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1st Epi – Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Zaroon and Kainat’s alliance gets fixed

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kainat running out of her house and feeding the pigeons. She plays with the pool water. She does shayari. She hears Azaan and goes to help Miyanjaan for his Wadhu. He asks why do you heat water every day. She says mum says if girl helps elders in making Wadhu with warm water in winter, then the girl gets a nice groom. Her Dada laughs. He asks won’t others wake up for prayers. She says no, everyone will pray in the final moment. He laughs. He asks her to go and pray to thank Lord, her prayer is answered. She asks what do you mean. He says I found a groom for you. He blesses her and goes. She dances happily.

Scene shifts to Canada. Zaroon is seen playing an ice hockey match and winning for his team. Kiska chehra….plays…. Kainat waters the plants and

dances. Zaroon says when I decide something, even the fate has to change its decisions. He goes. He gets a message and says I need to go to my dad. Kainat gets her pics clicked. Dada ji says Kainat looks beautiful, right Zainab, everything will be fine. Zainab says yes, certainly.

Dada ji tells Zainab about Zaroon and his dad. Zaroon runs to the Dargah and meets his dad. They pray. Rangreza….plays… They finish the prayers. Zaroon and his dad sit for a talk. His dad asks him why did he forget and came late. Zaroon asks why do you take me to Dargah always. His dad says I wanted to stick to my reality, we are from Sufi dynasty, you are born in Canada, but you are an Indian. He tells Zaroon about his ancestors. He says there is a big Dargah in Delhi, many people come there with hopes, I should have been the head of the Dargah, but we came to Pakistan after separation. Zaroon asks who is the head right now. His dad says your Chote Dada, my Chacha, Shairiyaar, people worship him and pay him much respect, my dad would have got that respect, I would have been there and turned too rich, you have to take his place now.

The family gets together for lunch. Dada ji comes. They all sit to dine. Dada ji tells them about his elder brother, he shifted to Canada and run a business, he had died 15 years back, I want to get his family back in India, I want Kainat to marry my brother’s grandson. Zainab gets glad. Zaroon’s dad says you will be marrying one granddaughter of Shairiyaar. Zaroon says dad, I can’t marry anyone without seeing her. His dad asks do you want to see the girl, fine, I will ask for her pic, the day you were born, I had decided your fate, your life is my deposit, I have a dream to make you head that Dargah, this marriage has to happen, remember this. Zaroon thinks I don’t accept your decision.

Rubina asks Dada ji for the alliance for her daughter. Dada ji says you didn’t teach any culture and values to your daughter, I wish she gets happiness, I chose Kainat for this. Rubina gets shocked. Kainat looks on and smiles. Zaroon sees Kainat’s pic and drops the phone. He gets angry. His mum comes and picks the phone. He says how can dad think I will marry this girl, look at her face, I don’t want a girl who obeys me, I want a girl who has her own perceptive to see life, who can challenge me, I can’t marry her. His mum asks him to go to India and meet the girl, then refuse for alliance, his dad will be happy too. Zaroon agrees. He arrives India. He sees Kainat at the airport and gets mesmerized. Ishq sufiyana……plays….Zaroon checks the pic in his phone.

Zaroon thinks I have come to refuse, but now I have chosen my bride. He prays that he marries the girl standing before him. He gets shocked seeing Kainat and Salnanat, twin sisters.

Update Credit to: Amena

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