage we run. K.K sent some goons there to harm the kids.

The officers get shocked after What Aman says.

Neil: (shocked) So that means K.K was the one who sent the goons in Sukoon ghar.

Aman: I got scared after all this. So I had no other option Rather than agreeing to K.K .

Dushyant: (to officers) sir , you won’t believe but the same has happened with me and Umesh too.

Umesh: yes sir.

Neil and others get shocked and suspicious

Neil: WHAT! (Confused) I’m confused now. The same incident happened with you both too?

Dushyant: Not the same but a similar situation. Actually I and Umesh knew each other since college. one day in a sparsely populated area I and Umesh were travelling on my bike. We were lost. So I and Umesh got down from my bike and We were searching for someone who can help us. But suddenly my bike was missing.

Umesh: I saw a boy driving dushyant’s bike. We were running behind him and We were asking him to stop. He was not listening to us. So I took a stone and threw it on the boy. That hit him on his leg. He lost the balance and he fell down from the bike and he hurt his head. We both went to see whether he’s fine or not. He was unconscious. After sometime many people gathered there and ….

Neil: (Cuts dushyant in between) and the same thing happened with Aman , happed you too right ?

Dushyant: no sir but …..

Jaspreet: neil sir, I feel like they’re knitting stories. They all are lying.

Umesh: Sir please trust us sir! We’re not lying.

Dushyant: (in a sad tone) the boy whom we hit with the stone, people who gathered there referred him as chintoo. Chintoo died on the spot.After sometime K.K came there and said chintoo is his brother in law. Everyone were blaming us . And that K.K blackmailed us saying he’ll tell police that we killed chintoo. So we got scared and we helplessly agreed to him .

Neil: (rolls his eyes) Mhm. I’ll be back in a minute.

Neil goes out and meets DD , Kamal and Nishant in the transparent side of the wall which is outside the room.

DD: sir I heard everything while shooting the video. Seriously these 3 are confusing us a lot. I don’t know whether to believe them or not.

Neil: but DD, don’t you think there’s something weird about what happened with these 3? If Aman didn’t hit pappu with his car then why did the doctors say that pappu died because he was hit by Aman’s car ?

Kamal: yes sir. And in Umesh and dushyant’s case too sir.

Nishant: Like how can someone die on spot if you just throw a stone on his leg ? Isn’t that weird ?

Neil: yes. We’re missing out something. We need to guess what it is so that we can find out whether Aman , dushyant and Umesh are saying the truth or not.

Neil keeps thinking. And Neil goes inside the interrogation room again . He sits on his chair.

Neil: ok ….. (to Aman) Aman , can you recollect and tell me how did that boy pappu look like?

Aman tries to recollect.

Aman: sir I unable to recollect how exactly pappu looks. but I still have the pics of that accident scene which K.K sent to my mobile to blackmail me. In that I have Pappu’s picture. That might help you out.

Neil: Really! Give me your mobile to me now.

Aman: sir actually your officers took our mobile phone from all of us and kept in the locker. If you get my phone here I can show you how pappu actually looks like.

Neil: (to suketu) Bring Aman mehta’s Mobile from The locker in which we kept his belongings.

Suketu: yes sir.

Suketu goes and brings Aman’s mobile and gives it to Aman.

Aman opens the picture gallery in his mobile and he shows Pappu’s picture to Neil.

Aman: (gives his phone to neil) Sir, that’s pappu.

Neil sees Pappu’s picture

Neil: oh … so he’s pappu. In this picture He’s injured but nothing happened to his face. It’s clear. (Shows the picture to Dushyant and Umesh) So have you both seen this boy in K.K’s place by any chance?

Dushyant and Umesh see Pappu’s picture and gets shocked.

Jaspreet: (sees Umesh and dushyant) Why are you Shocked? You know pappu?

Umesh: (shocked) Sir he’s not Pappu ! He’s chintoo !

Dushyant: (shocked) Yes sir he’s chintoo and he’s the one who tried to rob my bike !

Everyone get shocked.

Neil: (confused and shocked) WHAT!

Aman: (shocked and Confused) (to dushyant and Umesh) Wait What! Guys he’s pappu ! And he died too 3 weeks ago!

Umesh: No we swear he’s chintoo! It has been 2 months since he died.

Aman: (to police officers) sir I tell you he’s pappu!

Jaspreet: WHAT! That means……


Suketu: Sir but im confused! They say chintoo and pappu both are dead! If chintoo and pappu are same , how can a person die twice?

Neil: suketu, some can even fake their death to trap someone. If you see , Umesh and dushyant said that chintoo dies 2 months ago and Aman said pappu died 2 weeks ago. It’s clear to us that K.K used that pappu a.k.a chintoo to trap these 3. (To aman) By hearing this I think that hospital was a set up so that they can trap you.

Aman: (tensed) Sir We’re saying the truth . please help us sir. Please … please help us. We told you what happened with us . Now please help us sir. Please please.

