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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 14th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma Decides to Stay Away Form Kanak and Leave For Abroad

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 14th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Akshay and Meera celebrate their victory. Akshay says one has to attack at the right place in a right way. Uma eats very spicy pani puri and asks vendor to add more chilli paste. His eyes tear, and he reminisces Kanak doing same. Meera praises Akshay that how he emotionally fooled Kanak. Akshay says he is honest with his job and not Kanak, soon he will marry Kanak and then her destroyal will start, poor Kanak she does not know soon she will be destroyed.

Bhabho pampers Kanak and says god sent angel in Akshays’face. Kanak says she knows and hugs Bhabho. Akshay shouts Kanak Kanak, he hates Kanak as his sister trusted Kanak more than him, he could not enjoy his sister’s money or power, his sister did not even consider him for K and U project and gave it to Kanak. His

childhood dream is to become big businessman and earn a lot of money, but Kanak ruined his plain. He was thinking how to take revenge from Kanak, then he met Meera who is eager for her husband’s love and he is eager for his sisteer’s wealth and power. He will get Kanak’s digital signatures from Kanak’s laptop which Meera can use it and send Kanak to jail on her wedding day. Meera says then he should not delay. Akshay says he will get K and U project and when Kanak will return, he ego would be shattered. Meera says she likes it They both part ways. Aditya who hears their conversation hiding realizes Akshay is Meera’s puppet, Meera forgot him, but she does not know who he is.

Kanak enters office in the morning, and employees congratulate her for engagement. Aditya stops her and says he need to talk about Meera and and Akshay. On the other side, Meera over phone informs Akshay that Uma is going to London, she is so happy. Uma enters and says whenever he used to go abroad, she used to be sad, what happened today. Aditya says he wants to give information about Akshay and Meera which is related to her. Kanak stops her and says she is happy in her new life and does not want to hear leach like him as he will speak only dirty. Aditya thinks he will expose Meera and Akshay’s truth at any cost today. Uma asks Meera whom she is speaking to. Akshay asks her to tell that she is happy that Kanak is getting married and is speaking to her friend. Meera says same and says she is congratulating her friend for her wedding. Uma takes Maasa’s blessings, tells Meera he will return and try to give their marriage a new start. Meera thinks he is right, there will be a new start, till he returns, she will finish Kanak finally and then their relationship’s new start will shappen.

Uma traveling towards airport hopes after returning, Kanak’s life would have changed and he could start a new beginning. He reminisces Kanak giving lamp and telling this will show them new path. Kanak walks towards her cabin hurriedly. Meera stops her and says she surprises her everytime, yesterday she got engaged, but today came to office instead of enjoying with Akshay. Kanak says she already told she keeps her personal and professional life separately. Meera says there is a good news for Bhabho, Uma left for London already. Kanak says good at least Uma fulfilled one promise at least.

Aditya sees Kanak going her cabin and enters her cabin and seeing her on the other side of desk, he informs about Akshay and Meera’s plan. Uma comes. Akshay is shocked and asks how did he come back, it is cheating. Uma angrily says how dare he is to allege Meeera and reminisces returning to keep Kanak’s lamp. He drags Aditya towards Meera when Aditya says he is telling truth, it is Kanak’s life’s issue. Uma leaves him. Kanak enters cabin.

Precap: Akshay gets someone’s call and gets tensed when Kanak touches his shoulder from behind. He then goes to meet someone when Uma enters and says he is here, how dare he is to plan against Kanak with Meera.

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