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Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kalyani resting her head on Anupriya and crying. Aao Saheb tells that her first step towards Malhar’s destroyal is successful and tells that she will snatched everything from Malhar and she will have ashes of Rao Saheb in her maang until she takes revenge from Malhar. She puts Rao’s Saheb’s ashes on her forehead. Kalyani is shocked and asks her to get ready to keep her forehead filled with ashes forever. She says although Malhar has broken relation with her, but she don’t accept his decision and will prove his innocence and brings him back. Aao Saheb looks angrily. She comes home and recalls Malhar’s words. She hears Moksh crying and comes to her room. Aparna stops her from touching him, but Kalyani takes him forcefully and asks her to go away. Aparna goes. Kalyani

asks Moksh if he believes her and tells that how can Malhar doubt on her and tells that he has broken marriage with her. She says he said that you will not be with me and says nobody can separate us. She says I will get Malhar freed from lock up and then will convince him to stay with them. Just then Sampada comes and hits rod on her. Kalyani and Moksh fall down. She saves Moksh anyhow. Sampada tells her that her relation with Moksh has ended. Kalyani bashes her for living Malhar for cheap guy like Atharv. Atul comes and asks Kalyani to come. He tries to take her. Kalyani gets the knife and tells that if he stops her from going to Moksh then she will kill herself. Anupriya asks Kalyani how she will save Malhar then? Atul asks Anupriya not to manipulate her. Kalyani tries to slit her throat, but Anupriya keeps her hand and gets her palm cut. Kalyani is shocked. Anupriya asks Kalyani to come with her. Atul asks where is she taking her? Anupriya asks him to give her sometime. Anupriya takes her to outhouse and tells that they can get Moksh only if Malhar comes home. Kalyani asks how can Malhar doubt her. Anupriya says he is doubting even me and tells that we can’t understand his pain. She asks him not to worry about Moksh and let him be with Sampada, atleast he will be at home. She asks her to be there and says I will get food for you. Kalyani tears her dupatta and ties on Anupriya’s hand. She asks her to go. Song plays……

Atul comes and locks the door. Anupriya asks what are you doing? Atul asks her not to open the door. Kalyani hears and asks Anupriya why did she lock the door. Atul says I am outside and tells that Moksh has to learn to stay away from her. Kalyani asks why don’t you understand. Atul says you have be here all night and asks Anupriya not to open the door. Kalyani says if I will be here, then how I will take Malhar out. Sarthak comes to bail Malhar, but he can’t. Inspector tells that he is helpless after reading Rao Saheb’s letter. Sarthak asks Malhar not to worry. Atharv brings balloons there and laughs on Malhar’s condition. Malhar asks how did you come out? Aao Saheb comes there and says I took him out. Atharv asks him to handle his heart else how he will romance Maayi. Sarthak shouts. Atharv offers blade to Malhar and asks him to cut his nerves and end himself. Inspector scolds Atharv and says this is illegal. Atharv says this man will not die, and will live insulted life. He says your son will be handled by Sampada, who feels disgusted to change his diaper. Malhar says nobody can snatch my son.

Sampada scolds Aparna for not making Malhar quiet. Aparna says I don’t know how Kalyani and Malhar handle him. Anupriya comes there and tells that she will check baby. Sampada pushes her and makes her fall down. Anupriya gets up and asks her to understand. Sampada says she will call big doctor and asks her not to touch her.

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