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Shakti 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Shakti 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Harman coming to Chaddha’s house where Rajat is with Sneha and are captive by the goons. Chaddha tells Judge that they are wasting court’s time. Harman and Rajat beat the goon. Harman asks Rajat to come with him. Varun tells Judge that it is wrong. Sukha also says the same that court shall not wait. Chaddha says court don’t wait for anyone and tells Judge that he is breaking law and order. Judge asks him to be careful and tells that I am elder than you in age and position. Harman, Rajat and Sneha leave from there. Chaddha tells that the court is bearing lawyers like him who acted to get heart attack to postpone the hearing. He says court will be open until Rajat comes here. Rajat comes there and thanks Judge. He says today I will prove that Varun, Sukha and others are guilty.

He says I will also prove that Soumya has the right to raise the child. Chaddha says you can’t tell that my clients are guilty. Rajat says ok, but I can call you guilty. He calls Sneha to the witness box. Chaddha gets shocked and asks her to go home. Rajat says she is my witness. Sneha says she is Rajat’s lover whose case was trial in the court and was separated. She tells that she was married off to chaddha then. She tells that Chaddha sent her to Rajat so that he don’t fight the case and then got Rajat kidnapped. She tells that she wants divorce from Chaddha, as he tortured her a lot and behaved inhumanly with her. Rajat thanks Sneha and asks her to sit.

Rajat thanks Harman because of which he could come and fight the case. He shows Surbhi’s letter in which she has written that she wants Soumya to do her son’s upbringing. He says Surbhi is not alive to see her son, as she was killed by Varun. Chaddha says Varun didn’t do anything. Rajat says he will prove and calls Varun to the witness box. He asks Varun where was he, when Surbhi fell down from the temple stairs. Varun says I don’t know where was I? Rajat says your phone location was of the temple area. Varun says his phone was lost. Rajat says then how did you come to know about Surbhi’s death. Varun says somebody called. Rajat asks how? You had said that your phone was stolen. Varun is trapped by his own words and tells that he got info before his phone was lost. Rajat says Varun is lying and tells that after his mother’s death, Harak Singh and his family took care of him and brought him up. He educated him etc. Varun says yes. Rajat says you got married to Surbhi so that you can stay close to Harak Singh family as you wanted to take revenge from them. Varun gets angry and says yes. Rajat asks him to tell why did he kill Surbhi when he loved her. Varun says I never loved her and tells that she never gained his trust and tells that she was having an affair with Sumit, and I had a doubt that the baby is of him. Rajat says it is proved that the baby is yours. Varun says yes, but I have nothing to do with them. He says when Surbhi was pushed and fell down from the stairs, he didn’t go to help her, as he wanted to see Harak Singh and his family in pain.

Rajat tells that Varun is not alone in this and tells that Sukha was using him for taking revenge on Harak Singh’s family.

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