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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ishita threatens Simmi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Raman why did you scare me. He says I woke up and didn’t find you, I was worried, who were you talking to. She says Isabella, I met her in London, she called to know if I reached safely, why is everyone behaving so weird. He says I want to ask you, why are you behaving strange. She says I m fine. She goes and calls someone. She says sorry, I called you Isabella, my husband had come here, so tell me. Shagun says its strange that Seema’s house was locked, where did she go, did she tell you that she is leaving the city with Abir.

Mani asks are you sure it was the right address. Ruhi says no, I came here, I don’t get it, what happened, we were friends in college and wasn’t in touch, she looked very happy with her BF, I don’t know anything.

Shagun asks do you know about Abir. Ruhi says no, why did guard say that he doesn’t know about Seema and her family. Mani says maybe that guard was new there. Shagun says don’t take tension, I will find out at the police station. Ruhi says I hope Seema and Abir’s name aren’t in the blast victims list. They come home. Raman asks Ruhi not to worry, he has made her fav pasta. Mani says Shagun will find out everything, don’t stress about it. Raman says Ishita doesn’t know about Sahil. Ruhi says I don’t want her to worry. Mani says I will leave now.

Simmi says Raman has made your fav upma today. Ishita says I was missing these parathas there, I was waiting for this. Simmi says have your upma. Mihika asks why is she behaving strange. Aaliya says don’t know. Ruhi greets and says I was with Shagun all night. Ishita says good, its fine, Shagun is your mum. Ruhi gets sad. Ishita asks for pickles. Everyone looks on. Raman asks Ishita where is your felicitation trophy. She says I have sent it to the clinic, my assistant had come to airport to me. He says we would have seen it. She says its not a big deal, I have to a lot to unpack, don’t you have to go to office. He leaves. Ruhi says why i Ishita behaving so strange. Shagun calls her and says Seema and Abir’s names aren’t in victims list, I will check at hospitals, I m sure that they are fine, is Ishita okay. Ruhi says she is behaving very weirdly, Raman is shocked by her behavior, he said we should give her some time, but for what. Shagun says take care, what happened to Ishita, I have to talk to Raman. Simmi gets tea for Raman and asks did he go to office. Ishita says I will have tea, he keeps on nagging, its good he left, look for my cream. Simmi gets her passport and sees Shaina Shah on it. Ishita snatches the passport and says I asked you to look for cream. Simmi asks what’s all this, this passport has your pic but name is Shaina Shah, why does the boarding pass say Paris, what’s going on.

Ishita says nothing, just relax. Ishita points gun at her. Simmi gets shocked. Mani says men can never understand women, Shagun always surprises me, we understand our wives well, congrats, strike is over, work started, I m happy you have Ruhi and Yug’s support, I want to say that he is a nice guy. Raman says he has lied to me, he has put Aaliya to this condition. Mani says he is repenting for his mistake, Yug loves her. Raman says Aaliya is happy as she assumed him Adi. Mani says so we should accept Yug as Adi, you said you see Adi in him. Raman says yes, but that time I didn’t know Karan planted Yug in our house. Mani says Yug is good, he has supported us, people change, he deserves a second chance, you need his support. Raman says Ishita starts firing me when she hears about Yug, I will talk to her. Simmi asks do you have a gun. Ishita says its mine, listen to me, you will leave this room as if nothing has happened. Simmi says Ishita, I mean Shaina, whoever you are. Ishita says who cares about it, imp thing is I have to kill you if you tell anyone, don’t increase my workload, I will not leave anyone who comes in my way. Simmi says yes. Ishita says now you can go. Simmi worriedly runs out. Ishita calls someone and says I was caught, I threatened to kill Simmi.

Karan stops Ruhi and talks to her about office work. Ruhi says we will talk tomorrow, I have to go to hospital. He asks are you fine. She asks did you go mad to show fake concern. He asks don’t I have any other work. She says sorry, I can’t trust you again after what you did with us, you have sent Yug to our house, thank God he is a nice guy. He says sorry to bother you. She says sorry, I m worried for Seema, she is missing. He says I will come with you, we will check private hospitals near blast site, I completely understand that you shared your problem with me, I will update you if I find anything. She thanks him. Rohan looks on and calls Karan. He says you have gone to meet Ruhi. Rohan sees Karan and asks are you following me. Rohan says I was just seeing if you are doing as I said, I trust you, not bhallas, I m proud of you. Karan asks him to go home. He says I have to be careful, I can’t cheat Ruhi again, I genuinely love her.

Ishita gets angry on Yug. Aaliya stops Ishita and threatens to cut her wrist.

Update Credit to: Amena

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