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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka And Siddhant Falling In Love Again

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prabhakar, Anushka, Purva and Others are cooking in the garden area to spend some time together for Prabhakar’s birthday. Purva asks Siddhant what happened to his hand and asks him to thank Anushka for saving him, and says you have forgotten Papa’s birthday. Siddhant says I would have thanked her, if forgotten. Anushka says he is a kid still. Prabhakar asks Siddhant if he has problem with smoke. Siddhant says I didn’t go to America. Prabhakar asks did you know that I know to make this. Siddhant says I remember when you went to Patna. Purva says it is cheating, you took him, but not me. Gayatri says you wasn’t born then. Siddhant asks Purva to ask her husband to make food for him daily. Prabhakar says he is thinking to take everyone to Patna. Siddhant says it is my responsibility.

Anushka looks on. They make food.

Everyone gather at the dining table. Prabhakar says I want to tell something and says there is no formality between father – son’s relation, but then also I want to thank Siddhant. He thanks Siddhant. Siddhant says I have done what was right, and would have done same thing if there was someone else on your place. Prabhakar says you made me proud again irrespective of the reason. Anu looks at Siddhant. Siddhant tastes food and says it is good. Anu says it is yummy. Sweety calls Siddhant and tells that Khattar filed defamation case and asks him why did he get senti hearing papa’s name. Siddhant asks him to calm down and asks Anu and Purva not to say to Papa. Purva tells Anu that Siddhant don’t know to express love. Anu looks at Siddhant.

KK calls Prabhakar and wishes him happy birthday. Prabhakar says do you remember? KK says Anushka made me remember in the morning. He asks him what he needs in gift. Prabhakar says you say this every year, it is enough, I don’t know anything. KK says tomorrow is tough for me and says you need to be with me tomorrow. Prabhakar says I am always with you, and will meet you tomorrow in office.

Anushka comes back home and sees Srikant’s wife making salad. She asks her to taste salad. Anushka tastes it and says it is good. Srikant’s wife asks her where did she go? Anushka says she went to Prabhakar uncle’s house on his birthday and he made litti. Srikant’s wife tells that we are Reddy’s and says we shall think about Appa’s respect. She says Siddhant can take your advantage and says he is very ambitious. She says she is thankful to Siddhant for helping her husband, and he got the fees for the same. Anushka says Siddhant is not the same what she thinks. Srikant’s wife goes. Anushka thinks you are thinking him wrong and he don’t know how to express love.

Purva comes to Siddhant and gives him coffee. Siddhant thanks her/ Purva says you should have thanked Anushka. Siddhant asks her to go. Anushka thinks about Siddhant. Siddhant also thinks about Anushka.
Next day, Prabhakar is about to sit in car and gets KK’s call. He asks did you hear news and asks him to come home. They hear Goel’s first flight crashed. KK, Srikant and Karthik hear the news. Prabhakar comes and says it is not good. KK says it is not only Goel’s loss, but of all industry.

Sweety checks air ticket rates and says APP is showing wrong rates. Siddhant says other airlines are taking advantage as Goel’s plane crashed. Sweety says we shall not worry as we are with Reddys. Siddhant says this thing will go far. Karthik tells Anushka and Srikant that Goel complained to CARD have ordered enquiry on all companies who bid for the airlines and says Mr. Sinha and I have to go from Reddy corporation.

Siddhant comes to KK’s house and asks Security guard pandey to give register. Pandey says no need. Siddhant says your Anushka Madam is very strict. Pandey says it is her order. Siddhant is surprised and thinks how did Anushka heart melt.

Siddhant asks Prabhakar to let Karthik go for CARD enquiry. Prabhakar asks him not to worry. Later he thanks Anu.

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