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In evening everywhere hustle and bustle is going on.Avni all brothers fully engrossed in work tej and Avantika didn’t sit for a second.While twinkle take permission from tej and Avantika she wanted to come from yuvi side because she is his bestie.Tej and Avantika smiled and permit her she went Luthra

mansion.now it’s time for yuvi and Avni

Marriage.Whole sarna mansion

decorated like a bride so beautifully. Avni was sitting in her room she admiring her heena colour little bit sad.

At Luthra mansion.Yuvi getting ready just than there all his friends and sister brother in law Neelam mother and father comes.

Twinkle: hoo maya see our bandar he is really happy today.

Rishi: haa after all he run so much behind Avni they all giggles yuvi too he turned.

Neelam:chalo now yuvi get ready fast. Maya come with turban.She make him wear and does his Aarti. He smiled while Surjit and Anita make him wear watch.

Surjit: today my son going to marry.

Anita: haa now become mature yuvi not stubborn anymore.

Twinkle: haa our Avni will kill you.

Yuvi:oyy beauty queen you are from my side don’t forget this.

Twinkle:hmm my bad luck na.

Asha: I’m glad you get girl after see your behaviour thinking like no one get ready to marry like Rishi you too living single Chinki Asha or twinkle hifi.

Rishi:hehe very funny hasi nahi aai by the way when this two pomegranate get girl how can we not.. 😂😂.

Yuvi: much better than them.

Raj: don’t fly yuvi. Still your marriage is left.

Asha: let him.

Naman: how much he is happy right now after one day of his marriage he will crying more. 😂😂.

Yuvi: acha. Now I understand why Kunj is like this poor soul.

Twinkle: shut up don’t talk about my innocent husband.

Rishi: acha did you forget what happened last night.

Twinkle: I know it just because of you all. He don’t know anything you all making him like you all.

Anita: bas karo tum sab. Anita kissed on yuvi forehead he smiled elders went downstairs while his all gang encircled him.

Raj:today toh he must be happy like hell.


Asha:twinkle don’t you know she winked at her.😜😜.

Twinkle:chii.Our yuvi baby going to become husband don’t forget yuvi I’m avni bhabhi. If you did something with her I’ll kick on your ass.

Yuvi:you a*sh*le saying me your bestie and taking side of Avni.

Twinkle:yes 😎.

Asha:yuvi let her if she doesn’t Kunj wouldn’t talk to her. Kunj ki deewani.

Twinkle:whatever.. our groom is looking killer today.

Chinki: Avni will gone tonight for sure.

Naman:woh toh anyhow both of them 😝they all laughs out and share a group hug.They click few pictures with yuvi in funny way.Than they went downstairs. Everyone is all set to go sarna mansion to bring their bride.They all dancing on songs.All pushing yuvi like anything he just laughing.A horse come yuvi sit on horse.All dancing behind him.

At sarna [email protected]

Avni was sitting in her room she wearing her bridal ware looking the best.Tej and Avantika entered in room. Along with all family members Rahul is little bit emotional Kunj and Omkara consoles him.They entered.

Tej:so my daughter is ready Avni turned and look at her family tej and Avantika went near her.

Avantika:my doll looking so beautiful today.

Tej:something is missing.

Avni:what?? Avantika open the jewellery box tej take out the necklace it’s so beautiful.This??

Avantika:this beautiful necklace for our most beautiful bride.

Tej:yes.All smiled.

Anjali:our Avni looking the best.

Kunj:she totally never seen her like this girly dresses accessories uff.

Rudra:bhaiya love can change anyone you are the one 😂😂all giggles Kunj pass him death glares.Avantika take in her neck place in her neck.

Usha:perfect.Avni get up and look at her everyone look at her head to toe in her lehenga.

Tej:I never seen this much beautiful bride.

Lata:in father eyes his daughters are most beautiful monument.

Tej:yes Maa.Tej cupped Avni face and kissed on her forehead she closed her eyes.

Avantika:don’t cry I wanted everyone get freeze after see my Avni.

Rahul:specially yuvi.Avni laughs with tears.Tej cupped her face and wiped her little tears.Just than they heard band baja sound.

Tej:groom is come with full band and baja.Let’s go.She nodded in eyes.She stay in room only while everyone went downstairs.They all went outside and see the crowd yuck was on horse dancing while sitting all giggles to see his cuteness Aayat come there.Yuvi I lift her and make her sit. Kunj see twinkle who dancing like crazy girl. Kunj take his phone and shoot her

Kunj:see this girl. Dancing hoo.As if today is her shadi at her time she crying.huhu.Rudra and all siblings joint twinkle all’s they dancing fully.Avni come at window and see yuvi she smiled like anything.Twinkle see Kunj she gestured him to come and joint them but he deny. Rahul and Rohan pulled him.

Twinkle:Sadu today leave your khadooses please.She push him Rudra and twinkle dancing together.After this.

Tej and Avantika with all standing at doorstep.Yuvi come with his whole family standing.Anjali bring aarti tali give to Avantika. She does yuvi Aarti and about to pulled his nose rishi side his face.

