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Siddhi Vinayak 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjiri shoots Laxmi

Siddhi Vinayak 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhi blindfolding Vin. She gives him a paper to sign. He signs on papers. She says this can get better. She changes the papers and gets his sign. She sees the marriage registry papers and dances happily. She kisses him. He asks what did you do and gets angry. The papers fall down. Vin says you have just kissed my forehead. She says doctor asked me to shock you, I would have given you electric shock but… what are you thinking, I m not such girl, did you wish me to kiss you. He asks are you mad, why will I think so. She says I did mistake to come here and take your test. She goes. He says she does strange things.

He sees her and thinks what’s happening to me, such a dangerous dream. She says its not a dream, its reality. She takes her scarf from his neck and

goes smiling. Siddhi also signs on the form. She says I can’t believe I married Vin, the way we united on papers, we will unite soon. She kisses the papers. She plays a song Pehla nasha…… She imagines dancing with Vin. She kisses his pic. Prachi comes there and sees Siddhi with the marriage registration papers. Siddhi sees her and stops the song. Prachi says I saw you dancing and stopped, this is my fav song, you reminded me of someone dear. Siddhi asks who. Prachi says that’s none of your business, its late, better keep the door shut, so that no one else gets disturbed. She goes. Siddhi gets sad and wishes Prachi misses her family sometimes. Prachi thinks why did Riddhi had those papers, something is hidden. Vin recalls Siddhi.

Manjiri says Laxmi made me meet Kanta and Vaibhavi. Shankar says how can they kidnap Laxmi. Manjiri says women are also clever these days, I will go Bappa temple and pray for Vin. Siddhi comes to them and shows Vin’s sign on marriage registration papers. Manjiri gets glad. Shankar asks did Vin know about marriage. Siddhi says no. Manjiri says Riddhi can make Vin do anything, this is called love. They bless Siddhi and ask Riddhi to call them Maa and Papa. Siddhi asks about Laxmi. Shankar says police will find them soo. Manjiri says I m going to thank Bappa, as Vin is fine and I got a bahu like you. Siddhi asks shall I come along. Manjiri says yes, but who will take care of Vin. Siddhi goes. Vin says how dare Siddhi kiss me. He stops Siddhi and taunts her. Manjiri comes and says I like Riddhi a lot. Vin doesn’t say anything and goes. Rajbeer and Prachi argue over handling Laxmi. Gauri comes to meet Laxmi to shut her mouth. Someone comes to Laxmi and shoots her. Laxmi begs her to let her go. Manjiri shoots down Laxmi.

Vin and Siddhi argue. She cares for him. He lifts her in arms. Manjiri looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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