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Kasam 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kritika misunderstands Ranbir to be flirt

Kasam 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ishani asking Kritika what is the thing which can make us confident. Kritika says mother’s presence, guidance and love is everything. She says I don’t have my mum with me. Ranbir tells Akki that Ishani is here, participating in the contest. He says she is hot, and beautiful girl of misunderstanding. He says she is beautiful, but mad. Akki says then she would have been your girl friend. Someone comes and asks Ranbir to go to make up room 5. Ranbir goes to that room. Sponsor’s girl friend is there and says he has to make her win, and says lets meet somewhere after contest and then…Ranbir thinks she is vocal and local. Kritika takes the make up stuff. Sponsor’s girl friend tells Ranbir that she has a temporary boyfriend, and he can become her boyfriend. Ranbir says I know who are

you and what is your past, future etc. He says I am Ranbir Kapoor and you are not my type. Kritika, Ishani and Jiah are going to make up room. Kritika falls down, she picks the basket. She asks them to go. She enters the wrong make up room in which Ranbir is with the girl. She misunderstands him. Anirudh comes and says your boyfriend is waiting for you. Girl leaves. Kritika signs Ranbir.

Ishani gets her make up done. Pummy tells that she will get free vegetables now. She praises Ishani and says she will become Ms. Universe. Ranbir asks Kritika to prove. Kritika says right, I have seen. Ranbir says contest will be won who has beauty and brains, says all the best Ishani Kohli. Kritika says it is all your acting and says girl will win if you likes her. Ranbir asks what did you see? Kritika says casting couch. Ranbir says he was not doing anything. He tells her that the girl was sponsor’s girlfriend. Kritika asks what is the proof? Ranbir says it seems you are a lawyer. She says she is lawyer. Kritika asks him not to lower others.

Ranbir says I don’t lie. They look at each other. Someone comes and calls him. Ranbir asks her to stop and says whenever you are near me, something happens to me and asks who you are to me? Kritika says nothing and says you just likes girls. He looks at her face while she continues to talk. Kritika asks if he understands. Ranbir says your eyes make me remember someone. Kritika says you are again flirting with me and goes. Ranbir comes to her and says he is very busy. Kritika says you told how cheap you are, and says she is not like those girls who follow him. Ranbir asks her not to follow him. Jiana tells Kritika that Pummy and Ishani would have made her nimbu pani if she had waited there. They laugh. Ranbir stops hearing her laugh and smiles. Akki comes there. Ranbir tells him that he is feeling sad for her. Akki says she is laughing. Ranbir says she will cry now. Kritika tells Jiana that Ranbir is following her. Jiana runs to him. Kritika comes in between them and takes selfie with them.

Ishani comes on stage. Ranbir sees her name as Ishani. He is surprised as he thought kritika is Ishani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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