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Pyaar Ke Papad 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Triloki makes a new plan

Pyaar Ke Papad 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Triloki telling Alankar about Omkar’s united family. He asks Alankar to suggest him something. Alankar asks him to go Banaras and do yagya. Triloki says no, Jaya is already worried here. Alankar says you couldn’t break them down. Triloki recalls Jaya’s words and gets an idea. He calls Jaya and asks her to do some work. She agrees. He tells his plan. Shivika comes to meet Omkar. She says dad has sent me with shagun. Jaya gets the shagun plate with diya in it. She goes and applies the oil to the chunri. She asks Shivika to keep the chunri in the plate. Shivika keeps the chunri and it catches fire. Shivika falls down. Omkar comes and runs to help. Jaya burns her saree pallu in the fire and shouts for help. Everyone rushes and blows off the fire. Gupta asks Shivika is she

fine. Jaya sits crying and asks Gupta to ask her welfare.

She says I don’t think our house Vaastu is right. Omkar says we don’t believe in all this. Jaya says that’s why this happened, see the shagun also burnt, what would we tell Triloki if anything happened to her, we have so many problems at home, we should get a puja done in the house. Maya agrees with Jaya. Gupta says its all blind beliefs. Jaya says fine, just listen to me. Shivika asks her not to agree. Jaya says if mum told this, you would have agreed. Omkar says fine, I will go to Triloki and talk about this, we will postpone the engagement. Jaya smiles.

Alankar asks Triloki what’s his plan. Triloki says my plan is to break the marriage and end the matter completely, I have to enter Omkar’s house to break his family. Alankar says this will put your Dharm in danger. Triloki says its already in danger, I will go when Omkar comes here with invitation. Omkar and Jagat come there with Jaya. Triloki checks and says there is a big Vaastu dosh in your home. He praises Jaya. Omkar says we don’t believe in this. Alankar says its written that situation and direction should be checked and changed before doing any good work. Omkar argues with Alankar, and gives him an answer well. Triloki says five day havan is needed, then this Vaastu dosh will end. Jagat says we will start havan tomorrow. Triloki says Vaastu dosh is dangerous, the brahman has to stay there for five days. Jaya asks him to solve the problem. She cries. Alankar says I think you should go. Triloki asks have you lost your mind, I won’t go there to stay, impossible, I will go now.

Alankar signs Jaya to ask Triloki for coming home. Jaya says yes, you please do come home, now it will be Shivika’s would be inlaws, at least come for Shivika’s sake. She cries and asks him to agree. Triloki says fine, I will break my rule for Shivika, I will stay there and end Vaastu dosh. Jaya thanks him. Devki asks how will you stay there. Triloki says I m doing this for my daughter, my way maybe wrong, but not my intention. Shivika smiles. Triloki asks Alankar to take care of house in his absence. Alankar says don’t worry. Triloki asks Shivika to get items he needs.

Triloki insults Gupta and gets slapped. Omkar raises hand on Triloki. Shivika comes and takes her dad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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