Anita:hehe Avantika Bhabhi itni asaani se Nahi ..

Usha:par kyun yuvi avni nahi chahiye hai Kya😂😂.

Yuvi:mom Maami please go ahead. I can’t wait anymore all giggles hold their heads. Avni pulled his nose he smiled and take elders blessing.They all welcomed groom beautifully he went ahead all Sarna siblings standing at door in Tashan yuvi gang is coming. Rahul and Rudra sprinkling fragrance. They all come and look at them.

Rohan: aai aai please swagat hai aapka. Twinkle look at Kunj who making faces.

Twinkle: in style please nicely don’t you know we are from groom side if we disappointed  than we wouldn’t take time to take back our boy.

Kunj: really ji. In what way you wanted your welcomed should I call PM for you. All giggles.

Twinkle: na ji I don’t wanted any PM VM you just change your tone it will be good for you. Side please where this yuvi.

Rishi:this wild yuvi is in so hurry he went without us.

Rahul: lets go guys let them stay here don’t go without having food please I did special arrangements for you all.

Raj:innocently what.Kunj point his finger toward washroom door😂😂twinkle hit on his foot and went.All laughs out at Kunj but he gritting his teeth’s.They all went inside.Rahul and Kunj or Omkara Rudra beautifully fulfilled duty of  brothers they itself attending all guest.

Twinkle and all’s sitting beside yuvi. Rahul and Kunj went towards them and call waiters.

Kunj:what you wanted please..

Rishi: anything. They give them twinkle looking in side. Kunj give her voice she didn’t give any response Kunj went near her ears loudly.

Kunj: twinkle jiii.

Twinkle: ahah what is this haan.

Rahul:Kya lenge aap.

Twinkle: kuch nahi.

Kunj: aap keshe keshe nahi aakhir aap humhare.

Twinkle: Hum aap ke hai kaun. 😂.

Kunj: acha ji very soon you forget haan.

Twinkle:side please let me handle my guest after all my beautiful Avni nanand ki shadi hai.Kunj look her she went and attending guest.Twinkle wearing beautiful reddish banarshi saree along with heavy necklace while Kunj accompany her he wearing black sherwani both looking absolutely amazing.

Yuvi just waiting for his lady love he can’t wait anymore now.Omkara and Mahi giving each other’s smile Omkara give her juice while taking their hands touching both smiled.

Om:looking beautiful.He said and went Mahi smile like anything.

Rudra:sumo help me na.

Soumya:Kya Rudra what type of man you are haan.You help me first see my eyes tell me na do my makeup spoil. Rudra come near her face and check while doing he lost in her beautiful face. Rudra pinch her nose.

Rudra:absolutely amazing Chal he hold her hand she shocked but she didn’t said anything.Kabir and Malika sitting in side. Tej and Avantika fully busy like a responsible father Rahul come and hold their hands.

Rahul:Maa and papa you both sit.

Avantika:no I have so much work.

Tej:haan please Rahul.Kunj come even Lata and Prithviraj as well.Kunj bring water for them.

Kunj:drink pa and mummy feels good.

He give them they drink.

Lata: aaj laga rahe hai na beti ke Maa and baap fully busy in her wedding.


Tej:Kya Maa aap bhi let me go.

Avantika:haa Both went from there.

Rahul:Avni is so lucky thanks babaji for giving us world best Maa and papa.All smiled.

Pandit ji:please call bride.

Avantika:hmm.she turned and look at her kids.They all nodded in eyes and went upstairs Rahul wipes his tears. They entered in room Avni reading book they all see and giggles.

Kunj:our dr bride busy in book.

Anjali:come out my baby it’s time for your marriage they went toward her she closed the book.

Avni:woh toh aise hi.

Rahul:koi na.They all hold her hands together and kissed on her forehead.

Kunj:Chal Avni everyone is waiting for you specially Yuvraj ji.Kunj take the veil and make her covered her head nicely.

Priyanka: avni you looking the best.

Aayat: haa same like bhabhi and you know yuvi bro asking me about you. Where are you when you will come he come to take you.Really did you went with him.

Avni:aww nope.

Rudra:lets go.

Om:haan.They take Avni downstairs. Her all siblings beside her both side while Kunj and Rahul holding her from her shoulder mans holding veil over on Avni head. In Ahead and backwards. Everyone turned and look at upstairs. Yuvi turned his gaze and shocked to see Avni.She looking hell pretty.(Saajanji ghar aaye song in bg.)

Rishi:closed your mouth you drooling baby😂😂.Tej and Avantika look at Avni having tears in their eyes.Somewhere they were happy finally they fulfilled a parents most important duty in few hours it will almost to find a guy for their daughter give her hands in a man hands with whom she going to stay for forever.

