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ALWAYS BE BY MY SIDE- Bepanah (AdiYa) Os


Its night and a room is shown highly decorated with different lightings and full of people. A bunch of people are shown gathered around a table playing truth or dare . And the bottle spins.
“ yeeeyy so finally its your chance Aditya , choose truth or dare “ . A friend of Aditya shouts.
“ummm , I don’t know what will you guys give as dare.. so I’m choosing truth”. Aditya said in a bit nervous tone.
“ok so tell us when and how did you fell in love with Zoya bhabhi” . Aditya’s friend tells .
“what… no.. I mean..”. Aditya says blushing and looking in Zoya’s eyes.
“okay okay… I’m telling”. Aditya says sushing everyone gathered there.
Zoya looks in Aditya’s eyes , she blushes and her cheeks turns red and a smile appears on her face which she tries to hide . She tries to goes from there as she feels too shy to listen her love story. But Aditya holds her hand and signs her to be there next to him.
Jab tak teri aanch mein
Boond boond main jal na lun
Jab tak tere saath mein
Chand tak main chal na lun
Haan mere paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Mere sath tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo , Oh oh oh’ plays in background as they share an eyelock.

“hey u guys now stop looking at each other and tell us your love story” . Someone interrupts making everyone laugh and making Zoya and Aditya blush even more.
“okay.. so it was about 10 months ago….. . Aditya start to narrate to everyone and his heart takes him back to when they first met and fell madly in love with each other.

Flashback starts
10 months ago in Disneyland.

“so finally we are here ,love … you are not angry on your papa anymore na” Aditya asks his six year old daughter,Alia.
“Not at all papa… you are the bessssssst papa in the world”. Alia answered hugging her dad.
“I know we are in Disneyland but please don’t get too excited and go anywhere without me” . Aditya said to alia in a protective tone.
“ohho papa !! I’m a big girl now” . Alia says making a puppy face.
“But anyways promise me you”ll not go anywhere without papa”. Aditya says rolling his eyes.
“ha ha promise papa, so now can we go for our first ride in Disneyland…alia is really excited for it daddy “. Alia asked.
“yeah.. let’s go” . Aditya says smiling.
Alia was his daughter from his wife pooja ,who passed away when Alia was just 1 year old . Form then Aditya has taken care of her alone . Alia means the world to him . Alia is a stubborn kid but no matter what she does he can never get angry on her. She is just too cute And sweet to stay mad at.
“sir ,you can’t go with her on ride ,only kids are allowed , don’t worry she will be safe”. The security guard says to Aditya.
“but … she is just 6 year old.. if you won’t allow me inside ,she also won’t go.. let’s go from here, love” . Aditya says to Alia.
“but papa … I really want to go.. and I’m not a kid anymore… please let me go.. you wait for me here outside , I promise I won’t go anywhere from here and will directly come to you”. Alia says kissing Aditya on cheeks so that he agrees.
“okay… go but after that come straight to me.. daddy will be waiting for you here”. Aditya finally agrees as he couldn’t see his daughter’s sad face.
She goes for the ride and Aditya waits outside. After half an hour she comes back and searches for aditya but could not find him because of the crowd. Her eyes spots a group of person dressed in all her favourite disney character’s costumes. She runs to them in excitement. She follows them as they kept walking entertaining people on the streets. In all these Alia doesn’t realises that she came far away from her dad. She sits on a bench and start crying thinking she won’t be able to find her papa again.
“hey ,why are you crying baby” . Says a girl of about 25 wiping alia’s tears.
“I don’t know where to find my dad😭😭😭😭”. Alia says hugging that lady.
“oh don’t cry baby… I will help you find your dad”. Lady says looking around for taxi.
Lady is Zoya. She stops the taxi and enters in taxi with Alia.
“I said na… don’t cry .. we will find your dad together… so from are you”. Zoya asks Alia who was crying.
“india..mumbai, where are we going”. Alia says.
“to my house,so you can eat something and sleep till I find your dad”. Zoya says and Alia nods.

At Zoya’s house.

