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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ira becomes Akhilesh’s personal secretary

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Bhavik thanks Akhilesh. I am ready to tell you everything if you are curious but I assure you I am not misusing this money. Devina taunts Bhavik. You must have withdrawn money to help Ira! Bhavik denies. She has never asked me for help ever! I invested it in a project. Devina refuses to trust him. Ira enters just then. Vansh and Mishri go to ask her if she got the job. Devina tells them not to waste their time. Look at her face! She seems so quiet which means she dint get any job! Kunika taunts Ira for not being able to fulfil her daughter’s needs. How do you face yourself in the mirror everyday knowing that you are a failure both as a wife and a mother! Pushpa takes her to her room to rest. Don’t get into all this. Everyone leaves except Bhavik and the kids.

Mishri tells her mother

not to cry. You only say that we cannot find a solution if we cry when in trouble. She hugs her sweetly. Bhavik says what if Ira dint get job. I am here. I will get her a new job. It will make everyone happy. The kids smile while Ira looks at Bhavik in confusion.

Next morning, Pushpa is praying. Devina is tempted seeing the laddoos. My sweet tooth is acting up. I must eat something. These laddoos will be just right. Pushpa wont spare me if I eat it before puja but forget it. Puspha notices her picking a laddoo but does not stop her. Devina is surprised. Is everything fine? Pushpa shares that Akhilesh took Kunika to hospital for eye check up. I am praying for her wellbeing. I am also praying that Ira leaves the house asap! Devina keeps the laddoo down. It will be a sin. Devina speaks of Akhilesh’s promise to Trinetri Baba. He dint give Mishri to Baba. Is it because of that vow? Pushpa says even I have been thinking of that. I was thinking to arrange a grand havan in Banaras so all the problems fall only on me! I thought I will leave as soon as Kunika’s eyes are fine. Devina tells her to resume her prayer. I will rule the house once she leaves!

Akhilesh is helping Kunika sit in the car when two kids come to polish his shoes. He is shocked to see them thus. Kunika also questions them. It must be some fancy dress competition in school. Mishri denies. We were only helping Mapu. We will only do what she will do! He realises that this is what Ira is also doing. Mishri points at Ira who is sitting in the corner of the street. She asks for his shoe but realises it is Akhilesh. Kunika makes fuss of it. Akhilesh tells her to sit in the car or someone will give her money thinking her to be blind. The kids help her sit inside.

Akhilesh asks her what’s all this about. You have involved my kids in this! She replies that she dint do anything like that. They came on their own. I don’t have all day. Give me your shoe. I have to polish shoes in the morning and then sell flowers at the signal later. I have to also do cabaret at night. She poses in front of him. He asks her why she is doing this. Stand straight. Why cabaret? She tells him she is ready to do anything for Mishri’s sake. Get your shoes cleaned and give my money in my hand, kyuki main aaj bhi feke hue paise nahi uthati (a famous movie dialogue which she says it typical style). The kids laugh. Mishri and Ira wink at each other. Akhilesh looks at the kids. Bhavik also comes there. Akhilesh tells him to talk some sense to his sister but Bhavik instead calls Ira’s effort right. Akhilesh complains that Ira is making his daughter also work like a beggar. Bhavik reminds him to deep breathe like he had taught him. Bhavik pays Ira and also gives her a tip. Bhavik tells Akhilesh he will tell him a solution in hospital. Ira and the kids shout for boot polish. Akhilesh leaves. Bhavik and the kids high-five.

Akhilesh makes Kunika sit on the sofa. I will complete some of my work till the time doc comes. I am under lot of stress. She praises him. You are so sweet and pamper me so much. I dint want to be a stress on you like your ex-wife but I couldn’t do it because of that Ira! Bhavik tells her not to worry. I understand your stress and I have a solution for it. Ira walks in as Bhavik calls for Akhilesh’s new PA. Akhilesh looks at Ira from top to toe. Kunika peeks from her glares. She asks Akhilesh what Ira is doing here. Akhilesh questions Bhavik who shares that this is the solution to the problem. You dint want Ira to polish boots on signal or do cabaret in disco. Kunika was also worried that you have no PA. Everyone is happy now. You promised me you will listen to whatever I say. This way you will have a PA and even Mishri wont have to polish boots. Say yes, please. Akhilesh gives in. Bhavik says all the best to Ira for handling angry young man. You are an expert anyways. You will do it. He leaves.

Ira thanks Akhilesh. Kunika looks upset. Ira walks up to Akhilesh and plays with her hair. She ends up sitting in his lap. Where should I sit, Sir? They share an eye lock. Akhilesh looks away. Get up! Don’t sit here. She apologizes as she gets up. You seem so stressed out. Let me massage your shoulder. She starts doing it but he tells her he is fine without it. Ira tells him he will feel better. Kunika removes her glares and warns her to stay away from Akhilesh. Ira reminds her she cannot see. Kunika lies that she can sense their proximity. Clean the room instead. Ira agrees. She starts from Akhilesh’s desk as he starts chanting Hanuman Chalisa. What have you gotten me into? Ira leans over him while pretending to clean which makes him uncomfortable. Ira drops a roach inside his shirt. Kunika stands up in alarm. Akhilesh starts opening his tie and shirt. Ira helps him. Kunika tells her to stay away. I will do it. Ira repeats that she cannot see anything. I will do it. Akhilesh feels uncomfortable. Kunika covers her glares. Ira tells Akhilesh this is how she used to hug him in the past whenever he got afraid of roaches. They share another long eye lock. Ira says I am always with you to protect you from such scary insects (hinting at Kunika). She takes out the roach. Akhilesh fixes his shirt. I know what you are trying to do. He goes to call doc.

Kunika asks Ira why she is acting. Ira replies that it is she who is acting using these fake glares. Your drama is going to cost you badly! I will keep coming closer to Akhilesh till the time you will pretend to be blind in front of Akhilesh. He will throw you out of his life very soon just like he threw the roach! All the best, Kunika! Don’t cross the road alone till the time you are pretending to be blind. Akhilesh calls out to Ira. She tells Kunika to wear her glares. Your husband just forgot his coat. Ira picks the coat and walks out of the room. Kunika wonders how to separate them from each other.

Precap: Ira tells Akhilesh not to trust Kunika like this. He agrees to prove Kunika’s truth today. A puja is going on in Akhilesh’s house. Kunika’s phone vibrates. She puts it on silent and notices Akhilesh looking in her direction.

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