Tej and Avantika went toward them they both hold avni hand and take her toward mandap.They made her sit beside yuvi.They both stand for vermala.Anita give vermala in yuvi hands while Avantika too avni.Yuvi gang come to him while Avni as well.Rishi and Naman or Kabir lift yuvi while Kunj and Rahul and others Avni too.Avni try to put vermala in yuvi neck but she can’t.Kunj fully lift her tej and Avantika hooting her name she look at them recalled those beautiful days when she were in any compilation they always boost up her willpower. And will today too she look at them and closed her eyes she put in his neck all laughs out and clapped.All put down avni.Tej lift Avni with others all get shocked.Rishi about to lift yuvi he deny.

Tej:it’s not easy yuvi.

Yuvi:haa I know till now I pass in all your exams this too.All smiled.He high jumped and put veil in Avni neck in one go all amazed.

Surjit:my son isn’t less.

Rohan:uncle your son is very desperate😂.Avni blushed.They both sit.

Pandit ji started chanting mantars.Than Avantika and tej does Avni kaniyadan. They both stand to take the vows around the holy fire they started taking vows promising to be with each other. Everyone showering flowers petals on them.After 7 vows again they sat.Yuvi fills Avni hairlines Than mangalsutra in her neck. She closed her eyes.

Pandit ji:aaj se aap dono pati aur patni Yeh vivha sampand hua.All smiled Avni and yuvi get up they went towards Prithviraj and Lata take their blessing. Like this they take everyone blessing. Avni and yuvi went toward tej and Avantika she about to touch his feet.Tej stop them and give them hug.

Tej:stay happy.Than to siblings all congratulations them Rahul and anjali pulled their cheeks.They went to stage and sits Together.

Yuvi: finally mrs avni Yuvraj Luthra.She blush I’m so happy.

Avni:I’m too..twinkle going here and there Kunj pulled her hands take her in side.

Twinkle:hoo kaun hai.

Kunj:tera pati.

Twinkle:tum huhu.

Kunj:hoo hoo looking gorgeous in this saree.Caress her face great like a my mother😂😂.

twinkle: acha ji don’t talk to me I call you but you didn’t pick up my calls huhu.

Kunj:hoo sorry that time toh I was angry you went there.

Twinkle:woh toh someone request me.

Kunj:kaun hai woh🥵haan in anger.

Twinkle:calm down my angry master. Yuvi I know how to deal together you don’t worry.

Kunj:hmm I can see.

Twinkle: by the way you not looking less in my choice.

Kunj: hehe I’m handsome since birth what is this today isn’t our marriage.

Twinkle:Arey you are from bride side you should be look handsome.

Kunj:really now I understand why every girls staring.

Twinkle:haan who they are I’ll kill them. Kunj laughs out.

Kunj:bas kar.Kunj kissed on her forehead.Chal meri Queen.Avantika nani sitting Rudra sitting beside her

complaining to her about Avantika anger.Avni and yuvi slightly talking to each other’s.She having tears in her eyes wiping before seeing anyone.But tej see this he gestured to Kunj and Rahul. Some girls come and started dancing everyone seeing.

Kabse aaye hain tere dulhe raja

Ab der na kar jaldi aaja

Yuvi get up he went in centre Avni get confused.

Yuvi: Tere ghar aaya main aaya tujhko lene Tere ghar aaya main aaya tujhko lene

Dil ke badle mein dil ka nazraana dene

Meri har dhadkan kya bole hai

Sun sun sun.Dancing along with Avantika.

All get shocked Avni smiling like anything.

Saajanji ghar aaye hay

Saajanji ghar aaye

Dulhan kyon sharmaaye hay

Saajanji ghar aaye..

Avantika:Ay dil chalega ab na koi bahaana

Gori ko hoga ab saajan ke ghar jaana

Maathe ki bindiya kya bole hai

Sun sun sun Saajanji ghar aaye

Saajanji ghar aaye Dulhan kyon sharmaaye hay Saajanji ghar aaye.

She and yuvi dancing together all clapping for them they all having tears.

Anjali: Deewane ki chaal mein

Phas gayi main is jaal mein

Ay sakhiyon kaise bolo bolo

Mujhpe to aye dilruba

Teri sakhiyaan bhi fida

Ye bolengi kya poochho


Rahul:Ja re ja jhoothe

Tareefein kyon hai loote

Hay ja re ja jhoothe

Tareefein kyon hai loote

Tera mastana kya bole hai

Sun sun sun…

yuvi twirl his mother in law and anjali together Avni laughing like anything.All Cheer up Avni mood. Rudra imagine soumaya in a bride dress. 

After later yuvi and Avni meeting with all guests taking gifts and their blessings.While others sitting for dinner.They all clicking photos with groom and bride.

After guest all family members sit. While youngsters eyes on yuvi shoes only.

They all feeding Avni with their hands one and one morsel. Aayat teasing her nani Lot.

Rudra:nani Maa today is your turn.

Aarti:acha i didn’t get chance in your case let her at least.

Manohar:hopefully as you wanted bhai Saab Avni wedding has done.

Tej:haan manohar still I finding less.

Usha:really you both run Lot.

Avantika:it’s our right and duty as well. I feel so good today.

Tej:Avni beta have this.

