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Savitri Devi 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi foils Gayatri’s plan, Jaya chose Sanchi for scholarship

Savitri Devi 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gayatri buying some medicine from a man and comes back home. She calls Chandani and mixes medicine in their juice, and says now they will have upset stomach and can’t go for honeymoon. She says now they know what I can do. Chandan takes juice for Veer. Veer and Sanchi come out in hall to go to hospital. Veer feels stomach pain and falls down. Sanchi gets worried. Gayatri thinks if that man gave wrong medicine and gets tensed. Veer opens his eyes and asks Gayatri how was his acting? Sanchi says I have seen you mixing churan in the juice. She says now you might be thinking who drank it, if not Veer? Gayatri is shocked and looks at her own juice glass and goes to spit the juice which was in her mouth. Savitri comes there and asks Veer if he is fine. Veer says I am fine, but don’t

know about others. Sanchi and Veer come to Gayatri’s room. Sanchi asks her to have tablet kept on the tablet and says you will be fine with 1 dose. She says you did this cheap trick to stop us from going to honeymoon. Veer says I am thinking where to go, Paris..etc. He asks Gayatri to gift them honeymoon trip. He asks her to think and tell them.

Gayatri thinks one day she will make them shed blood tears. She thinks Dr. Malhotra asked her to keep eye on hospital and takes the medicine kept by Sanchi. Sanchi comes home and give clarification to Jaya. Jaya says did I ask you? She says you are giving more importance to home than hospital. Sanchi assures her that hospital is her priority.

Priya talks to a stranger man who demands Savitri’s ancestral necklace and asks her to give, and says see you soon. Vikrant comes there. Priya tells him that blackmailer asked for Savitri’s necklace, and asks for money so that she can buy similar necklace. Vikrant refuses and tells that he can’t give her money because of IT. He smirks as he might be the blackmailer.

Dr. kabir tells Jaya about the hospital getting international affiliation and says two doctors will get scholarship. Jaya says one is you and other one is Sanchi. Dr. Kabir asks if Sanchi will get time. Gayatri comes to Jaya and tells that either Ria or Veer shall be selection for scholarship. Jaya refuses. Gayatri thinks mother and daughter will have a maha sangram. Jaya announces that Dr. Kabir and Sanchi have been chosen for the scholarship and affiliation to the university. Sanchi thanks Jaya and says she will fulfill her wish. Gayatri tells Ria that once she kicks Sanchi from hospital then Dr. Kabir will be yours, and says Sanchi will be drown by sailing in two ship.

Sanchi agrees not to go anywhere. Veer is taken aback. Jaya gives bands to Sanchi and Veer and asks them to wear it, says if they come closer then she will know. Veer asks what is this childishness.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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