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Bepannaah 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya agrees with Aditya’s plan

Bepannaah 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Zoya and Mahi come home. Mahi says we cannot understand money so soon. Adi’s plan is perfect. No one would know the truth. Your drama of being honest will only destroy the company! She calms down a bit seeing Zoya eyeing her sadly. Mahi says I am only saying that this honesty thing is getting a bit too much. Company really needs us to grab this opportunity or we wont get food to survive! I think we should abide by Adi’s plan. Mahi’s mother switches on the light and looks at them.

Sakshi wonders how she will arrange money in such short span of time. What should I do? It is only Adi who I could tell everything but I have to hide this truth from him only. He wont forgive me if he finds out the truth. I must pay money to his blackmailer. Arjun comes just then. Sakshi looks at the envelope tensed.

Arjun asks her if she is fine. You don’t come out of your room so often now. You don’t even react nowadays when mom says something to you. Are you ok? She nods. It is just because of BP. He suggests her to get her tests done. Aditya calls out to Arjun who goes out upon Sakshi’s request.

Sakshi looks at the photo. Anjana watches her lost from the window. She wasn’t like this. She is acting weird since some days. there is surely something which she is hiding.

Arjun says I swear I am trying but 1 crore isn’t a small amount. I don’t know why everyone feels Arjun has a magic wand who can fix anything! Aditya watches him fix his hair and helps him. Arjun thanks him. Aditya says I also help you sometimes. Arjun asks him if he is trying to emotionally blackmail him. Aditya nods. A bit. Arjun agrees to fix it in some time. Aditya asks him where he goes to at this hour every night. Arjun lies about meetings. Work is worship. Aditya teases him a little more. Aditya thinks you are my last hope. Arrange money asap please.

Mahi’s mother demands to know what’s cooking between them. Zoya is about to tell her when Mahi says it is between us. Do you need to know everything? You both should decide how to talk to anyone and what to say! I am going! Mahi’s mother asks Zoya again.

Noor gets ready in her new clothes. She is clicking a selfie when she notices Arjun watching her. He runs inside with her following him.

Zoya tells her MIL about bank deciding to seal the company if they wont repay the loan. We were talking about that only. Mahi’s mother says this family has been through so much. I cannot bear anymore pain. I know you are doing everything for the welfare of the company but do think about me once. I have the responsibility of all 3 of you. Noor is working at night. People can still gossip though. You are the smartest one here. Please find a solution for this. Zoya promises to take care of everyone.

Noor thinks I saw that Langoor on the first day itself. Allah, save me! Arjun hears everything. This Langoor is working with RJ AJ while you will manage the desk. She refuses to go without meeting RJ AJ. Chirag points out that she came later which is why Arjun got the job. Noor goes to her desk upset. Chirag asks Arjun till when he will bother Noor like this. Arjun tells him to relax.

Zoya thinks of bank’s warning and of Aditya’s words. Radio is playing in the background. RJ AJ’s show is on. I don’t know about your day but my day is going great. I feel as if life is finally on the right track. Zoya, Noor and Aditya smile hearing him. Arjun says we should also listen to our heart when we get green signal from God. We should always chase our happiness. If you are smiling for no reason then understand that you are on right track. He plays a song. All 4 of them smile as the song plays. Mahi is irked by the song whereas Zoya and Aditya say at once that they love this song.

Next morning, Noor enters when everyone else is having breakfast. Mahi’s mother says I can understand that people work at night too but who will manage the people of the society. Mahi looks at Noor from top to toe. Your clothes changed with your new job? Zoya gestures Noor to keep mum. Noor quietly heads upstairs. Mahi smiles.

Noor says everyone keeps taunting me. No one cares about me. Zoya sits next to her. Noor says no one asks me if I had anything. Everyone feeds me taunts now. You don’t take my side anymore. I came to Mumbai thinking that I will get freedom to finally live but this is worst than Mussorie. Zoya calms her down. I trust you more than myself but you are my Kohinoor so I am worried. This job! Noor says I work in a Radio Station and not some call centre. Why is everyone after my job? Everything is a mess about that fool anyways. I don’t wish to talk to anyone. She lies to down to sleep. Zoya covers her with a duvet and kisses her on the forehead. I should check at Noor’s office once. Hope no one is troubling her there.

Zoya comes to office. I cannot think of anything. I said I will fix everything but how will I face everyone now! Akansha asks her to come. I have to show you something. Vinod asks Mithilesh ji to talk to Zoya. You are the eldest after all. Mithilesh ji nods. He gives a cheque of 5 lacs to Zoya. We have decided to help Zosh to repay the loan. I took it out from my PPF. Aditya watches them from outside. Everyone else also gives a cheque to her. You call us your family so we also have some responsibility towards the company. Aditya smiles.

Aditya is about to say something when Zoya tells him that she is in agreement with his plan. We will lie to take the contract but I wont let the company sink. Aditya looks at her. Mahi is on cloud nine. She hugs Zoya excitedly. Finally you took the correct decision. She is about to hug Adi but stops herself. You are genius. Your plans and ideas are equally genius. We can be husband wife now as Zoya agreed. We can pretend right? There is a lot to do. She runs out of the room. Zoya returns the cheques to everyone. Your thought is more than enough. Everyone goes. Aditya thinks I was about to give up but things changed so easily here. Zoya asks him if he does not have to say anything. He shakes his head. Aditya is all smiles.

Mahi comes out wearing a saree but Aditya does not like it. He makes her try 3 sarees and finally zeroes in on one. Mona gives her matching jewellery. You look so amazing. Aditya looks at Mahi in confusion. Akansha asks everyone to take their positions but Aditya finds something missing. Both Zoya and Aditya say mangalsutra at once. Mahi agrees.

Aditya walks towards Mahi with mangalsutra. She smiles imagining him putting it around her neck but the reverie is broken by Zoya and Aditya’s argument. Aditya tells her that he got it for Mahi so he only will make her wear it. She tells him against it. It is very pious! I will make her wear it. He insists that the wedding isn’t real. She tells him to be quiet. This mangalsutra is real though. Aditya says do film stars get married for real. Lack of emotions wont make it come true. She tells him that those who believe in it can only understand the emotions behind it. You wont understand. Virani’s come there just then. The oldest guy leading them says I fail to understand. Who talks to their husband like that? Mahi, Zoya and Aditya look at each other in confusion. Mr. Virani (Kanti) says you shouldn’t have taken it off in the first place and now you are arguing with him! He asks Kalpesh if this is the company that he chose. Kalpesh greets them. I only sent you the email. This is my father, Kanti Virani. He requests his father to give them a chance. Let’s listen to their plan. Kanti ji agrees. Shall we talk about business if you guys are done fighting? Make your wife wear that mangalsutra before that! Zoya shakes her head at Aditya while Mahi holds her head. Zoya prays to Allah to do something. Save me from this lie. Aditya holds the mangalsutra before her eyes.

Precap: Aditya says Mahi and I are acting to play the role of husband and wife. You had no problem to that. Now you have problem to play my wife’s role. She says that was a compulsion but I wont be able to do this. He advises her to tell Virani’s the truth then. Forget about the company and the employees! Zoya looks at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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