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Dil Se Dil Tak 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Parth tell Teni about her past

Dil Se Dil Tak 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Iqbal was dreaming about Teni when Ammi wakes him up. He says he was dreaming of Teni on a cycle. Ammi says cycle is a symbol of going away, but Iqbal jokes they will go together on faraway places. Ammi was happy about cheerful behavior of Iqbal because of Teni. He gets a call from Teni. Teni had broken a vase in the room which breaks. She sneezes and cuts the call.
Downstairs, Baa wonders how Teni would recall her past. Indu says she gathered Teni’s memories in a photo album and placed it in her room. This will remind her of all her past.
Teni watches the album in the room in a state of shock.
In the room, Ipshita complains to Mohini that her Papa didn’t take her side even when that aunty wanted to slap her.
Teni walks downstairs with the album and throws it on floor. She

blames Parth for faking all these photos. She says she understands Parth never had an understanding with Shorvari and got drooled over her. She was then confused about the MRI report of her pregnancy and wonders if she has a child or not. Parth places a hand over her shoulder and says it’s Ipshita. She narrates her the whole story about his marriage with Shorvari, losing their child and deciding for surrogacy. He then found Teni but meanwhile Shorvari had an accident and left them. They had married and bear a beautiful child Ipshita. Then after a while they found that Shorvari was alive, Teni went forward with him to find Shorvari and even left her right of a wife. During that time, Teni lost her memory in an accident and doesn’t remember anything from those 2 years. She left them all as well. Teni runs upstairs into the room.
Iqbal had reached Baroda and was heading to where Teni was.
In the room, Teni spoke to herself how she is unaware of her own story. Indu comes there and says Teni must be in a difficult situation right now. But she is their real Teni. If she tries to feel things from her past, may be she can get her replies. She takes Teni to the room where Ipshita was sleeping. Teni comes to touch Ipshita, looks towards Indu then caresses her face. She turns to leave her side but Ipshita holds her hand while in sleep and smiles. Teni wonders how it is possible and runs out of the room.
Iqbal had reached the Bhanushali house. He thinks these people appear to be really rich. Teni walks downstairs. Parth asks if she is fine. Teni wasn’t ready to believe Ipshita is her daughter, a woman can never forget the feeling of motherhood. Iqbal comes there asking what kind of feeling? He comes inside and asks Parth if this is his house? Did she come to invite him? He was concerned that Teni sneezed, if she is alright? He finds the doctor waiting in the hall and asks if she was so ill? Parth says Teni was a little unwell, but she is fine. He must tell her to take rest. Teni thinks Parth lied to Iqbal again, and even she couldn’t share the truth with him. Iqbal turns to leave with Teni. Indu comes there and says Teni is unwell, they must stay here tonight. Iqbal intended to book a room in hotel but Parth says even Iqbal took care of him, they must now give them a chance. Iqbal agrees. Indu takes Teni inside.
In the room, Teni wonders why this happened to her. She and Iqbal were so happy with Ammi, then Parth came to her life as a storm. Indu convince Teni that her tension would have increased if it was after her marriage with Iqbal, they only intended that Teni takes her decisions thoughtfully. She can decide whatever she wants in her life, without any repentence or regrets.
Downstairs, Iqbal discuss with Parth that it was a blessing Teni came here. What if she got unwell in some other place? He says Teni is his life and he won’t be able to live without Teni. Parth feels guilty that he is lying with Iqbal and decides to tell him the truth.

PRECAP: Parth tells Iqbal that he and Teni share a past and know each other already. Teni hurries downstairs. Both turn to look towards her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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