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Ladies Special 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mandar Leaves Meghna’s House

Ladies Special 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Mandar picks his bags to leave. Meghna stops him and asks how can he go, if it is wrong to dream big, this is how he treats his family? Mandar says they are not 5 family members now, they are 25 including factory employees and this is how she treats them all. She says she is trying to give them better life and they will realize it later. Mandar says he does not want to see future and knows only about living at present with dear ones. She says he can go away but will return back after he realizes she is not wrong, she will not forgive him that time and will not change. Mandar says he knows she will never change and will never accept her mistake. Meghna walks to Baba and asks if she is wrong, why don’t he stop Mandar. Baba says Mandar will not stop. Meghna asks if he also thinks she

is wrong. He says he does not know. Meghna continues crying that she will prove that she is not wrong. Mandar walks away holding his bags.

Viraaj waits to open Prarthana’s letter till morning 6:35 a.m. as per Seetaram’s astrological advice and tries to open it, but Seetaram stops him and says not even a second before or later. Once time finishes, Viraaj eagerly opens letter and panics seeing Prarthana’s resignation letter and indirectly rejected him. Seetaram says she wants to resign job and get into his life permanently. Viraaj says she does not want to.

Kanganalooks at Amar’s gifted bag and thinks of making Bindu jealous via video call. She calls Bindu and excitedly says Amar brought a gift for her and she asked him to give gift to even Bindu. Bindu laughs and says Amar gifted her same bag and it is not exclusive now for Kangana. Kangana asks why her eyes are red, if she did not sleep well and if Mota pappa is fine. Bindu says she is fine. Kangana reminisces hearing Puneeth asking same question to Amar and he repeating same answer and feels jealous. She sees Amar returning home and disconnects call.

Viraj walks to Prarthana’s house. Father shouts at him to get out. Prarthana asks to let him in. Viraaj asks she has problem with him, she should not talk to him, but not resign from job. Prarthana gives her explanation and talks to him heinously calling him tum, but Viraaj continues respecting her and calling her aap and tries to convince her, but she does not. He asks if she has problem with his wealth or his lie. She says he could have trusted her and told truth, when he did not trust her then, how can she trust him now.

Meghna continues fuming on Mandar and trying to prove she is right. She asks Baba if he did not go as he thinks she is right. Baba reminisces Mandar explaining him the situation and asking him to come along, but Baba says though Mandar is right, he cannot leave Meghna as he consider her as daughter and cannot leave her at any cost.

Precap: In temple, a lady tells Bindu that she came to pray god, but he does not

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