Neil: (goes near Aman) Hey hey relax . (To Jaspreet and suketu) take them to lockup.

Dushyant: sir we told what all we know and what happened with us. Please help us sir. We’ll do whatever you say.

Umesh: Yes sir we’ll do whatever you say. Please help us.

Suketu and Jaspreet take Aman,Umesh and dushyant to the lockup again.

Neil goes out the interrogation room and meets DD again.

DD: sir I think they’re saying the truth.

Neil: yeah even I feel the same. These 3 are indeed helpless. Now , Now We need to find where K.K is.

DD: yes sir you’re right.

Neil: (thinks) To find K.K , Aman , dushyant and Umesh can only help us. (To DD) now let’s go out and discuss about the case.

Neil,DD and other officers go out.

Scene 4:
Mehta mansion – Avni’s room

At night

Avni is tensed and she’s trying to contact someone.

Avni: (tensed) I hope lawyer Faiz Khan helps us but he’s not picking up his phone!

Suddenly Vidyut calls Avni.

Avni: (rolls her eyes) now why vidyut is calling me now!(receives the call) Vidyut I’m already pissed off . I’m not in a mood to talk ….

Vidyut: (confused) huh? What happened?

Avni: Nothing I’m just….

Vidyut: Avni what happened?

Avni: Vidyut I’ll call you later. Bye

Vidyut: (confused) (disappointed)but what happened! Why are you angry at me ! Anyways , sorry and bye Avni. Take care.

Avni cuts the call.

Avni: I’m so worried for bhai now. I hope police gave him one chance to explain.

Suddenly Avni gets a call from Neil.

Avni: Officer neil? (Receives the call) hello? Officer Neil?

Neil: yeah it’s me. Are you and your bhabi fine? Because you both looked very tensed in the police station.

Avni: ugh …, yeah I’m fine… and yeah bhabi is also fine now. And what about Aman Bhai ? Did you all give him a chance to explain?

Neil: yeah we did. And we got to know about many things.

Avni: can you tell me what happened?

Neil: Ugh…. I can’t tell everything now. I can just say that your brother was indeed helpless to do this work. He was trapped by the gangster K.K .

Avni gets shocked.

Avni: (shocked) I knew that my brother was innocent. Can you tell me why he was helpless to do …

Neil: (cuts Avni in between) Avni See , I’ll tell you everything when you come to the station tomorrow to bail out your brother.

Avni: fine…. And Mr.Neil I wanted to tell you something. I need your help.

Neil: tell me?

Avni: I couldn’t find a lawyer. I tried talking to some lawyers but they say they’re unavailable. I don’t know what to do now.

Neil: oh…. well I can help you.

Avni: what should I do?

Neil: nothing. My brother Neeraj is a lawyer. If I talk to him He’ll definitely help you in bailing out your brother.

Avni gets relieved.

Avni: really , will your brother help?

Neil: I’ll talk to him now . He’ll definitely help you out . Ok? So tomorrow You can meet my brother in police station and you’ll have to do some formalities. Neeraj will instruct about that. So tomorrow , You come to police station directly at 10am.

Avni: okay I’ll come police station tomorrow. Thanks for your help Officer neil.

Neil: it’s my duty.

Avni: ok . See you tomorrow. Bye.

Neil: hmm. Ok.

Avni cuts the call and gets happy.

Avni: (gets relieved) Thank god. Finally I got a lawyer to bail out Aman Bhai. I hope everything goes fine.

Scene 5:
Police station.

Next day morning.

Everyone are seen talking to each other and they’re not working. Neil and Neeraj enter the police station. After seeing Neil all officers salute seeing Neil and start working again .

Neeraj: (to neil) wohoo ! Bhai! Seems like everyone here are scared of you.

Neil: (sees Neeraj) huh? Why would they be scared of me?

Neeraj: seems like that bro!

Neil: Nothing like that. Let’s go inside the room.

They enter Neil’s room.

Neeraj: anyways where’s that girl Avni? You said I have to help her to bail out her brother right?

Neil: hmm yeah. Not only her brother but you have to bail out the other 2 guys Umesh Gupta and dushyant too.

Neeraj: Huh? Bail for 3 people? You said that Avni wants to bail out only her brother right? She wants to bail out his colleagues too?

Neil: Actually I want to bail out them so that we can find that Gangster K.K.

Neeraj: oh…

Neil: so will you help me?

Neeraj: it’s difficult to get bail for all the 3 in few hours but I’ll try my best bhai.

Neil: (smiles) Ok.

They wait for Avni.

Neil: this girl is never on time! I asked her to come at 10am. Not the time is 10:15!

Neeraj: (rolls his eyes) bhai everyone are not as perfect as you.

Neil: Can’t she be on time? At least once !

Neeraj: bhai she might have got struck in the traffic.

Neil: (rolls his eyes) Ok fine. Till then I’ll check the old records to find is there anything about K.K .