Avantika:haa Avni specially for this we add this in menu.

Avni:haan I’ll have na Maa.They all happily finished the dinner. Yuvi off his shoes.

Avni and yuvi got married with all the rituals.now it was time of joote chupane ki rasam.While maya,mallika and mahi were on yuvi side.protecting shoes from all the sarna girls..

Maya: we have to keep our eye on yuvi ‘s shoes..

Mallika:yup.we can’t let win these sarna girls…

Twinkle: acha ji you all try your all tricks.but we will win definitely..

Mallika: acha beta aayi badi sasural ki side lene wali ….

Anjali & Priyanka :bhabhi kiski hai.

Anjali and Priyanka tried to take shoes but all went in vain…

Twinkle:ruko i have a plan.

Anjali:what twinkle….

Twinkle:she tells her in mute tone.

Prinku:wow bhabhi awesome idea.

Twinkle priyanka and anjali come towards mallika and maya.

Twinkle:i m thinking chal leave this jhute chupane ki rasam se kya hona hai.

Mallika:kya hua twinkle abhi toh tu bhit bol ke gyi now your are leaving why both side girls were fully engrossed in talking.

Meanwhile aayat took shoes of yuvi and give to twinkle.

Aayat:bhabhi i did this now you will give me my share from yuvi money …

Maya & mallika:make haww face …

Twinkle:so mai kha thi haan .we sarna’s dont loose..

Anjali and Priyanka:exactly…

After wedding rituals..yuvi was finding his shoes..

Priyanka:arey pyare jija ji aise kese mil jayenge apke joote.. phale humara nek to de do..

Aayat:haan yuvi jijju…jaldi se money dedo ….then i will get my share & buy lots of chocolates..

All were giggling at aayat demands…..

Twinkle:chal bandar pocket khali kar apni …

Yuvi :kunj dekh apni syappa queen ko…

Kunj:ab isme humm kya kre …its between you & girls…

Yuvi: but your were from my side na twinkle.

Twinkle: that from long back now I’m avni side here I’ll get something 😂😂.

Yuvi: huhu greedy.

Anita:de de beta.hak hai inka …

Yuvi:give them their nek…

Twinkle:give him his shoes.everyone smiled..

All friends of yuvi and Avni teasing them

Lot usually Avni don’t have any friends of her here’s. Rohan just adoring Priyanka.

Rahul: bas kar Rohan if you told me I’ll talk to Hitler in one mandap we will throw us girls of our in one go save our money as well😂😂.

Rohan:shut up kamina. I didn’t got anything back.

Rahul: don’t think beta milne bhi nahi wali hai waha se koi hint.

Rohan: why bhai.

Rahul:because all pipe lines is blocks by Hitler and second kunj😂😂. Maarega tujhe.

Rohan: I’m his best friend.

Rahul: hmm let see you wake up early and do pooja and path.

Rohan: kyu as if you did it at your time 😂black magic on tej uncle for Anjali omg.

Rahul:shut up a*sh*le.

Rohan:same.After sometimes later.


Anita:haan.Maa and Papa it’s getting late. All look at Avni.She bow down her face.

Neelam:you go and Avni meet with everyone.

Tej:hmm.Tej and Avantika hold her hand take her upstairs while other all siblings too went.

In Avantika and tej [email protected]

Tears starter especially from Avni eyes.

They sit on bed beside Avni.

Avantika: see Avni beta you are going now away from us don’t be sad. She look at them.

Tej:haan avni till now you make me feel proud not like others bandars. Don’t feel sad I’ll always with you.

Avni:I know bade papa and Maa.

Tej:maybe we aren’t your mumma and papa but we love you like anything. If is in my hand I’ll not let you go away from us.

Avni:why you saying for me you both are my mumma and papa I toh hardly remember them.They all look at wall photos hanging with flowergarland.

Tej:they both must be happy today their little Avni going to her sasural.

Avantika:even both babies lover before marriage ahem ahem.They teased she smile with tears.

Tej:I don’t have anything to give you avni beta if is in my hand I’ll not leave go away from us but destiny wanted this only. I totally lost my support system.

Avni:I don’t want anything I m blessed I have you both and others what else I wanted don’t said anything like this I’ll get angry.

Tej:aww. Okay.Just message me if anyone trouble you I’ll come and bring you back here if not even yuvi too here than you can stay with your papa Avni and Avantika look at tej face.

Avantika:yes shut up.No Avni you are my

Daughter everyone should be amazed after see you learn to tie family in one knot rather than breaking and aparting.Just support your husband in every matter and fight with all hustle of your life you are toh our hero.

Avni:haan after all I’m your daughter. I’ll trouble yuvi Lot.They laughs out.

Tej:okay baba.He cupped her face.Don’t let them flow okay.Tej hold his tears Avantika you come in going he said and went downstairs.Siblings standing at door step.They entered in room Avantika went.

Rahul didn’t said anything.

Kunj:dekh chasmish don’t cry you are strong girl not like this Rudra okay. Kunj cupped her face and kissed on her temple. I’ll miss you avni time went so fast you going to your house.

