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Doctor and nurse lovestory : shivika os part 1

Hello everyone !!!! Hope all are fine. After a long time I’m back. Hope u all r remembering me. I’m come with a new story and it is not a FF it is just a os and definitely it is an ishqbaaz os. I’m giving new look to shivika which is related to my profession. Hope u all will enjoy….

A girl entering into a hospital with hurry she is running. On the way a man he is looking so handsome come on her way and block her.

Girl: hey move from my way

Boy: why r u so hurry

Girl: my duty time is 7:30am it’s already          7: 25am and my first day

Boy : oh first day…he give the way..

She run and press the thumb machian. She went to the ward.

When she enter into the ward her senior staff give orientation of the ward.

Senior staff (SS): Anika hope u understand about ward and unit.

Anika: yes sister

Yes our Anika is nurse and she just start her career she is a fresh nurse.

After sometimes doctors came for rounce. Anika saw same boy who block her.

Anika: why he is here

Senior doctor (SD): shivaay tell about it patient

Anika: god he is junior doctor.

Shivaay start to tell about his patient case.

When SD leave shivaay wants to do the dressing and he ask to Anika to assist him. Anika shift the patient to treatment room. Shivaay wear sterile gloves suddenly his phone rings. Shivaay ask her to take her phone from his pants pocket anike hesitate to do so.

Shivaay: pls sister

She took his phone hesitately and ask her to put in loudspeaker as the call was his SD.

He attend the call but the call got hang. When he start to apply the medicine Anika told him that the medicine is wrong but shivaay is telling that these is the same medicine my SD advices for the patient but Anika told him pls don’t apply it but shivaay is not going to hear her words. So Anika force fully take out the medicine and apply another one. Shivaay got angry and stare at her

Shivaay: what the hell r u doing ? U just a nurse how can u apply a medicine without the doctors order. Who gave the permission to do so. He keep telling bad on her. She feel very ashamed and went from her. Soon the SD came and inform that he called him to tell that the medicine what he prescribed was wrong and he appreciates shivaay for applying the crt medicine.

Shivaay feel very sad for insulting Anika. Anika was very sad for getting insulted in her first day.


AN : I don’t know u guyzz like the story if u u wa I’ll continue otherwise I’ll stop….. I’m waiting for ur response…….kindly ignore the grammer and spelling mistakes…


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