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Krishna Chali London 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Shukla learns the truth

Krishna Chali London 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Krishna asking Lawyer to inform Gajanan about Veer, maybe he can find Veer. Lawyer agrees. He goes to Shukla house and meets Gajanan. He tells everything. Gajanan gets shocked. Veer tries to get free. He opens the ropes and tries to leave. Lawyer takes Gajanan to Veer’s house. They find it locked and leave. Veer steps over some wire. Alarms ring. He gets shocked. Gajanan says I couldn’t find out anything, Nayani was worried, Sunaina is also missing. Krishna asks where did Veer go. Veer is caught again. Shukla gets Sunaina there. He asks Veer to see who has come, his mum is here. Veer sees Sunaina and gets shocked.

Shukla says enjoy yourself. Veer gets angry and asks did you do this. Sunaina says I have made food for you. He shouts you cheated me, I won’t

even touch this food. She says you will realize that I did right, else everything would have got ruined. Shukla forgets his wallet and goes back. Veer says you know the truth, Radhe died because of me, I killed Radhe, I ruined Krishna’s life, Krishna is in jail because of me. Sunaina says it was just an accident. Veer says truth can’t change. She says you are willingly ruining your life for Krishna, just think for once, you didn’t kill Radhe on purpose. He says Radhe got hit by my car. Shukla gets shocked hearing this. He cries and says that means Veer was saying right, he is the real culprit, he killed my Radhe. He gets angry.

Sunaina says I have done to save my family. Veer says Krishna is also family, how easily you separated her, I can’t separate Krishna, she is my life, about Radhe’s accident, I have killed him, you can’t keep this a secret for long, I know Shukla ji, he won’t spare his son’s killer. Shukla takes a broken bottle. Veer asks what will you do. Sunaina says you are forcing me to do so, I m your mum, I will see how you rescue Krishna from jail, you won’t tell truth to anyone. She goes. Veer says you are doing wrong.

Shukla comes home. Sunaina asks did you meet Veer. He says yes, I saw him when he was with you. She says he will get emotional and tell you that he kill Radhe, don’t believe him, he will try to instigate you, we have to keep Krishna in jail. He says yes, I m understanding, let time decide the future, Veer can’t instigate me. Shukla cries and recalls Radhe. He steps in the pool and cries. He shouts. Shuklain asks what are you doing. Gajanan and Triloki rush to get him out of the pool. Shukla goes alone. He reaches a temple and says I have to talk to Lord. Pandit leaves. Shukla rungs the bell and says my Radhe had lot of faith in you, he had one dream that he gets married, what did you do with him, you finished him, you didn’t do this right. He vents out his anger and asks how can I bring back my Radhe. He say you are also a father and know my pain, Veer has killed Radhe I would have buried him right there, but I didn’t do that I controlled my anger, I have hurt my hand, I won’t let Veer die so easily, he will beg for death, Radhe was dearest to me, I will not spare Veer. He calls someone and says bring that doctor to temple now. Veer shouts Krishna. She gets up and turns restless.

Krishna gets bailed by Shukla. She says I want to see my husband, where is Veer. Shukla says Veer had killed Radhe, he went to London to destroy the evidence, I got all the proofs. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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