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Belan Wali Bahu 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Family tries Vastu

Belan Wali Bahu 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem reads newspaper that a beggar became rich businessman, beggar did some vastu steps and his life changed. Lata’s son in law(Jimmy) comes to house and says I have started a new business and I dont need your money, I have started vastu business, they all look on. He says its working so nicely that I want to return all your money. Dada says your debt is around 27lacs. He asks them to add every festival cost too, he says its around 28lac, I cant give it right now but I can give some amount, he gives them some amount and says I have clicent meeting. He leaves. Katori comes there wearing gold and gold, Prem asks if she is working in a drama company? Katori says I have earned all this learning skills from Vastu, my husband’s business is working nicely now and we have everything

now. Prem says you are still taking sugar? she says stop small things, she leaves. Jimmy comes there and says one man’s cow got lost so I did vastu and brought it back. Prem makes him sit, they all tell their problems so he could solve them. Jimmy says Vastu have solution to every problem, he asks them to give him money he gave them, its his services fees. Prem gives it. Roopa asks Laddo’s ghost if vastu works? Laddo’s ghost says your problem might be solved, you sent your husband away from world because of vastu, ask him if he can solve your problem. She says I will ask him.

Dada says to Jimmy that no one understands me, I want company in my life, Suzzi says I am with you. Dada says I want that type of commitment. Jimmy says your problem will be solved if you shift your room upstairs, all your dreams will come true, Jimmy says give me fees later, he leaves.

Jimmy comes to Prem and Lata. He starts eating almonds. Lata asks him to eat as much as he wants. Jimmy asks how you people live in this room? there is too much negativity in this room, Prem says she beats me and shout at me. Lata says he burps and I vomit, we keep fighting. Jimmy says there are many negative vibes in this room. Lata and Prem starts arguing over who fights. Jimmy says this Vastu will tell which room will be best for you. He brings them in lounge and sees his marker around. He shows them lounge area and says this place is best for you, Prem will be on west side and Lata will be on eat side, just look away from each other, Jimmy says living together is important. He says you paid fees earlier, he leaves. Prem and Lata moves in opposite directions.

Scene 2
Jimmy comes to Jitendra and Shalini, Jimmy says first give me fees, Shalini says he will take fees from Dada and give it you, what is solution for us? Jimmy says you both should live in garden or make this room a garden with pots, he says to Jitendra that you will get job back in 5 days. He leaves.

Jimmy says to himself that I have earned good amount from them, who is left? Roopa comes to him and says you are here. He thinks this is my more earning.

PRECAP- Jimmy says to Dada that to make vastu of house fine, you have to remove water tank, terrace plank and that tree from outside. Laddo’s ghost says these are my living place. Roopa says I didnt think that. Family starts going to remove tank. Roopa is tensed. Laddo’s ghost says think about something Roopa.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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