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The dream I dreamt – A Swasan short story by despacito part-3

Recap- swasan unfortunate romance in rain. Sanskar arrivel at swaras house for regreat.

Swaras room
Sanskar- swara woh im sorry. I didnt want to do it. Woh…
Swara- its ok sanskar. Its very common in this day. Boy girl see each other and get attracted and kiss eo thats it.
Sanskar eyes popped out listen her. Swara understand what she says. She cut her taung & slapped her in her mind.
Swara- dont think its happend with me casually its my first time.
Sanskar- thanx swara for taking out guilt of my heart.
Swara smiled back.
Sanskar- so friends
Swara- hmmm ok friends.
They shake their hands.

After 10 years
A couple is sleeping in a lovish room. The sun ray falls in the girls face. The girl reveals swara. Her sleep get disturbed. She got up from bed lazily and goes to washroom. After half an hour she comeout from washroom wearing
a blue kurti and white palazo. She sees another person is still sleeping covering his full body. She huffed.
Swara(mummering)- woh this man na. Utho na. Aur kitne der tak sauge.
Op- hmm 1 min.
Swara- no any min wake up now.
Op- ok.
Saying he waked up revaling ayush(swaras bro).
(Who guess it sanskar???)
Ayu- di you are so annonying. Her waqt alarm ki tarah khari ho jati ho.
Swara- stop argueing come down soon.
Saying she goes to dinning hall.

At a big office
Swara is standing in front of the office. Swara goes inside the office. She asked receptionist of the office
– hi im swara bose. Can you tell me the way of mr. Maheswaris cabin.
Recep- sure mam go forward and the last cabin of left side.
Swara- thanx.
Swara goes to the cabin. She open the door and become shocked.
Swara- saaanskar tum?
Sanskar- Arre swara you here?
Swara- you were at London na?
Sanskar- yeah i was but im living here for 3 years.
Swara- whhaaat!!!!!! You are here from this long but you didnt meet me????
Sanskar- calm down swara. I went to kolkata. But you were not there.
Swara- hmm thats right. Actually after babas death we all come here at our grand parents house. Im sorry.
Sanskar- its ok. But you here?
Swara- oh yeah mr. Maheswari im swara bose i come here for the job of accountent.
Sanskar- oh yeah ms bose let me take your interview.

After interview
Sanskar- congrats ms bose you are selected.
Swara- thanx sir. When i will join?
Sanskar- day after tomorrow.
Swara- ok sir. Can we meet tomorrow sanskar?
Sanskar- sure. Why not?

Next day
At cafe
Swasan is sitting face to face.
Sanskar- say swara how are you?
Swara- im fine. Say something about you? How does you became the Mr. Maheswari?
Sanskar- aise hi yahan se jane ke bad abord main parhai aur yahan ake naukri.
Swara- where is your wife?
Sanskar- wife!!!!!?????
Swara- haan shadi nahi ki?
Sanskar- noooo
Swara- lay yeh kya bat hai???
Sanskar- are you married??
Swara- not at all.
Sanskar- why?
Swara-im still young.
Sanskar- what a funny joke hahahaaa.
Precap- swasan cute moment

Hey im ending this chapter. I have to say something. Its not anything about ff.
I had a no no i have a friend. He died fewdays ago drawning in river. Please pray for him where should he is he should stay well. RIP Rups.
Take care everybody and thanx for comments in previous part.
With love
Despacito aka Ayesha

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