Rudra:I’ll come to pick up you.

Aayat:me too. Avni didi.

Anjali: aur our Avni is in Amritsar only na. Phir Kya Dar.

Priyanka: we can call yuvi bhai anytime.

Om:haan if not we all will go at bua place. They hold Avni hands and joint their foreheads and crying along with her. Hugged tightly Rahul see them.And smiling painfully heartaching Lot today his little sister going finally.They wiped her tears.

Kunj:shhh Rahul you meet with her okay. He gestured all they all went downstairs leave brother and sister alone.  Rahul look at Avni painfully she went near her looking at him with tears.

Avni: bh..ai. Immediately cuddles him and started crying loudly.

Rahul: avniiii. Pagal hai Kya haan. He too give up both crying and sit on floor.

Avni: bhaiiii. He cupped her face and wiped his tears and hers too.

Rahul: arey if you cry like this than Hitler will shoo me she laughs out.

Avni: very time kidding not bhai. I’m going.

Rahul:woh toh hai every girl has too baby. Don’t cry you are good girl. Avni you are not we are very lucky to have tej uncle and Avantika aunty in our life after mumma and papa They never let us left their absence always give us love more than their own kids today as well didn’t you see how much they both were running here and there. You become good daughter always feel them proud now as well avni.Everyone should be like this what a upbringing your parents give you never let anyone point finger on their upbringing try to ignore everything control in your anger as well. You and me we all must be busy in our life don’t ever forget bade Maa and bade papa love if they aren’t don’t know what will happen with us we lost our parents at very small age you toh don’t know anything badi Maa handle yours everything bade papa lift you hold my and Kunj hand bade Maa Rudra Priyanka. They are god for us.

Avni:haan bhai I know I’ll remember.They both get up and look at their parents photos.I miss you both.

Rahul: haan I toh have my Anjali after yuvi she will not 😂. Both giggles. Chal meri Maa my jija was waiting for you I can understand 😂. Hold her hand and take her downstairs. Everyone looking at them only. Avni come down and meet with Prithviraj and Lata and others as well with twinkle.

Twinkle:miss you babes.

Avni:I’ll too. Avni hug tej and Avantika tightly slightly cry in their arms all look at them and get emotional Kunj and Omkara consoles them.

Tej:now go bacha.Have a great life.

Avni:Kunj bhaiii.Kunj and Rahul cuddles her. Anita come and hold her hand.

Anita:you think Avni you just going to your another mother only.

Avantika:take care of her Anita.

Yuvi:sasu maa im here for her all laughs out.

Avantika:sasu Maa really.

Usha:good one yuvi if you make maami Than you’ll not get any nek but as damaad ji you will get many😂😂.She meet with each and everyone.Lastly kiss on Rudra and Aayat cheeks.They went with her to drop her till car. Aayat crying to see tej and Avantika.Kunj and Rahul make her sit beside yuvi in car and kissed on her hands they all look at car they both push the car. Each and everyone have to pass from this phased.yuvi and Avni car left all get sad but happy as well one more love story get name and tie in beautiful relation. Taneja’s and Luthra meet sarnas and left.

Kunj:uff Aayat Don’t cry.

Rahul:haa with heavy heart tension over just our rule baby.All smile they went inside.

Tej: Rahul don’t take any tension.

Rahul: arey why I’ll.

Avantika: we all must be tired go and sleep.

Usha: hmm. They all went in their respective rooms Kunj and Rahul going together.

Kunj: Chal don’t be emotional yaar.

Rahul: nahi Arey just sad Avni went na.

Kunj: we will bring her back and take her London than she will stay with us. Rahul laughs.

Rahul:kamine If Kabir does this with you 😂😂. I’m toh son of this house and anjali got lucky.

Kunj: true yaar. In last birth she does something great.

Rahul: hmm..

Kunj:goodnight give him side hug. Kunj and Rahul went in their respective rooms twinkle taking out her jewelleries.She bring Aayat with her because right now tej and Avantika wasn’t in good mood after Avni.. Kunj closed the door. Today also this duck sleeping with me haan.

Aayat: haan why don’t you have any problem..

Kunj:nope it’s your room only baby. Twinkle giggles Kunj went towards and give her backhugged.

Twinkle: kunjj what is this.

Kunj: pyaar aarah hai tujhe pe you girls have very big heart leave your everything behind and come with your husband hmm.

Twinkle: today you understand must be a brother.

Kunj:hmm truly till now thinking at your time you put glycerin.😂😂.

Twinkle:huhu so mean you are. Have some shame my sister in law is here only.

What she think about us.

Kunj:hoo me toh Dar gaya 😂😂. She is not my elder sister but of my baby sister she going to give accompany to yours little siyappa’s😂.

Twinkle: what. Than click. Kunjj what nonsense is this huhu. Aayat come to them and stand on dressing table.

Aayat: I’m here too.

Twinkle: haan.

Aayat: I’m going to my mamma and pa.

Kunj: why baby.

