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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Suhana challenges Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking did you stop taking kada, shall I talk to them. Kirti says no, I will handle my life. Naitik asks about Kartik and Naira. Naksh says I spoke to them, they will come later. Kirti messages Naira. Kartik and Naira hide and see Rahul hugging Suhana. Suhana says wait outside, I will see the assets. Kartik says she would have gone to rob clean the safe. Naira says but she won’t get anything. Suhana tries to open the locker. Naira comes there. Suhana says you here, you went for lunch right, I found the keys and came to keep. Naira says I know, but why did you send Rahul by back door, you should have taken his help, your lie is caught, its clear that your intentions aren’t good, tell me what is it. Suhana asks what will you do, what can you prove, I can

prove that you don’t like me, Suwarna and Shubham will believe me, that’s enough for me, I m not saying wrong. Naira says you are doing wrong, you will never become this house’s bahu. Suhana says its my challenge too, I will marry in this house. Naira says we have to stop her. Suhana says let marriage get fixed, then we will see, Naira will be ruined. Kartik asks what will we prove and when. Naira says in sangeet, she will be trapped and accept everything.

Everyone comes back home. Aryan asks Suhana how is her headache now. Suhana says it was fine. Naira says yes, Suhana had a headache, nothing is imp than health, jewelry is just in safe and someone else has keys. Aryan says just discuss about marriage. Dadi says we will do all functions by planning well. Naira says we have to do everything soon. Kartik says yes, she may change her plan. Suhana says my dad’s death happened last year, we want to keep things simple, we can’t do this cocktail and sangeet. Suwarna asks Dadi what does she feel.

Dadi says no, we will do it well with all the rituals. Suhana thinks I m in hurry, don’t know what will they get by rasams. Kartik and Naira name many relatives and ask Suhana to call everyone. Suhana thinks Naira is trapping me. Dadi says we will tell Savita about exchanging things too, call her.

Naksh says Kartik and Naira will manage, don’t worry. Kirti says we should tell everyone. Naksh says but we have no proof, we will always support Kartik and Naira. Something goes in her eye. He asks what happened, show me. He blows in her eye. Baisa comes and reacts. She goes. Kirti says we weren’t doing anything, even then…. he smiles. Suhana taunts Naira that she is grinding mehendi. Naira says don’t get glad, I can make chutney of those who troubles my family, go and take rest in temporary sasural. Suhana goes. Kartik fans air and talks to Naira about Suhana. He asks all set for tomorrow. She says no, where are the clothes. He says you can wear anything, you just have to meet me always. She says maybe I look good and someone gets flat seeing me. He says then I will flat him, no one can try this. He romances Naira. They smile. Purey badan pe tera naam chalraha hai….plays…..

They grind the mehendi leaves. He hugs her. She gets some messages. A guy stares at Naira’s pics and crosses Kartik. He says Naira I will be close to you, I will come tomorrow with this gift. He whistles. Baisa says I don’t understand, why Dadi kept sangeet and mehendi together, why is Suhana’s family hurrying. Rajshri says don’t know if its mahurat. Naksh asks Kirti did she know about Naira’s plan. Baisa gives a gift for Suhana. She shows a door knob. She says every married couple should fix door bolt, its good. Naksh and Kirti turn embarrassed. Naira asks Kartik to handover the towel from bed. The guy passes it. She gets a gift box inside. She checks and likes the brooch. She says Kartik gets such cute things for me. The guy sees Naira’s pic and whistles. He is Aryan’s friend and recalls seeing Naira in party. He leaves. Kartik comes to room. Aryan talks to his friends. Aryan smiles seeing Suhana. He says this is called love. Dadi asks him to take his friends, they have to prepare for rasams. Dadi asks Suwarna didn’t she tell Suhana to wear jewelry. Suhana says sorry, mom and Rahul didn’t come till now. Dadi says so what, you can wear jewelry from here, what will guests say. Suwarna gets jewelry. Naira stops Suwarna.

The guy comes to Naira and fixes a heart shaped card in her sleeve. He goes. She gets the heart note.

Update Credit to: Amena

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