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Chandragupta Maurya 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhananand Tests Lakha Napit

Chandragupta Maurya 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Durgam Dugu tells Kalgi that Durgeshwari/Mura is not a normal woman, she is a shatrani and orders Durgeshwari to follow him. Chanakya/Lakha napit walks to Jagatjala’s court where Dhananand is. Dhananand asks how did he come to a conclusion that his aides Dahak and Nishumbi are Chandragupta and his ally. Lakha says he got suspicious seeing Dahak and Nishumbi’s suspicious acts and followed them, he saw Piplivan’s badge and flag and when he followed them further he saw Agjeev and Kajri’s and their family members’ dead bodies, he got convinced that only Magadh’s biggest enemy Chandragupta can be so brutal. He acts as fearful for his life and pleads Dhananand to spare him. Dhananand catches his verbal skills and says he cannot be napit/barber. Jagatjala says

he will send people to Lakha’s village and confirm his identity. Dhananand says he is not a king just by luck, he knows what to do and says anyone can use verbal skills with their intelligence but cannot be a skilled barber/napit as its born skill and comes genetically, so he himself will check Lakha’s skills now. Lakha agrees and goes to bring his equipment.

Durgam Dugu takes Mura to his room and fills liquor glass. She stands out and asks to tell what he wants soon as she has to return to Kalgi. He says he knows she is Mura and Arjun is her son Chandragupta. Mura says he is just shooting in air. On the other side in Martand’s room, Chandragupta with Indra searches Mura’s bangle and says he hid it here since he knows nobody can enter here except royal family. Durgam shows bangle to Mura and says this is the proof that Arjun is Chandragupta, she is Mura, Indhuj is Indra, Mouni baba is Sthul; he will go and inform king about them, so if she wants her son to be safe, she has to submit herself to him.

Jagatjala asks Dhananand why he wants to test Lakha personally, he can let others test him. Dhanaannd says only he can test Lakha’s barber tests. Lakha enters with is equipment box and says he is ready and takes shaver out. Mahamartya asks why he is using this alloy’s shaver. Lakha says he knows his king used similar alloy’s shaver and starts shaving Dhananand’s beard. Dhananand questions him about his lineage. Lakha replies cleverly. Dhananand finds one answer wrong and keeps shaver on Lakha’s neck. Lakha gives his reasoning. Dhanaanand gets convinced and says now it is proved that Lakha is a napit/barber.

Mura warns Durgam to let her go as her son will send someone every half an hour to see if she is safe. Indra enters and informs that Lakha proved that he is a barber and walks away. Mura says her son sent Indra and after half an hour someone else will come to know if she is safe. Durgam shouts in frustration. Mura says for the sake of her son’s safety, she will submit herself to Durgam.

Chanakya Niti: River’s fate is to mingle with ocean after crossing all the hurldes, similarly if one wants to reach their goal, they need to think goal as fate and work towards it.

Precap: Chandragupta tells his team that understood that his mother is in trouble and is being insulted, he is enough to take revenge for his mother’s insult. Durgam looks at Mura lustfully. Chandragupta runs towards Durgam’s room.

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