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Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Chacha interfering and asking Chachi to end the matter. Chachi says your relatives are humiliating me and asks them to leave now itself. Pragya tells Chacha that they will leave in the morning. Chachi asks Prachi to apologize to her now itself else she won’t let them stay here. Prachi thinks Maa is not having money to take us to other place and comes forward to apologize. Pragya tells her that she will not let Prachi apologize and bend down infront of her. Chachi asks them to leave. Pragya, Prachi and Shahana leave from there.

Pragya, Shahana and Pragya are walking on the street. Shahana says lets sit for sometime. Prachi cries and tells Pragya that they shall go back to Hosiarpur and tells that she is fighting since she came here, and tells that this city is very

bad, first it humiliated me and then made me sit on the street. She tells that she don’t want to lose her self respect and tells that she wants to return home. Shahana says we have nothing here for us and tells that they can’t stay here anymore. She hugs Pragya and cries. Prachi says sorry to Pragya and tells you have to come here, had to come to police station for me, and had to bear insult by Chachi. She cries and says she don’t want to stay here. Pragya says Prachi…Prachi says you might have got angry after seeing this city. Pragya says I was thinking that we shall go back and says we will go, but what we will tell others in Hosiarpur. She says your college people will think that you are a thief and tells that she can’t run away from her past. She asks her to fight with others to prove her innocence. She says until you accept defeat, nobody can defeat you. She says if you leave this city then you are leaving your dreams and yourself. She says nobody can snatch your rights from you. Prachi asks where we will live here?

Pragya says there is a solution for it, and tells about the line game. She asks her to make her so big that others look small. She tells that you will not leave this city until you win. She tells that she will get her savings transferred here and tells that they need to identity the right way. Pragya says where will we get a place at less cost. A lady tells that God brought you to your destination. Shahana says how will we stay in a shop. Lady introduces herself as Sarita behen and says she has house for them. She gives her visiting card and asks Shahana to memorize the address and return the card. She takes the card and asks them to come in the morning. Shahana says where will we go in night. Pragya tells that they will buy platform ticket and sit there.

Rhea gets a dream in which Prachi tells Abhi that Rhea has stolen necklace in her own house. Abhi slaps her. Prachi and Shahaha laugh loudly. Rhea wakes up and shouts. Abhi and Meera come to her room. Rhea tells that she has seen a bad dream. Meera says your dream will not be fulfilled. Abhi asks why did she get scared being his daughter.

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