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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya Makes Uma Realise Akshay’s Evilness

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya informs Uma about Meera and Akshay’s Plan to harm Kanak. Uma angrily shouts how dare he is to allege Meera, he will drag her to Meera to expose him. Aditya says it is a question of Kanak’s life and if he does not prove his words, then he can take him to Meera. At home, Bhabho gets worried for Kanak that she left for job immediately after engagement. Akshay says Kanak is fine and will return home soon. Bhabho praises him that he is like Sooraj who used to trust Sandhya similarly. Uma takes Aditya how and says if he is proved wrong, he will be punished royally. Aditya says he is 100% sure and will prove himself by calling Akshay to some place as a blackmailer. Uma says Akshay will identify his number. Aditya says he has identity concealing software and Akshay

will not identify his number or voice. He calls Akshay and says he knows about his Meera’s plan to steal Kanak’s signature and send her to jail. Akshay asks who is he. Aditya says his blackmailer and asks him to meet at some place around 4 p.m. with 10 lakhs rupees. Akshay agrees.

Akshay thinks who must be this new blackmailer who knows everything. Kanak comes and touches Aditya’s shoulder. Akshay turns and is shocked seeing her, asks if she came early. She says yes, tonight they have a pooja in temple. Akshay says he is going out for an important meeting and will reach temple directly.

Uma waits with Aditya at given place and says Akshay will not come. Aditya says Akshay will definitely come. Akshay comes asking if someone is there. Uma comes in front and says he is here. Akshay asks if he called him. Aditya hiding says he did. Uma confronts how dare he is to befriend Meera and think of destroying Kanak. Akshay says he came here to meet his friend. Uma brutally trashes him warning him he will not let Akshay harm Kanak.

Kanak and family reach temple and wait for Akshay. Pandit checks kundalis and says they are not matching. Everyone are surprised. Bhabho asks if marriage will happen or not. Pandit says wedding can happen only after 30 days. Uma throws Akshay in front of them and says he is unfit for Kanak. Bhabho says she knew he would break his promise. Uma says she does not know what Akshay did. Kanak confronts him and says he is jealous of Akshay and has not yet moved on. Uma says he will not let Akshay marry Kanak at any cost. Akshay says Uma cannot break their love. Kanak challenges that she will marry Akshay within 3 days, and Uma can do whatever he can.

Precap: Akshay tells Uma that he with Meera will take Kanak’s digital signatures and get her trapped in bribery case, she will go jail, Uma can try to stop them. Uma takes Meera to police station and asks her to inform police.

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