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Love and Revenge:Chapter 9 {Dead for each other}

3 Years later

After 3 years deep is realesed from prison.He is now a business tycoon.He also have the 50% of the property arohi gave him.For him arohi is dead.When he got out of prison he went to Mumbai.Only to know that arohi and her family was dead.He then entered the house to find the property papers.He then went back to shimla to start a new life.

Deep pov

Deep: Its been 7 months since I left my dark life behind me.The only light was you but then you also left me.I am here alone hoping that you will come back but everyday when I don’t see you my heart cries.But only thing that you left is half of this empire I never got to know that the other half belongs to who and I don’t want to.The only thing I regret is my blind trust on that fake family only because of them you’re not near me I thought when I will come back we will live a happy life but no I came back only to see your burned ashes.You said that you hated me but I know deep down that you still love me that’s why you gave half of the property to me and now I am here one of the best but I will not give your place to anyone only you have the right to be my wife my life partner my love
I miss you and I always will

He wakes up early in the morning goes for a jog comes back gets ready goes to work come back to his house eats alone goes to his room changes does some office work and sleeps.He lives a very lonely life

Deep: I am the most unlucky man in the world It was the biggest gift of my life when I found you but I played with it like a baby plays with his favorite toy I have done some mistakes but you also have I didn’t even see your corpse so I can see that you were actually dead but now I always have this feeling in my heart I feel you’re here near me I plead you to come back I swear I will never hurt you again you know in shimla every wind reminds me that how beautiful we were together Every road even hill reminds me of you I have done soo many sins but losing you is a very big punishment Ever since you left me never looked at women with those eyes

In the morning he wakes up and goes to check his calendar

Deep:Five days until our wedding anniversary I wish that you were here to cut the cake with me Five years since our marriage but we never celebrated it

He goes and changes.He then goes to his car and drives away he gets a call from his manager that he have 4 meetings today.

Deep:Another day I am here looking outside this window in the hope of seeing you it was better that you hated me at least you were alive not dead you’re dead but left me as a alive corpse Arohi please come back

In the night when he his driving his car back to home he stops near a very big mansion he smells something

Deep:This perfume I think I know someone who uses it

He goes back to his car and drives to his mansion .He thinks about that perfume but couldn’t remember he then sleeps

He sees a dream in which he is jogging early in the morning when he hits a person.When he sees that person face he is

Arohi’s pov

For arohi Deep is also dead.After 3 years she went to jail to see deep but due to some computer mistake someone wrote deep name instead of a prisoner who was dead.She was completely heartbroken She went to home and then the entire family shifted to shimla she faked her and the family death to prevent other enemies.After shifting to shimla she got an offer from New York and she went there.After almost 7 months she came back to shimla to handle a meeting that could change her life.The meeting is on the same day as her and deep wedding anniversary.

Arohi:3 years since I last saw you.Because of me you died because I was the one who sent you jail but it was necessary my all enemies are dead but I also lost the person who was soo close to my heart.I though when you will come out we will then live a happy life but god had other plans for us.But only seeing your photo gives me power and now I am the best female business tycoon.I never wanted fame nor money I just wanted to live a happy life . Meeting you was like a dream first a fairly tale then a nightmare but it was the most beautiful nightmare of my life if I ever met you again I will apologize for all the things I did to you

Arohi lands in shimla.She goes to her mansion to surprise everyone.She goes inside and greets everyone.She then runs to her room and changes.She then sits down with everyone to have a chat

Arohi:I missed you all soo much

Papaji:We also did

Chavani:Yes didi

Nikku:Bua I missed you soo much

Arohi:I know what you want gifts

Nikku:Where are my gift

Arohi:Go to your room and take your gift

They all ran to their room

Arohi:So Papaji did you like shimla

Papaji:What you said about shimla was all false

Arohi:So you didn’t like it

Papaji:Nope I don’t like it I love it.

Arohi:You almost scared me

Papaji:How was New York

Arohi:It was good I enjoyed there the most impressive things is that what I am today I became that on my own and I would like to thank you for always supporting me

Papaji:I always loved you like a daughter so don’t do that

Arohi:I am lucky to have a father like you like he did.

Suddenly her face dropped Papaji noticed it

Papaji:I know it’s your own life but I think you should find a life partner for yourself

Arohi:I should go and rest

She goes to her room Papaji looks at her

Papaji:You always hide your pain behind your fake smile

She goes to her room and locks the door.She unpack her bags and after putting all clothes in the cupboard she sleeps.

He routine is very similar to deep wake up jog got to office eat in night do some work then sleep

(Guys the story is about to be supernatural I am soo exited to share it with you)

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