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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Anand and his family leave their house

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Naina says I am from a middle class family and this was how I was since the beginning. Why did you marry me if you find me middle class? You could have married a girl from high standard. He gives up. You wont understand anything! You don’t have brain. She says you are the smart one here which is why you complain to everyone about me behind my back. She repeats

Munna stops Preeti from going downstairs. They will fight and come back in some time. Kamya agrees. This is their love.

Naina and Sameer argue that neither of them understands the other and they are somehow bearing each other. Naina says I have become mad. Sameer says you were already mad. Their friends leave. Sameer blames it on Naina. This is what happens when there are people like you in the house! Kanji comes there

with fresh food and cold drink.

It is night time. A sad song plays as Naina and Sameer think of all their latest fights. Sameer comes there. Naina asks him if he still has to scold her over something. He says you shout on people who understand. I thought you will make this house home after marriage but you have made it worse! She thinks to leave the house so he can do as he pleases. He tells her not to threaten her again and again. Go ahead.

Voiceover – Sameer:
It was a strange day. Here, Naina and I were leaving our love for our fake ego and because of this, Chacha ji was losing his home.

Bela notices her husband standing sadly by the window. He is sad because of what happened today. I can bear anything but I wont bear it if anyone points a finger at us! We will leave this house. Bela becomes emotional. I came here as a bride. Naina and Preeti were born here. This is my temple. He reasons that they will always be taunted upon and looked down here because of the kinds of people who stay here. We will leave tomorrow morning itself! We will buy a smaller house where we can live in peace. She hugs him and cries.

Naina takes out her suitcase. Sameer follows her to their room. She tells him she is leaving. He nods. How many times will you say it? She stops suddenly. He asks her if she had a change of heart. She points out that he is blocking her way. I thought you had a change of heart. He shifts aside. Naina looks at the house emotionally.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I wasn’t so stone hearted that I wouldn’t care but I was extremely angry. It would take time after all to calm down!

Naina recalls her grahpravesh and Bela’s words during her marriage as she lifts her feet to step out of the house. Sameer’s mom’s advise also rings in her ear.

Voiceover – Sameer:
The girls of 1990’s were clear on one thing – family first! This is what made Naina stop that day. She dint want to trouble Chacha ji and Chachi ji anymore. She had to come back like a meek cat.

Sameer is confused seeing Naina with her bag. They both stare at each other. He claps. Is your mind in place now? She says it was there already. I came back so no one stops respecting or loving you like they do right now! They would have also wondered what you have become. He says I toil entire day in office and when I come home, you are acting crazy always! Don’t try to tell me what I have become. Look at yourself. She tells him to tell Anand himself tomorrow. He will come to take me for Gangaur. Stay here all by yourself then. I will leave respectfully. Don’t think of calling me or of even bringing me back here. He advises her not to think of this even in her dreams. They lie down. Naina has her back to him.

Preeti has packed her bags. She cries thinking of her memories with Naina. Bela is also in tears as past memories flash before her eyes. Anand is also crying in a corner silently.

Naina drops her salwar on the floor. Sameer picks it and keeps it on the knob instead of handing it to her. She closes the bathroom door angrily.

Preeti is about to call Naina but Anand advises her against it. I will tell her before Holi. Preeti keeps the phone back. Past memories play before their eyes. Anand hugs his wife and daughter. He hides his tears from them and asks them to come. They walk out of their house sadly.

Naina brings bread and butter but Sameer eats cornflakes instead.

Bela explains to her neighbour that thye dint do anything. The lady tells her she knows it. Your action is justifying everything. People who value their respect and dignity the most cannot stoop so low. Anand apologizes to them if they have ever hurt anyone. The neighbour wishes ill for Tau ji and Tai ji but Anand stops her. We have never wished bad for anyone and wont wish anything bad for anyone even today. Tau ji and Tai ji tell him to stop his acting. We can see who is running away. We won after all. Anand says you will understand the importance of this victory one day for sure. Please feel free to reach out to me in case you need anything ever. He turns to his family. This house has given us so many fond memories. We will bid adieu with a smile. He leaves with his family. Tau ji tells his wife he did what he promised. The neighbours wave sadly at Anand and his family.

Sameer comes in Devang’s cabin while he is talking to some guy (Mr. Sharma). Sameer asks Devang some questions while he is talking to Mr. Sharma. Mr. Sharma questions Devang as to who this guy is. Is he intern or assistant? Does he not have manners? Devang asks Sameer to do some work. Sameer introduces himself as the owner of this factory. I am the grandson of Dinanath ji. Mr. Sharma goes quiet.

Mama ji asks Sameer if he wants to become the owner. Sameer says I am the owner already. Mama ji tells Devang he should have introduced Sameer properly. Sameer tells Devang he feels bad when he does not introduce him to clients. How will I learn anything otherwise? Mama ji apologizes to him and pretends to reprimand Devang. He tells Sameer he will be the owner of his business from tomorrow.

Precap: Naina dances romantically around Sameer as he returns home.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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