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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya Amuses Everyone

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya returns to courtroom and thinks how to tell everyone about Satya’s wicked intentions. Judge asks where is his mother, he is giving next hearing date. Akash and his mother Aparna smirk hearing that. Satya enters apologizing judge. Judge says people correct their watches seeing her punctuality, how can she come late. Satya says she hired a new driver, pointing at Samar, who drives car like a bullock cart. Family sits amused seeing Satya’s behavior. Satya asks Samar to get case file. He hands over her file. She says this is not the one and he is fit for nothing. He apologizes and says he will get it from car. He runs out. Jaya runs behind him to inform about Satya’s intentions, but Samar says he will speak to her later and runs towards car to get file.


returns with file. Judge asks Akash’s lawyer to start Akash’s lawyer to present his case. Lawyer with a lengthy dialogue alleges Sarika. Judge asks Satya to proceed next. Satya says she wants to opponents victim again. Judge allows. Akash walks to witness box acting as weak, supported by constables. He cries that he loves Sarika a lot and wanted to their marriage a second chance, but Sarika poisoned him and tried to kill him. Judge asks Satya if she wants to question Akash. Satya says no questions. Aparna comes into witness box next and starts crying that she considered Sarika as her daughter, but Sarika tried to kill Akash and crossed her limits. Judge asks Satya again if she has any questions. Satya says no questions. Judge says fighting divorce case, she has lost touch on criminal cases and is losing her own daughter’s family case, anyways he will proceed the case after lunch.

Samar’s family is amused to see Satya’s behavior. Jaya informs them that mamma took 2 crores from Akash’s family to lose case. Samar panics that sasuma betrayed them, how will they protect Sarika now. Jaya asks him to calm down and request judge for another lawyer. Vicky walks to Satya’s room and seeing her enjoying food asks how can she hog food leaving her daughter in pain, she is so ruthless. Satya says she can. He continues verbally lashing her and pouring out his emotions. She silently listens to him and asks if he can drive fast. He asks what..

Judge starts hearing again after lunch break and asks Satya if she is ready to lose her daughter’s family case. Satya says when it comes to daughter, everyone becomes emotional, so do she is. She hands over Aakash’s bank account and phone call records and says it shows Akash got money many times from Surana family and his business never went in loss, he is a habitual gambler and lost 30 lakhs once. Akash says 15 lakhs. Satya says Sarika is milking cow for Akash and he did not want to divorce her, but Sarika wanted divorce after seeing Akash’s infidelity and shows picture proof. Akash gets tensed. Satya says she got 2 crores from Aparna to lose Sarika’s case.

Precap: Akash’s lawyer says Sarika’s fingerprints are on poison bottle, does Satya have any answer for this. Satya picks poison bottle and drinks poison.

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