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Rangrezz (RagSan ff) Pt 1 by Aliya

Haha again a new story… This is something i am trying new! Till now i have written lovey dovey stories.. mystery spiritual humor etc …you know the rest…

First time i am writing an adventurous love story!
And few days back i have started jaan e mann which is also a new thing for me.. hope i would reach your expectations and not end up in messing this 🙈

The lengthy part hope you will not get bored while reading this!

Here the story begins…..

“Today a new bank manager and his family is going to join and it’s confirm the Maheshwari’s will make their life like hell and we are already rotting”said assistant manager of bank to other employees…..

“Who knows maybe a strong person will join who will not bend to Maheshwari’s or may be stand against Maheshwari’s”said a lady employ with a hope

“For everyone family Matters..ok and most importantly this time the house for the new manager is located near the Maheshwari palace”

Every employees are having the mixed of feelings some are being pity on him some are hopeful….

Bcs the village fully belongs to Maheshwari’s and no one has the dare to speak against them!


Railway station…

A man of miss 50’s gets down the train and he is revealed to be Shekar

{Shekar Gadodia is the other name for sincerity.. He is obedient towards his professional life and he lost his wife 5 years back and he has 3 kids His elder daughter Ragini is his pride and she is the shadow of her mother a 21 year old girl.. And Riyan the 2nd kid who is 16 year old and Ruhi the last 8 year old}

2 employees identified Shekhar

And they introduced themselves…

E: sir.. Isn’t your family came?

Shekhar smiles: Ragini!

“Ji papa”came a beautiful melodious voice

And then a girl in a pink with silver border anarkali gets down the train…

And she is revealed to be Ragini

Ragini is a innocent calm cute kindhearted sensitive girl.. Loves her family she was only 16 when her mother left the responsibility of her younger siblings.. She has completed 3 years of her engineering now it’s the 4th year and she got admission in MAHESHWARI’S COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING! The only engineering college in that place!

Riyan and ruhi follows her…

And then they start the small journey to their new home!

In car

Shekhar looks around and finds the village is so silent… And he notices people aren’t having any sort of conversation he found it fishy…

Shekar: this place is so silent

Rag smiles: accha hai na papa…a spiritual place.. She was admiring the village which was so beautiful

While the employees looks at eachother!

And after sometime they reach…

Rag gets happy seeing small yet cute house…

But ruhi shouts:di di di..woh dekho

Rag looks at the direction sees a big palace which is at the oppsite and bit far…

Ruhi:the dream palace! Cinderella’s prince charming palace

While one employee murmurs: is not the dream palace but the nightmare palace!

E: sir if you need anything you can call me anytime…

Shek:no actually.. I want to go bank…
E: today sir?
Shek: yes today
E: ok sir.

Shek: Ragini go inside and call me you want anything.. Ok

Rag smiles and nods

He goes with the employees

Ruhi: di.. Let’s go and see the palace na please

Rag smiles: no…we can’t go like that.. What if the people who stays there doesn’t like our visit…

Ruhi: but i want to see that….

Riyan: let’s go na di..

Rag: no.. Not today..but we will soon go ok?

Ruhi Sadly: ok…
She looks at the mansion

And then they gets in the house….

A bird flies near Maheshwari was Amazon parrot

It goes and stands in its stand and talks: new people new people

There a shadow of a man is shown doing pushups

“New People”his lips turned into a smirk

“Saanwali si ek khidki dhadkan jaise dil ki”sings the parrot

He stops his push-ups:khidki?u mean ladki

Here Ragini loved the house…. It was simple and beautiful… With a small garden outside….

Ruhi was seeing the mansion

Rag sees her: ok..ruhi we will go there and see from closer we will not go inside!

Ruhi smiles: thankyou didi….

Rag: ab chalo

Riyan:di.. Why everyone here doesn’t comer outside of the house…i saw a men who was coming out.. i smiled at him but he is looking at me like i am a zombie!

Rag: we are new here na.. It takes time to adjust in a place

Riyan: but still….

They goes towards the mansion and reach near the gate

And they listen someone’s shouts and screams

Rag was about to go.. Riyan stops her: no di…

Rag: what if someone needs help Riyan… You both stay here i will check and come

Riyan: no di.. Paris isn’t here.. i don’t feel good here

Rag: Riyan!