“so do you remember your dad’s phone number” . Zoya asks alia.
“yes I do”. Alia says jumping in happiness that she can finally find her dad.
Zoya asks number from alia and calls Aditya to inform that his daughter is with her , Aditya who was searching for his daughter and was really worried finally gets a relief and asks her address so that he can come to pick Alia.
“hey little girl … your dad is coming… yeyeye” . Zoya says hugging alia.
“love you sweet aunty”. Alia says kissing Zoya’s cheeks.
They talk for 3 hours and then finally Aditya arrives. He runs and hugs alia . Tears start rolling both of their eyes. Zoya smiles seeing father and daughter’s love. Then Aditya goes to Zoya to thank her.
“no.. no need to thank me your daughter is really sweet that anyone would want to help her”. Zoya says looking at Alia admiring her cuteness.
“she seems to be really attached to you … she doesn’t really get friendly with everyone but she is friendly with you”. Aditya says smiling.
“oh .. is it ?I’m very lucky then” . Zoya says smiling.
“you’re sweet too”. Aditya says getting lost in her eyes.
“what..” zoya asks with a confused look on her face
“nothing… I think I should go now”. Aditya says coming to his senses. Aditya was sure he was developing a crush on Zoya. He never really felt like this for any girl but there was something really special about Zoya that attracted him. He never believed in love at first sight but this was what happening to him now.
“hmm… so where is her mother ?” Zoya asked out of curiosity.
“ she died when 5 years ago” . Aditya answers.
“oh.. I’m really sorry ,I shouldn’t have asked” . Zoya says.
“No need of sorry…. Alia come here now .. let’s go”. Aditya answers zoya and calls Alia who was busy playing with items kept on table.
Alia and Aditya went to hotel. They went to sleep and Aditya asked a promise from his daughter to never go anywhere like this again.
“solly papa… Alia promises that she won’t this again, but papa don’t you think we should give sweet aunty a gift?” . Alia says turning her head to Aditya.
“we will think about it tommorow.. good night bachha”. Aditya says giving Alia a good night kiss.
“waise , I also think we should give Alia’s sweet aunty a gift”. Aditya says to himself blushing.
Tujhpe saje khoobsurat lage
Aisa kya dun tujhe
Aisa kya dun tujhe
Hmm haatho ki yeh lakeere sabhi
Pehna dun tujhe
Pehna dun tujhe” song plays in background.

5 days passed and Alia requested to meet Zoya everyday. And Aditya could do anything but can never deny his daughter’s request . So three of them met and talked for hours for 5 days. Alia got really attached to Zoya. She played with her , ate with her ,talked with her and zoya even did her hairs.
“haha.. pass that ball to me alu” . Zoya said throwing ball to alia when they were playing.
“yes mumma”. Alia said without even realising what she just said.
Zoya hugged alia tightly,tears of happiness rolled down her eyes. Aditya saw this. Alia went in zoya’s kitchen to bring ice cream for three of them. Zoya also was really attached to Alia and even to aditya. She never had a family so this was the first time she actually experienced love. She didn’t want this to end. Somewhere in her heart she had a soft corner for aditya.
“hey zoya… if u don’t mind.. can we .. can we… can we go for dinner tonight… just two of us”. Aditya asked and his heartbeat increased.
“umm… okay.. I mean yes”. Zoya answered his questions. She never expected him to ask that. But she was happy.. it was a kind of an unusual happiness.
“yeyye.. mumma… papa are going on a date”. Alia said making two of them blush.
That night zoya and aditya went for dinner leaving Alia at zoya’s friend’s house. Their conversation that night was really awkward because both of them didn’t know how to express their feelings. All they knew was that they want to spend rest of their life with each other.
“so.. you both are going back to india tommorow” . Zoya asked Aditya.
“yes…”. Aditya answers.
“but I don’t want you both to go…”. Zoya said looking in his eyes.
They both shared an eyelock. Aditya was looking in deep eyes of hers.
Jab tak meri aankhein
Tera chehra pee na le
Jab tak teri dhun mein
Hum mar na le, jee na le’. Song plays in background when they were totally lost in the world of each other’s eyes.

“can you be with us for the rest of your life…. Alia even started calling you mumma… I … I never felt this for anyone before… but.. are you getting what I’m trying to say…” . Aditya says this to zoya… in a nervous tone .. he didn’t actually knew what he said. He just didn’t wanted her to go away from his life. He wanted her to be in his life forever. Zoya hugged him and whispered in his ears “yes”.
Haan mere paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Mere sath tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo’


“so that was how I proposed to her”. Aditya tells his friends looking in Zoya’s eyes .
“don’t ever go away from me , Always be by my Side.. always” . Aditya says hugging Zoya. All their friends clap for them .
“I’ll always be by your side… always… I promise.”. Zoya tells looking in his eyes.
oh oh oh…ha mere saath tum raho jaane ki baat na karo “.
Song plays in background and screen freezes as they share an eyelock.

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