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Kesari Nandan 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rana ji proposes a deal to Hanumant

Kesari Nandan 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kesari fooling the men and making them run out of the godown. Jawahar takes his car and goes, without helping him. The goons come back and shout the girl fooled us and ran away with a car. She hides inside a car dickey. Rana ji learns Hanumant has come. Kalki scolds the servant. Hanumant stops her misbehavior. She asks him to leave her hand. He says remember, its imp to become a good person before becoming anything else. Rana ji comes. Kalki asks who is he, dad. Rana ji says he did what I couldn’t do. Hanumant says sorry, I was just explaining her. Rana ji smiles and says he is wrestler Hanumant Singh, he is the best wrestler, I want him to coach you. The man checks the car dickey and catches Kesari. Police comes there. Kesari says now you will get caught. Police catches them.


praises Kesari’s bravery. The men argue and get arrested. Kesari says I trusted someone and got stuck here. Inspector says I m happy to save your life, don’t you want a reward, the gang is wanted, govt has announced 10000rs reward on them. She gets glad and says now I will get membership in Dhanwa wrestling club. Rana shows Kalki’s membership form to Hanumant and asks him to train her. Hanumant asks what are you saying. Hanumant says sorry, this won’t be possible. Kesari gets money and gives to Shakti. She says now none can stop me from wrestling, give me my form.

Shakti gives her the form. She gets glad and says I wish dad gets ready to train me, then Jagat’s wish will get complete. Rana ji says everything is possible. Rana ji reminds Hanumant about his loans and ban. He says I can help you in getting rid of the ban, I leave the decision on you. Hanumant gets shocked. Rana ji asks him to decide. Shakti asks Bhairav to train all his wrestlers. The man jokes on Bhairav. Bhairav goes to him and gets angry. The man says Hanumant always defeated you in every Dangal and even in love, he snatched your love as well. The men laugh on Bhairav. Bhairav asks the man to fight with his opponent. He tells something to the opponent. The man loses. Everyone claps for the fight. The man says you cheated, you can never be equal to Hanumant. Bhairav gets angry and throws him down. Bhairav says Hanumant isn’t a wrestler now, I m the best. Pandit asks him not to have much ego. Bhairav says I m the real wrestler, I m proud. Shakti says I have to make you meet someone, come.

Kesari is happy and goes home. She thanks the monkey for all the help. Hanumant is on the way and recalls Rana ji’s words. Kesari sees him coming. She sees the glass pieces in his way and runs to stop him. She removes the glass pieces. She shows her membership form. He gets shocked. He asks did you get this on your own. She says yes, with your blessings, I didn’t lie to anyone, this certificate is true. He says I trust you. She says we both love Jagat a lot, he is very upset, you refused to train me, please agree to train me for the sake of his happiness, I will do whatever you say.

Hanumant says I have taken a decision, Rana ji has made everything fine, I have to train his daughter Kalki for Bharat Kesari title. Kesari gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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