Twinkle: because of you come with me let’s change she lift her and take her in washroom while Rudra and Omkara come in room.

Kunj: what you wanted??

Rudra: we didn’t getting sleep can we.

Kunj: sure. Your place is left.. both went toward bed and lay down twinkle and Aayat come.

Twinkle: tum??

Rudra: haan sleeping with bhaiya.

Twinkle: good. You brothers sleep here I’ll on couch.

Kunj:hmm.Let me change.

Kunj went in washroom he get freshen up Aayat went on bed and pushing Rudra.Kunj come and see them.Twinkle lay down on couch. Kunj went and lay down Rudra cuddling him.

Aayat: Leave my bhaiya he is my.

Rudra: he is my..

Kunj:you both keep silent come and sleep Kunj cuddles and Rudra patting on their heads.Twinkle see them and smiled.

At Luthra [email protected]

Yuvi and Avni car reach yuvi and Avni come out of the car while all family members waiting for them only. They both went towards door anita holding aarti tali.

Anita:finally my bahu come Avni smile she does their Aarti than keep kalash. Avni beta push this Kalash with your right foot.She push slightly in a correct order. Maya keep red kumkum tali.

Neelam:Avni puttar put your both feet’s in this kumkum and leave your print. She lift her lehenga slightly and keep her feet’s in red kumkum and leave her prints.Griha Praveshtoo done.Yuvi lift Avni in his arms.They all sits.

Rishi:chalo lets play a game.

Anita:haan.They all sit and performed all rituals after marriage Avni win ring ritual. Now it’s too send them in their room.

Maya: Chal yuvi give my nek.

Rishi: I’m too here. Yuvi look at maya.

Yuvi:Arey maya di I don’t have anything.

Maya: soch le immediately yuvi take out money and give them.

Yuvi: now let us go. All giggles to see yuvi 😂😂.

So it was wedding night of yuni.Anita and maya send avni to yuvi room.

which is now her room also.She went to room and change her bridal dress into night dress.

She was brushing her hair in front of mirror.Meanwhile yuvi enters to room…

Yuvi:was shocked to see avni as she had changed her dress.Avni you changed your dress.

Avni: hmm or ni toh tum kya soch rahe the typical heroine ki tarh itna heavy lehnga wear karke veil karke tumhara wait karti haan.

Yuvi:haan i mean no.

Avni:what ? Yaar i can’t wear this heavy dresses for a long time.I m happy with my comfy clothes….

Yuvi:yaa good i m also going to change.He comes from washroom.Yuvi goes near to avni and back hugged her  so i m thinking..

Avni:what shyly…

Yuvi kissing her earlobes to start our night.as its our wedding night.

Avni:acha ji.

Yuvi:haanji turned her towards himself.

He kissed on her forehead.then eyes then cheeks and then he looks at her eyes.She give her permission.he leaned for a kiss.they both kissed.after kiss Avni blushing yuvi smile and lift her in his arms take her toward bed he place her on bed and come upon her both looking at each other’s.Cuddles each and others and lost in their love made love.

Tej just turning sides Avantika see him.

Avantika: tej sleep.

Tej: hmm I’m just thinking about Avni Avantika how she will stay.

Avantika:tej she is not like your kids she can manage you have to worried about Priyanka in future 😂😂she cant stay.

Tej:I didn’t think about this leave it.  Hope she just stay happy in her marriage life.Avantika cuddles him. Sleep took over them.

Next day in morning.

Twinkle wake up and see sarna siblings and smile she get up and went in washroom.Twinkle get freshen up quickly she went downstairs no one was wake up till now.She went in kitchen and preparing for breakfast she Make tea and served Prithviraj and Lata after Avantika and Usha Anjali and others wake up and come downstairs.Twinkle went in room. Find Kunj and all’s still sleeping.

Twinkle:Arey wake up please.

Om:haan he wake up in one go.Chal Rudra.He wake up hold Omkara hand went from there Aayat Hiding her face under blanket twinkle smiled to see her.

Twinkle:Kunj sadu ji wake up.

Kunj:let me sleep. Kunj open his eyes and making pouty face.

Aayat: good morning.

Kunj: ahah you awake haan.

Aayat: yes.

Twinkle: come Aayat.

Aayat: I’m going bye she get up and run. Kunj look at twinkle.

Kunj:lets sleep again what’s say.

Twinkle:acha ji not at all.Kunj wake up twinkle Throw him in washroom.They all get ready and went downstairs they all sit for breakfast.

@Avni like a gud dil.wake up early and got ready like a new bride.as she had seen this in her house to her badi maa , choti maa & twinkle and her bhabhi.She went downstairs..Anita saw her.

Anita: avni beta you get ready so early.

Avni:yes mummy ji she touch her feet and wished her.

Anita said:good morning.indeed i m blessed to have a dil like u my yuvi is very lucky.Avni shyly smiled.

Anita:lets go into the kitchen as you have to prepare some sweet dish as a custom.

Avni:ji mummy ji.

Anita:so what’s you going to prepare?

