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The day when it rained – Part 17

Part 17.
Next day on the way to college, my eyes searched for Sameer. But I couldn’t find him. But during the first break Sameer come to my class. I was in my seat along with Swati and Preeti. Sameer entered my class with Munna and Pandit. Sameer walked towards us looking at me. I become nervous. He came and sat opposite us.
Sameer: hi…

I looked at him. His eyes were on me.
Swati: hi. But why are you in our class?
Sameer: what to do, beautiful girls are in your class so.. I have to come na…
Munna: that is true….
Sameer, Munna, and Pandit laughs.
Swati: oho!!
Preeti: there are beautiful girls in your class also.
Sameer: yaa, but not as beautiful as yours. ..
Preeti: really!!!

Sameer winked looking at me, and I blushed. Sameer leaves as the class was about to start.
Swati: he is really handsome na.
Ritu: and flirt also..
Me: what?
Ritu walked to our seat.
Ritu: yaa. He is a big flirt.
Me: don’t talk nonsense..

Swati: Naina?
I looked at her.
Me: I mean you shouldn’t talk bad about someone we don’t know na..
Ritu: I am talking after knowing everything. My cousin studied at his school. And she had told me he had a girlfriend back in school and he left her after school.
Swati: so???
Ritu: he is just a flirt and nothing more. One girl today other tomorrow.

Preeti: why should you worry??? We will manage ok???
Ritu: I just wanted to warn you as we are friends…
Preeti: thank you for your warning. We know what we are doing.
Ritu walked away.
Swati: such a gossip Queen….
Preeti: yaa.
Swati: and Naina, why were you reacting like that?

Preeti: yaa. What happen to you suddenly????
Me: nothing. ..
Swati: then why is your face so dull suddenly??
Me: no. I am fine…
Our conversation comes to an end when teacher enter the class.
## ## ##

Evening after the class I was in the library. Sameer came there and asked me to come outside. I walked to him.
Sameer: hai….
Me: hi.
Sameer: come let’s go to canteen…
Me: can’t we talk here?
Sameer: yaa. But… What happen?? Are you ok??

I nodded and turn my face to hide my tear from him.
Sameer: Naina? What is the matter….?
Me: no. Nothing….
Sameer touch my chin with his finger and turned my face towards him. I moved my face.
Sameer: are you crying??? What… what happen???
I moved to the other side crying. Sameer came near me.
Sameer: Naina… What happen tell me???
I told him what happed after he left the class between the sobbing.
Sameer: Naina….
Sameer made me sit on the stairs, and he sat with me.
Sameer: Naina, it’s not like that. I will tell you…
Me: no Sameer, you don’t have to explain me anything. I trust you….

Sameer: if you trust me, then why are you crying…?
Me: its…. It’s just… I …. I am not your first love???
Sameer: what???
I turned face away from him.
Sameer: really Naina? You are upset about that???
Sameer came and sit in front of me.
Sameer: Naina… Naina look at me.
I looked down… crying..

Sameer: please…. Look at me…
He took my both hands in his. I looked at him…
Sameer: Naina… Naina that was not love… It’s true that we liked each other. But that’s it… nothing else…
He looked into my eyes.
Sameer: what I feel for you is different. And I haven’t felt this way before… I haven’t seen anyone like you before… You are really really special for me.
I nodded.
Sameer: and if you are still upset about the first love thing. I will tell you something.
I looked at him.
Sameer: you may not be my first love, but you are my one and only true love. Ok?
I nodded.

Sameer: and for you information, I am feeling like this for first time in my life. It’s the first time I am cared for someone like this.
I looked into his eyes. It looks like he had many more to say. He brings his forehead close to mine, to touch… but the sudden voice of door slamming broke our moment.
Sameer leaves my hand and stand.
Sameer: See, you are my first in all these….
Sameer: and many more I haven’t said…
I looked at Sameer. He smiled at me.
Sameer: now. Smile and come with me.
Me: where??
I stood and wiped my face.

Sameer: canteen. I really need a coffee.
I nodded and we went to the canteen.

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