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Agnifera 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ragini’s Haldi and Mehandi Ceremony

Agnifera 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anurag requests Ragini to let him attend her wedding functions and be happy for her. She sadly nods yes and sits for haldi. Women apply haldi on her. Anurag also does. Ragini tells ammaji that she will go and change for mehandi. Anurag smiles with teary eyes and let us perform groom’s haldi. Ammaji and others perform Abhimanyu’s haldi. Abhimanyu says that is why he loves Indian culture.

Ragini comes down wearing beautiful dress for mehandi ceremony. Anurag gets emotional seeing her beauty. Abhimanyu praises her beauty. Mehandi designers apply mehandi on Ragini. Anurag sits behind her and drawing A on paper asks them to draw it on Ragini’s hand. They do same. Anurag gets more emotional when he sees Ragini asking to feed her water and Abhimanyu does.

Baiju looks at

breaking star from balcony. Shristi says this is not the way he should look starts at and shows her style. He looks at her and says she is his star as she showed him way of life. She says he has changed a lot and has taken path of good.

Ragini with family sits for dinner. Abhimanyu likes paranthas and asks Ammaji to sit. He then sits next to Ragini and says mehandi color is really dark and it signifies bride’s MIL loves her a lot. Anurag says husband, it signifies husband loves her more.

Revathi asks Shristi to attend her friend’s daughter’s goad bharai function. Shristi says she should attend it, else Sarla aunty will feel bad. Revathi convinces her that she should make a change in society and should attend this function. Dulari walks in getting ready and asks how is she looking. Revathi scolds and her asks Shristi to come soon after getting ready.

Shristi looks at her bridal dress sadly. Anurag walks in and says her dress is looking very beautiful. He dorns dupatta on her head and says she is looking very beautiful, she should wear earrings which she wore during last diwali. She reminisces Anurag tying her blouse’s back lace that day. Anrurag emotionally wiping his tears asks if he can see her mehandi and says Abhimany’s letter. He then says she will be roaming whole world with Abhimanyu, he just needs a selfie with her. He takes selfie with her and says ammaji asked to take her to parlor, get ready soon.

Revath with her team walks towards door to attend goad bharai function. Shristi says she forgot gift envelope and will get it. Baiju says he will bring her and goes into her room. She gets afraid seeing cockroach and jumps on bed. Baiju walks in and picks cockorach. She continues panicking. He throws it from window and says he threw it. She sees and trying to get down from bed slips and falls. He holds her. Their eyes lock.

Precap: Women yell at Shristi she should not have attended goad bharai function and misbehaves with her. Vikral alleges Anurag of kidnapping Ragini. Abhimanyu holds Anurag’s collar.

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