Avni:sooji ka halwa…

Anita:fantastic yuvi’s favourite.Avni smiled.Anita prepared breakfast and went to call everyone for breakfast while avni started preparing halwa.

Yuvi to get ready and comes downstairs as his eyes were searching his beautiful wife.

He went to kitchen and there he found her wifey preparing something..

He back hugged.avni get scrared but knowing its yuvi so calm down.

Yuvi:kya hua wifey darr gyi.

Avni:hmm little bit ab tum ek dum se suddenly hug karoge.

Yuvi:don’t worry babes.no body had right to touch my wife like this.acha why didn’t you give me my good morning kiss haan….

Avni:you were sleeping so thought not to disturb you.

Yuvi:but now toh i m awake na.now please my good morning kiss…

Avni:no koi aa jayega…

Yuvi:so what.you are my wife no body will say anything..He leaned for a kiss but maya comes.and closed her eyes.i didn’t see anything.Avni jerked him.

Yuvi:maya tu.

Maya:haa mai .kyn ni aana chaiye tha..😂


Maya:giggling…acha ji.

Yuvi:chal ab khadi kyn hai mom bula rahi hai

Maya:haan Chalo na mai toh avni ko lene aayi thi.Maya and yuvi went while Avni place everything in trolley tej messaging her halwa recipe she see and smiled. Feel so great to have a father like him. She take trolley and went towards dinning table everyone was sitting for breakfast. Avni smiled and everyone making tempting faces. She place everything on table and started serving halwa. They all Taste and smiled they had breakfast everyone praised her halwa and  gave nek to her….

Anita:avni  your brothers must be coming for taking you and yuvi for your phagpera.

so you got ready and please beta come early as tonight is reception also na.you have to get ready for that..she nodded in yes after breakfast she went in her new room.

After breakfast in sarna mansion.

Tej: Kunj and Rahul you both go fast and bring yuvi and Avni for her phagpera.

Rahul: haan.

Aayat: pa she went last night again she will come Rahul bro toh staying she is gone now I’ll take her room huhu. All giggles and look at Rahul.

Avantika: haww.Anjali and twinkle bring all gifts.

Lata:give this to them.

Rudra:uff this girls bhi na she shop of much still more.

Tej:why did you have any problems.

Kunj:lets go.

Rahul:haan. Rahul and Kunj left to bring Avni.soon Kunj & rahul came to take her.

They both went inside the house.

Kunj: first time at sister sasural how’s your feeling baby.

Rahul: Kamine 😏😏. Anita and Surjit see them and they both went towards them and meet with everyone and settled down.

Kunj: where is our Avni? Yuvi come down and meet with them.

Rahul: hello jija ji🤪.

Yuvi: haa saale saab he stretch the word of saale😂😂.

Kunj:le tit for tat.Avni get ready beautifully and she come down and see her bothers and smiled fully she went towards them they too smiled after see her.Like this.

Hi Avni.

Avni:Kunj bhai she hugged her both brothers.

Anita:Arey Avni go and bring your halwa which you make it.

Avni: haan I’ll bring. She run in kitchen and bring halwa and feed her both brothers with her hands.

Kunj: hmm yummy.

Rahul: from where you copying.

Avni: huhu bhai I learn.

Yuvi: haa my wife isn’t copycat.

Surjit: uff don’t say anything about yuvi yuvi will jumped from building.

Yuvi: what😳😳when did I said this all laughs out loudly. Kunj and Rahul give them gifts.

Anita:now you go Avni beta.She take everyone blessing and pack halwa for tej. Yuvi Avni or Kunj and Rahul left for sarna mansion.they all went to sarna mention.

At sarna mention.Everyone was waiting for her.. Avni came and hugged tej & avantika then others.

Avantika:so avni beta how’s u…

Twinkle:mummy ji her face is showing how much happy she is….hai na avni…

Avni:kya bhabhi …aap bhi shyly smiled.

Kunj:arey yuvi bhi aaya hai zara use bhi puch lo.Yuvi took blessing from all.

Avni: bade papa I bring something for you. She open the halwa box.

Tej: hoo. He open his mouth and she feed him. Great. She feed everyone one a spoon. All praise.

Anjali and twinkle took avni with her.

Both: so madam how was your wedding night.Avni was blushing..she hide her face with pillow..

Avni:kya bhabhi aap log bhi na.you both are saying..as i had done some new thing.everyone does this only na.after marriage…Both were shocked the way she answered..

Anjali:by god  ye toh kunj se bhi jldi change ho gyi.😂.

Twinkle:true di …trio were talking & enjoying..


@Everyone spending time with Avni.All teasing them lot but they all get happy to see Avni so happy with yuvi.Kunj and Rahul gift Avni and yuvi a luxury car. then all had lunch….

Yuvi:woh mama ji.we should leave now as we have to get ready for reception also..


Yuvi:so meet you all in reception. They left for Luthra mansion.

At night.Later all get ready for reception..

Twinkle was sitting on bed with confused face..Kunj came into their room..

Kunj:what happened mere syappe….?

