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Ishq Subhan Allah 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir scolds Zara over Miraj

Ishq Subhan Allah 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Zara is trying to sleep but recalls Miraj’s words. She sees Kabir sleeping. She takes ehr phone and goes to kitchen. She calls Reema and asks if she talked to Imran? Reema says no he went to Merat for some work, Zara says we have to do something tomorrow. Ruksaar comes there and says husband is sleeping in room and you are talking to someone else hiding from him? zara says people who spy on husband and wife hide, there is so much trust in marriage that they dont doubt each other, stop spying. She leaves.

In morning, Ayesha gives her dupatta to Zara and says you will see moon in this dupatta and your husband will moon in you. Zara thinks he doesnt see me as his moon, I am just a duty for him. Zara says I have to talk to you about Miraj, she tells her everything. Ayesha says

I cant let you go there behind him alone, go with Imran. Zara says Imran is not in the city, Ayesha says then you have to go with Reema and you have to return before moon coming out. Zara nods.

Zara and Reema comes to slum area and asks about Miraj. Reema says this is not a good place, Zara says dont worry.

Kabir comes to Ayesha and says why you are working alone? where is Zara? Ayesha says she had some work, Kabir says at this time? Ayesha says Reema called her, she didnt want to go but I asked her to. Ruksaar comes there and says I can help you, Kabir smiles. Ayesha says no I will do it, Kabir leaves. Ayesha asks Ruksaar to prepare her dresses for marriage that will be near eid. Ruksaar thinks dont see dreams of marrying me with someone else, I am already your son’s.

Zara says to Reema that we have less proofs but enough to make Kabir believe. Zara sees time nearing for moon. They start leaving but gets in a lane where there are pr*stitutes. Police raids there and arrest them too.

All family members are ready and waiting for Ramadan moon. Ayesha comes there with juice, Ruksaar says let me work. Ayesha says you just pray for your marriage. Ayesha thinks where is Zara? I am worried. Kabir thinks where is Zara? Ayaan says see moon is out. They hear police van coming near house, they see Zara and Reema coming out of it. Kabir runs to her and asks what happened? Zara says Ruksaar’s investor is a fraud. Kabir says why police is here? Inspector says some people were teasing them in a slum area, Kabir thanks him, inspector leaves. Kabir asks Zara why did you go to that area? its not a good place. Zara says Miraj belongs from there, ask Ruksaar why he goes there? I followed him, why does he have a hut there? Ruksaar says Miraj works for slum kids, he does welfare there, he has adopted some kids from there. Kabir asks Zara why did you do all this? Zara says she is lying, I asked people, he is no rich man.. I asked people, she shows some papers. Imran comes there and says no Zara, he is a real rich person of Merat, people respect him there. Zara says to Kabir that Miraj is no respected man, he is a fraud. Kabir says enough, no one will talk about it from now on. Reema and Imran leaves. Kabir hears azan. Shahbaz says lets go for prayers. Kabir shows papers to Zara, she takes them, he leaves. Ruksaar smirks.

Scene 2
Ruksaar takes some papers from Zara and tears them. She recalls how she asked Ayaan to tell Zara she went to cafe to meet a person and how Zara followed her and fell into her trap. Ruksaar says to Zara that when I play a game, I rule it. Zara says I was not wrong, I will bring your and your investor’s truth out. Ruksaar thinks I will make Kabir so blind that he will not believe you.

Zara comes to Kabir who is looking at moon. Kabir says to Zara that Ramadan is starting and I dont want to spoil these pious nights so dont make me angry. Zara says I came to talk to about moon, she holds his hand and says this moon is so beautiful because its our first moon of Ramadan after marriage. Kabir says you know our prophet used to pray to God to bless us with this moon’s light. Zara says I wanted to offer prayers with you but.. Kabir says forget about what happened, you know this is pious month, we have to leave every sin even in thoughts in this month, we will spend it smiling, he holds her hands and says congrats your first ramadan here. Zara says you too. She thinks what about bad things that others do?

PRECAP- Zara is playing with Ayaan, he suddenly faints. All rush to her. Zara says we should take him to doctor. Zeenat sayd dont tell me what to do.
Zara is giving medicine to Ayaan but Zeenat stops her and asks her to remain away from her kid. Zara says are you crazy? I am helping him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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