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ISHQBAAZ OS : Shivaay – Ishana – Omkara : Part 1


“Congratulations, Mr. Oberoi” she said shaking hands with him, a smile on her face and happiness in her eyes.

“Congratulations to you too, Ms. Raichand” he said shaking her hand firmly, he had this smile on his face, whenever he bagged a deal.

“Please, it is Ishana” she said smiling, he looked at her, “Of course, but only if it is Shivaay and not Mr. Oberoi” he said smiling at her, her eyes showed that she understood what he meant.

“Okay, so congratulations Shivaay” she smiled, “Congratulations Ishana” he smiled back, they laughed a little at each other’s antics.

“I should get going” she said picking her bag, “It was nice meeting you.” She turned towards the door and was about to go when Shivaay interrupted, “Ishana”, she turned back, “Yes”, “If you don’t mind, will you have lunch at my house tomorrow?” he said trying to keep a straight face, Ishana was surprised at first but after thinking, “Tomorrow, 1 pm, see you” she said and left smiling.

Shivaay smiled at her retreating figure, for the first time, the Shivaay Singh Oberoi was impressed so much by someone, there was something in her that attracted him towards her, maybe it was persuading skills, her confidence, her intelligence or her personality. Something had definitely struck Shivaay, otherwise he never had invited any client like this. She was different.

Next day, Oberoi Mansion,

Shivaay was busy in the kitchen, he wanted everything to be perfect, it wasn’t that he didn’t do these things daily, but today, he was being extra careful that things happened like he wanted.

Om and Rudra had been watching him with curiosity, today Shivaay had a different look in his eyes and they both had noticed this.

“O, don’t you think, today Bhaiya is behaving differently” he said loud enough to attract Shivaay’s attention.
“Correct Rudra, looks like someone special is coming” Om said joining Rudra.

“Please guys, I cook every day. What different about it? And Ishana, is just my client, coming over for lunch.” He said trying to avoid their teasing looks.

“Pehle to kabhi kisi client ke liye aise lunch nahi banaya aapne” Rudra said.

“Haa Shivaay, Rudra is right. Kuch to jaroor hai Ishana mein.” Om said and Shivaay looked at him, “Om, you also. Rudra doesn’t have any work but you are also joining him.”

“Well, you think whatever you want. I have a lot of work.” Shivaay said trying to end the topic.

Rudra was about to say something when the servant came and informed Shivaay that Ishana had come and was waiting in the living room. Shivaay’s face lit up at the mention of her, both Om and Rudra noticed this and smiled, Shivaay took off the apron and walked towards the living room followed by Om and Rudra, they were curious to meet the person, who had affected Shivaay so much.

“Ishana” Ishana, who was busy admiring Oberoi Mansion, turned back hearing Shivaay’s voice. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

Om and Rudra came there.

“Ishana, they are my brothers, Rudra and Om” Shivaay said, Ishana smiled at Rudra and then her eyes turned to Om, they both looked at each other, Ishana smiled at him but Om, he was lost in her, “It is nice meeting you both”

Om came out of his thoughts, something was different with Ishana, he had just met her but he felt a connection with her, he didn’t know what was happening, but Ishana definitely attracted him.

The four of them were sitting in the dining area, Ishana sat next to Shivaay and Om was sitting in front of her. He was looking at her, the way her lips moved when she spoke, how her eyes changed expressions, how her jhumkas swung with her movement, how her hair moved around her face and how she removed it every time.

“Where is the rest of your family, Shivaay?” Ishana asked.

Rudra answered, “They have all gone for a wedding” he continued, “You know Ishana, Shivaay Bhaiya has prepared everything today. He is a great cook”

Shivaay, “Rudra, tub hi naa”
Ishana looked surprised at him, “I didn’t know that you cook too”
Shivaay, “Nothing great about it, it is just a hobby”
Ishana, “Don’t try to be modest Shivaay. I am eager to taste the food”
Shivaay, “Sure” he served her, Ishana took the first bite, Shivaay looked eagerly at her, he was waiting for her to say something.
“This is amazing” Ishana said, “I have never tasted anything like this” she continued.
“I am glad you liked it” Shivaay said with a bright smile.

“So, Om, what do you do?” Ishana asked Om, who was quiet all this while, Om looked at her and became conscious, “I am an artist, a painter and sculptor” he said keeping himself in check, “That’s great, Oberoi Brothers are all talented” Shivaay and Om smiled at her words.
“Even I love paintings, I am not good at making them but I admire them a lot” Ishana continued, and a wide smile came on Om’s face.

“Then you should definitely visit O’s gallery, there is a lot for you to admire there” Rudra said.
“Rudra, tu chup kar” Om said eyeing him to keep quiet, Rudra looked at him confused.

“It is a great idea. I’ll definitely come there” Ishana said smiling and Om was happy.

After having lunch, they talked for a while and then Ishana left.

Shivaay and Om were attracted by her personality, she had something in her that would bound anyone near her.

At night, Oberoi Mansion,

Shivaay was sitting in his room, he had his files and laptop in front of him but his mind was somewhere else, he had been thinking about Ishana, why did she affect him so much.

Shivaay thought, “What is different about Ishana? Why do I feel drawn towards her? I have worked with so many people earlier but she, she is different from them. I met her a few days back and now, all I have been doing is thinking about her”

Om’s condition was no different from Shivaay, he had been thinking about Ishana, from the time he had seen her.

Omkara thinking, “I met her today for the first time, I know nothing about her, but still I have only been thinking about her, why I feel I am drawn towards her. She has a charm that can bound anyone near her”

Next day, Om’s gallery,

Om was busy with his paintings when a voice caught his attention,
“Excuse me” the voice reached his ears and he looked up, he saw Ishana standing there smiling at him, he was lost in her smile and her beauty.
Seeing Om not responding, Ishana snapped her fingers and Om came out of his thoughts.

“Ishana, you, here?” Om asked keeping his composure. “I was passing by when I remembered about you” she said, “I thought to have a look at your work” she continued further, “I hope I didn’t disturb you”

“No, not at all. I am happy you came. Come, I’ll show you the paintings and statues” saying so Om directed her towards the exhibition area.

They were busy moving around, Ishana was looking at all paintings with interest and Om was explaining her, when Ishana was busy looking at his work, Om was busy looking at her.

“Om, you are amazing at your work” Ishana said gladly, “Nothing like that” Om said feeling happy hearing her praise, “You brothers are so modest” Ishana said, she looked at her watch, “I should leave now. It was nice being here”, Om wanted her to stay but he didn’t have a reason to stop her, he said, “Please do come again”, hearing this Ishana smiled, “I will, sure” she said bye and left.
Om looked at her going away.

Months passed, Shivaay and Ishana’s business relation had changed and they had become good friends over time.

Shivaay always felt something for Ishana, but he kept pushing the thought away. Om and Ishana had also met several times and become good friends. Om liked it whenever he was with Ishana.

Even the Oberoi family, who met Ishana on several occasions grew fond of her.

Author’s note: I hope you all liked the first part of the OS. I have not decided on who the pair would be,so I wish you guys choose the pair. Please tell the pair you wish to see in your comments below.
I’ll try and post the next part ASAP.

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