Neil takes a file and starts reading it to see whether he can find anything about K.K.

Neeraj is holding a red colour file in his hand .

Neeraj: (sees the file) I wish Avni comes soon and completes the formalities.

Neeraj keeps the file on Neil’s desk. Neil is busy reading the files.

Neeraj: If I knew that she would be late I would have had the breakfast bhai! Until she comes , Can we at least go out and eat

Neil: (stares at Neeraj) No!

Neeraj: bhai ! Not fair ! I’m so hungry now ! bhai please I’ll at least have a sandwich in the café which is opposite to the station. Please , please bhai. Even you come with me ! Please please please !

Neil: (rolls his eyes) fine. Stop acting like a kid . Let’s go to the café. I’ll come with you.

Neil keeps the file on the red file which Neeraj kept on the table.

Neil and Neeraj get out of the room And they’re about to go out but Suddenly Neil remembers something.

Neil: oops I forgot.

Neil is about to go in but Neeraj stops him.

Neeraj: bhai , now what happened?

Neil: I forgot to keep the files inside.

Neeraj: (rolls his eyes) that’s it! Bhai you can keep that afterwards too! Now let’s go and eat ! I’m starving !

Neil: (calls DD) DD !

DD comes there

DD: yes sir?

Neil: go to my room and there will be some files in the table. So keep those files on the top row of my shelf.

DD: Ok sir.

Neeraj: and yeah if that girl Avni comes here ask her to take the red file which is in Neil bhai’s room . Ask her to read the file so that we can do the formalities soon.

DD: Ok sir.

Neeraj : now let’s go and eat first!

Neil: wait Neeraj !

Neeraj drags Neil and they go out.

DD goes to Neil’s room. He takes all the files , including the red file and puts in on the top row of the shelf and he goes out of Neil’s room.

After sometime Avni enters the police station.

DD sees Avni.

DD: (goes near Avni) Miss Avni? You here?

Avni: yeah Officer DD. Neil sir asked me to come at 10am. He said that his brother, who’s a lawyer will help to bail out my brother.

DD: yeah I know. He was just asking about you. He asked you to wait in his room and he said he’ll come in few minutes . And yeah he ask me to tell you that there will be a red file in neil sir’s room. He asked you to read it until he comes.

Avni: ugh …. okay. I’ll wait.

Avni goes to Neil’s room. As DD said she searches for the red file but she couldn’t find it.

Avni: Officer DD said the red file is in Mr.Neil’s room. Then where it is?

Avni sees the big shelf in which many files are there.

Avni: I guess it might be here. There are many red files here … but which one is it? Let me check.

She sees some red files in the top of the shelf . She tries to reach it but it’s too high for her.

Avni climbs and stands on Neil’s table. She takes some red files in her hand.

In the mean time Neil enters the police station.

DD: sir Miss.Avni came. She’s in your room.

Neil: oh fine.

Neil goes to his room and he’s surprised to see Avni standing on his table and she’s trying to search something.

Neil gets angry as she’s messing his room. He goes near and Avni . Avni doesn’t see that Neil is inside the room.

Neil: (to Avni) (in an angry tone) Can You just tell me what are you trying to do in my room !!!

Avni sees Neil and gets shocked. She loses her balance

Avni: (shocked) Oops!!!

Neil: (sees that Avni is about to fall) (shouts) HEY WATCH OUT!!!

Avni drops the files down and is about to fall but neil comes and catches her.

Neil hold Avni. They have an eye lock .

The other officers and Neeraj hear Neil shouting.

Neeraj: I heard someone shouting ! I guess that’s Neil bhai ! What happened?

DD: I don’t know . Even I heard it . Let’s go to neil sir’s room and see.

Neeraj , DD and other officers go to Neil’s room. They enter Neil’s room.

Neeraj: Bhai What happene………… (sees Avni and Neil)

All get surprised and shocked seeing Neil holding Avni.

Neeraj: (shocked) huh? (Rubs his eyes) What did I just see now? (Confused) Bh… bhai !?

Neeraj is super shocked . He sees Neil holding Avni. The officers and Neeraj see each other and smile seeing Avni and Neil like this.

Episode ends.

Precap: Neeraj teases Neil. Neil tells Avni about what Aman said to him. They try to trap K.K using Aman,Dushyant and Umesh. Avni says an idea to trap K.K but Neil doesn’t agree with her. But finally avni makes neil agree with her. Aman, dushyant and Umesh go to meet K.K .

I’m extremely sorry for not posting the episode . I was very sick for the past few days . And sorry . I know that today there were no AvNeil nok – jhok . But in upcoming episode you can see many AvNeil nok – jhok scenes . Sorry if you find the episode boring . I’ll try to give more interesting episodes further . And yeah I hope you all liked today’s episode . Please do read , like and comment if you liked the episodes and I request silent readers to read , comment , like . It’s a humble request .

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