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Ek Deewana Tha 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vyom’s truth is revealed

Ek Deewana Tha 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

KK tells Radhika to think. He was spending more time with you till yesterday and now he agreed to marry Shivani. He must be up to something! Are you sure about this sudden decision? Why did it happen? She calls his illusion. It is because Akash loves Shivani. There isn’t much to think. He points out that he dint see how Akash spoke to me the other day. She says this is how your equation with him is. Chill! You had a problem with him when he was following me. He is finally marrying SHivani but you still have a problem. What’s your problem? KK says how it will matter to me. I can guarantee one thing though. He wont leave you even after marrying Shivani.

Shivani says what happened to your voice. Why does your face look different? He says you haven’t seen my complete face yet. He begins

to remove the mask from his face.

Radhika tells KK to stop over thinking but he says love you to her (in a teasing manner). She tells him to stop saying it again and again. He apologizes to her. I wont say it again. She suggests telling it to Akash now.

The guy removes the mask from his face and old Vyom is shown. Shivani looks at him stunned.

KK agrees with Radhika’s decision to tell Akash everything. You can tell him but it can stress him out. Shivani will also find out then. She asks him what they should do then. He says this wedding is an opportunity for us. Mr. and Mrs. Bedi will be busy in the wedding. We will confront them about the old lady; that door; the mental hospital! We will ask them everything and they will have to answer!

Shivani backs off in fear. What kind of a joke is this? He says I have become the joke. The one I thought to be Sharanya over all these years turned out to be Shivani. Shivani asks him about Sharanya. He walks up to her. I am Vyom Bedi and not Akash. Your parents aren’t your but my parents! Rajan Bedi and Madhvi Bedi are my parents. I am their son!

Radhika says we have to ask about Shiv and Sharanya too. What’s their connection with us? Why things became so strange with us since we came here.

Vyom says your friend Radhika is Sharanya. Shivani remembers meeting Radhika on the sets. What rubbish! Vyom says I waited for Sharanya for 25 years. This isn’t the story of this birth but of the previous one! Shivani looks at the door. Vyom says I tried to keep myself young to gain her. I took medicines. Injections but they reacted negatively! Flashback shows Vyom injecting himself with some medications. Forget about young, I turned older instead. I then got this mask. Shivani asks him if he has gone mad. Vyom says I have gone mad for Sharanya. Her love made me do so many things. She knocks at the door and shouts out to everyone. Vyom stands at his place as she tries to look for a way out. She begs him to let her go but he ends up slapping her. She falls on the ground. Vyom sits next to her. All the doors and windows are locked from outside. There is no point shouting. No one will be able to come as everyone is locked in their respective rooms! You took really good care of me and loved me as well. In return, I will also have to take care of you. But the thing is that you are coming between me and Sharanya so I must kill you! Her eyes widen in fear. Vyom adds that their relation has become strong. You must know the story then. I wont give you much pain though. I will keep it simple. Listen to the story first. She looks at him.

KK comes to Radhika’s room. He shows her a file. I couldn’t find the entire story. I could only find a part of it. She reads article of Dhananjay Mehra’s death. KK says all his businesses and companies belong to Rajan Bedi now. His wife’s name is mentioned as Suvarna. Mrs. Bedi addressed that old lady with the same name before she passed out. That old lady is no one else but Suvarna Mehra.

Someone bangs the hammer in front of Suvarna. She is tied up and her face is covered by a cloth too. The guy says you will die tonight. Everything will be over with you tonight!

KK says I think she ran away with her kid but Bedi’s killed her kid and kept her as their captive. Shivani says you called me Shiv. I know it will sound weird but it is possible that I am Shiv’s reincarnation.

Vyom drinks water. The teeth are also fake. I am sure you will have lots of questions in your mind. Till now everyone listened to Sharanya’s story. There was a Deewani and a Deewana. Now you should listen to Vyom Bedi’s story. I was and I still am a Deewana – Vyom Bedi!

Precap: Vyom / Akash is standing in front of Shivani while someone has is holding her from behind. He has kept his one hand over her mouth and is holding a knife in his other hand. Vyom / Akash slits Shivani’s throat.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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