Twinkle:shut up…you always call me that..

Kunj:acha bol kya hua.

Twinkle:i m not able to decide what to wear.

Kunj:kuch bhi wear kar le …you look stunning in all dresses…

Twinkle:two pieces bikini wear kar lu.

Kunj:why ? Is there any swimming competition…😒.

Twinkle: you said kuch bhi phen le…

Kunj:acha baba sorry.ruk mai decide karta hu tere liye.He chooses dress for her then she get ready.

. after they both went downstairs everyone all set to go.They went outside and sit in cars and left for reception venue.

At [email protected]

Avni and yuvi meeting with all guest both holding each other’s hand and looking so beautiful.Taneja’s and sarnas reaches and Anita ans Surjit welcomes them they went inside and meet with Avni and yuvi.And give them.Blessing.avni & yuvi were looking like a perfect couple.

All girls sit in one group.While even boys as well.they all couples dance on a romantic numbers. After yuvi and Avni cut the cake and feed everyone. All enjoy Lot. Omkara feed Avni cake without let anyone see them.

Rohan:Arey I didn’t get cake.

Priyanka:wait I have she forward her hand towards his mouth he open his mouth happily she feed him he get so happy Rohan mom see this and giggles. Priyanka slightly apply on his cheeks Rohan frown she look at him and make sad face he giggles she get shocked slightly hit on his chest.Everyone sitting together.

Aarti: what you planned for Omkara Usha Rani. Don’t you want bahu.

Usha: I had already my twinkle.

Aarti:haan that I know when you doing Omkara marriage Mahi and Omkara choked.

Usha:god knows.

Sujal:why didn’t you find any girl.

Bua dadi:even I’m saying this only. At Kunj time I said so much but they didn’t listen me.

Rudra:Arey bua dadi itself bhaiya wasn’t ready for marriage if dadi and dadu wasnot behind him till now he is single. 😝😝.


Avantika:everything happened when god wanted we didn’t think about Avni so soon see now so soon she married today we are sitting in her reception.

Rt: haan. At twinkle she made us run so much for boy everything don’t know what she had done with boys they run didn’t get ready for marry her all laughs out.

Om:Kunj get ready na she can’t make him run even he too hers .

Rahul:haan he does same 😂😂. He didn’t said anything they itself think he is so boring and said no. 😂😂.

Kunj:what about you should I tell.



Om:because whenever any alliance come for di don’t know what they had and he deny immediately Kunj and Rahul remember those funny days.And laughs out.

Kabir: Leave this what about your honeymoon yuvi ji.

Neelam:tonight only they going.

Rudra:so soon?

Surjit:haan afterward I have work Lot.


Anita:cape town.

Sujal: great. Even tej and Avantika too went there only haan.

Usha:bhai saab and Avantika Ka toh every years went for honeymoon 😂😂.


Rudra:what really? Now toh they didn’t.

Usha:you are poor soul.

Manohar:haan after baby too.

Usha:Kunj was in benefit in this.He get chance to go with them everywhere after you both they stopped.

Avantika:he increasing so much work uff.All laughs out.After reception finished all left for their place.

Next [email protected]

Avni and yuvi left for cape town early morning. Everyone finished their breakfast at sarna mansion bua dadi going back to village.Tej and Avantika was in their room talking.

Avantika: uff tej bua ji bhi na last time you remembered what she said if twinkle maa hi nahi ban shakti hai twinkle was passing from there she stop and listen get shocked immediately tears coming from her eyes.

Tej:Leave her she just saying whatever comes in her old mind. We should didn’t give any heed to anyone.Twinkle went in her room she hold her mouth really bua dadi thinking about this twinkle too started thinking if something really happened with her than what she will do.

Twinkle:how can bua dadi said this haan. 😭😭. Nothing is like this who told her this. Kunj entered in room he saw twinkle and get shocked went towards her.

Kunj:heyy twinkle what happened why you crying.Twinkle hide her face tell me did anyone scold you haan in stern voice. She look at him.Bata mujhe.

Twinkle:nahi kunjj. He cupped her face.

Kunj: tujhe meri Kasam you were fine just now what happened why you crying like this.

Twinkle: Kunjj woh. She told him what Avantika telling tej bua dadi give comment about her Kunj shocked.

Kunj: what and you crying for this nonsense comment really twinkle.

Twinkle: Kunjj you thinking this nonsense think if something happened with me.

Kunj:shh don’t think about like this. And I’ll talk to dadi who can she pass this type of comment about you. She is dr than she knows or else god. Huhu.

Twinkle:Nahi kunj I only over reacted leave this don’t raise the matter Leave her.

Kunj: hmm don’t dare to cry for anyone get it.

Twinkle:hmm she wiped her tears and Kunj give her his handkerchief she wiped her nozy he make faces and both laughs out. She hugged him.

Kunj:don’t let come this type of things in your mind I love you just think only,she look at him and he peck on her lips.

Episode freezes here only..


Tej scold Kunj and Rahul.. 😛😛

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Another shadi is over finally uff..😂😂.

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