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THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)



—–In a Named MultiSpeciality Hospital——-

CABIN 343 : Dr.Sinha, Cardiologist

Outside the cabin

“Doctor how is my Baba” cried a girl in tension. “Anika beta he isn’t good that you also know and I also know he has to undergo a heart transplant surgery in next seven days” Doctor said patting her right shoulder. “Doctor it’s huge money and the amount of money I earn gets used in Baba’s daily treatment” Anika tried a justification but it was nothing in front of the hospital rules. “Beta your Baba is admitted here from past three months, sometimes his condition is getting better and sometimes its worsening but past fifteen days it was terrible for him so please try to arrange the money soon so that we can operate him soon” the doctor said sadly to her. She fell with a thud on the sitting chair devastated. Her mother wasn’t a woman who is weak and can’t handle the situation but she has to save her Baba for her brother and sister. She was weeping silently sitting there.

CABIN 341 : Dr.Guha, Gynecologist

Tia TAM (Thought at the Moment)”From past two years i have been trying to conceive but i failed, i got all tests done and visited almost all the best Gynecologists in the city.Everyone has said the same that I cannot Conceive…still Shivaay and I didn’t give up , as a part of the attempt Shivaay found out about Dr.Guha who is specialist in infertility cases and I am here for check up..for some time i have been under her guidance and observation…i wish i succeed this time”

”Hello Mrs.Tia” Dr.Guha broke Tia’s thoughts. ”Hello Dr.Guha” Tia replied nervously. “Tia dear you have to be strong enough to face the reports tomorrow” said Dr. Guha. “Yes doctor” Tia nodded positive when her eyes fell on the chair straight opposite to her cabin. Her eyebrows narrowed looking at the girl weeping silently. “Doctor who is that girl and why is she weeping like this?” Tia asked concerned. “Tia she is Anika…. She is a very nice girl but who can avert the fate?” Dr. Guha left a large sigh. “Fate?? Why doctor what’s the matter?” Tia is becoming curious to know but maintained her composure while asking questions. The doctor took the stool beside her and begun telling her the story while checking Tia up.

“Tia actually her father is suffering from severe heart disease which needs heart transplant but he has been denying from past one and half year for it thinking about the large sum of money and now if the heart transplant is not performed then he might die” the doctor explained. “She needs money right??? So I can help her?” Tia said in a friendly manner. “No Tia she won’t take anyone’s favor, she says it hurts her self respect since from day one she was working hard to get her father cured.” Doctor nicely explained Anika’s side. She (Dr. Guha) was leaving after she did with her check up and something strokes her mind and she turned towards Tia who was looking at the figure sitting outside on the chair.

“Tia I have a solution for both of your problem” Doctor said as her eyes sparkled because she thought a nice way out of Tia’s as well as Anika’s problem. “Yeah Doctor say” Tia said turning her head in the direction of Dr. Guha. “See as per your condition you can never conceive a baby Tia” Dr. Guha stopped to look at Tia who was already sad and very much upset in this matter from the day she got to know this. Tia signed her to say forward. Dr. Guha continued “you can go for surrogacy Tia. You can ask Anika to carry your baby and thus you can pay her. Her problem of money is solved and yours problem too” she completed excitedly. Tia’s face lightens up. “Yes doctor this can be the way out” Tia seemed happy after long. Her eyes again went in the direction where Anika was sitting. “Okay Tia think over this and discuss it with Shivay before taking any step” doctor bid good bye to her. Tia felt as if she got back her life. She was getting mentally ready and was preparing words to present this idea infront of Shivay. She was in her thoughts when Shivay entered in her cabin.

PRECAP- TIA TO MAKE SHIVAY UNDERSTAND…SHIVAY IN CRUX… Let’s wait to see if Shivay agrees about this solution.

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