At the they listen someone’s pleasing

“Please leave me lord! It’s a mistake….”

Rag moves towards the gate and what shocked her was a men was getting hit by many people’s there

A man was sitting there: you have dared to look at me.. So even i should look at you

Rag was about go in…but Riyan stops her:i told you na di..this place is not nice… And now you don’t go to help someone please… You don’t get into any sorts of mess..i don’t find they are good people…

Rag was herself scared but she couldn’t see the person’s cry

Riyan: let’s go back di….

He pulls her with him

Here the same guy noticed Ragini and her siblings near the gate.. And her will to get in and stop it still being scared

He was all seeing this in a terrace….

Person was screaming due to pain..
And then his gaze missed them and he tried looking for them near and then heard the cry of the person

He goes down stairs by folding his sleeves…and there a guy who passing by:bhaai…

But he didn’t stop for him but went towards outside

Guy2: why is he is in full of anger???

Here the guy goes outside…
Everybody looks at him….


Here Ragini: we did wrong! We should have helped the person
Riyan: then nobody would have helped us..oopar se papa bhi nai hai

Here Shekar was been welcomed in bank..

He was sitting in the cabin and going through some files

And a group of men’s enters the cabin

Shekhar looks at them: what’s this? Don’t you have manners to take my permission before you enter

He stands giving an angry glare on them

Here Riyan: we shouldn’t have come here di!

Rag: of they are like that… Then it doesn’t mean all are like them


And he is revealed to be dp only 😉

Shek: so?

People behind dp gets raised…

Dp stops him by showing his palm

Dp:manager sahab…i want to talk to you!

Shek: whatever you want to tell.. Tell me fast..i don’t have enough time to waste on you…

At the time a man comes and attacks shekar

He frees Shekhar

Dp signs them to go out

Dp:sorry manager saab.. when someone even raises their eyes on me my People won’t leave them and i am here to invite you and your family for a dinner tomorrow at Maheshwari bhawan

He leaves from there

Shekhar gets frustrated! He bangs the table by his fist


Here the guy holds the person who was been tortured

His eyes is shown which had intense hate

Person: please leave me…

He;i would have left you but because of you i missed a precious thing.. So i won’t…..
He was about to punch he remembered a girl’s (Ragini) concern filled face.. Who wanted to free him!

He pushes him: spared you!now leave before my mood changes!

The man who was been seated stands: SANSKAR are you out of your mind! Do you know whom you have left….

San:i know what i did? Papa ji

And person is revealed to Ram Prasad..

San shouts:Suhaan

A guy comes running: ji bhaai

Sanskar moves to his bullet and sits on it wearing a Goggles

And Suhaan sits behind him…

They leaves

Sanskar is a tough hearted person never spares anyone.. For him if he liked anything it should be his in next minute and he never leaves the person who would mistakenly disturbs him and the chowka(the parrot) it was of a men who came earn money through by presenting the talking parrot and the parrot just called Sanskar when it listened someone taking his name… And in the next minute he owned it… Now why he found Ragini precious and what will be do once he will meet her or what will be his next step only time will tell!
Rag: papa how was your day?
Shek: it’s good!

Rag suspicious: papa is everything alright?

Shek nods: and Ragini tomorrow is the first day of college here…

Rag: yes dad i m scared…

Shek: why?

Riyan: after the mansion incident

Shek: about what you are talking?

Rag: no papa.. actually ruhi wanted to roam the village we couldn’t go today

She somehow managed the situation


Next day…
Riyan and Ruhi any to the school which is our of the village Shekhar dropped them.. And then Shekhar dropped Ragini to her college!

After talking to principal…
Ragini moves towards the class.. She was thirsty and takes her water bottle and drinks it..but someone pushed her from behind and she stumbles and was abt to fall… But a 2 protective hands held her from her shoulders and the water in her hand have poured on his shirt!

While everyone who were present there were froze and they eyeball have come out of their sockets!

Sanskar looks at Ragini who opens her eyes finding herself safe

To be continued…….

So how’s this story??? Did you people liked it? I m writing something different compared to all my other stories!
Possessive and obsession i thought its not my cup of tea…but still tried hope you people will like this!

And next part of this story on may..

I was not in writing this now i am in between the exams too.. Now it’s a holiday and continuous study sucked me and i m here with the new story😛

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