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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 25)

Episode 25:

Final Episode

badi mummy , Sid , Trisha and kavya saw the souls of Ishaan and Preet in party. They gets emotional. There Rohit tries to find preeti ‘s car. he is also tensed.

party ‘s over. Its 12:30am.

Ishaan and preet are present in front of family. All the family remain silent. both dont know that all the family know about them. Finally neeti breaks her silence and she is about to hug preet. but she does ‘nt bcz preet is soul like air.

Neeti: “bhabhi…ap yaha …”

Ishaan and preet are shocked..

Ishaan: “Neeti…tujhe pata chal gaya”

Badi mummy comes to Ishaan. She raised her hands. Ishaan gets emotional and hugs her. Both mother and son weeps. preet goes to sid and he cried loudly.

Sid: “bhabhi😭…i missed you so much…bhabhi plz come back…plz”

Preet: i wish..but i cant😢.

Kavya: mama…” mujhe pata tha ap r papa hamesha mere saath thy” bcz i feel you every day every moment.

Ritik: just min…where is Rohit and preeti?

kavya tells them all the incident. Preet gets tensed.

Preet: “hamari beti kisi museebat may hai. we have to save…plz go..”

Ishaan: Dont worry Rohit is with her she has to be fine.

Preet: but…

Ishaan: relaxe..

Atif and baba drive in car. preeti calls Atif from petrol pump.

preeti: “ap r grandpaa kb aye gay dad?”

Atif: just 15 min we ‘ll reach.

Preeti: ok

She holds the pipe of petrol and on the switch. Petrol is about to flow in all where. she says “bas khuc min aur phir kahani khatam” she seems to be full of anger.

Bada: what she say?

Atif: she is waiting for us.

suddenly car stops.

Baba: what happened?

Atif: I ‘ll check.

after some moment…

Atif: “baba…car panchar ho gai hai….hummy late ho jaye ga…ap ik kam kare k khud chaly jaye me tb tk tire change kar k apko petrol pump se pick krlo ga. tb tk ap preeti sa papers la lejia ga”.

Baba: ok…you should change the tire.

Baba goes then atif goes in flashback.


Atif called shergill and informed him about preeti that she called him and baba to handover some papers. Shergill warned him “you do not meet her bcz may be she knew the truth of you and baba and she will harm you. so let baba go alone. you should give him lame excuse. and I and Herry will come at 2am” Atif agreed.


Atif: I should chase baba. then i see what preeti do to him.

preeti spread all the petrol on floor. baba reaches.

Baba: my daughter…why you call us here my dear. where is papers.

Atif reaches. He hides himself near tree. There Rohit sees the car of preeti. He realize that preeti is here. He starts searching her.
preeti get out some papers from bag.

Baba: come on give it to me.

Preeti: wait baba…wait😠.

Baba: baba!…what you say.

preeti: “wahi naam jis se apko mere baba bulate thy…baba”.

Baba: (tensed) Rizwaan

Preeti: (loudly) haaa….Rizwaan..mere baba …jis ko ap ne bhut be-rehmi sa maar dia…preet…meri mom..unhe bhi maar dia…r ab me…mujhe meri hi family ka against use kya. mera mis use kya.

Baba: “yeh sab khuc joot ha beta…”

preeti: “bas…Ab aur joot ni baba”

Rohit reaches. Herry and Shergill also reach.

Rohit: preeti…

Herry: (put his hands on his mouth) shut your mouth rohit.

Shergill: Rohit…we just watch..ok

preeti: “yeh lo papers”.

Baba: “likin yeh khali papers hai”.

Preeti: “😨 khali hai?….(laughing) koi baat ni phir kisi kam ka nahi hai….yeh lo match box and burn it”.

Baba takes match box.

Atif: “yeh kya ho ra hai…preeti kya kar ri hai”.

Baba burns the papers and throws on floor. Fire is about to start.

Baba: “nahi…dhoka…dhoka”.

Preeti: “theek wesy hi jesay tum na sab ko dia… me na Rohit ko dia… hummay is ki saza milni chaihye”.

Fire grabs baba and he is starting burning. Preeti is also about to burning… Rohit cried. Herry shergill Atif feels highly tensed.

Rohit: preeti… “me tumhe khuc ni honay donga”

Rohit jumps in fire. He lifts burning preeti and takes her out. Shergill Atif and Herry ran away from here. fire is ver high.

Herry: “Rohit…yaha se thori door forest me ik water fall hai. preeti ko waha la jao otherwise iss ka pora jism jaal jaye ga…hurry up…go”.

Rohit runs and takes her to waterfall. He lies her there under water. She is faint. He also lies under waterfall. (mein jo jee raha ho waja tum ho) background music plays. He starts romancing her and intimate with her.

Atif: Thank God…”shergil tum ne mujhe bachaya…warna me bhi esi hi moat marta jasy baba”.

Shergill: “tum surrender karnay ko tyar ho”.

atif: yes.

In morning Rohit and preeti lies near waterfall. She wakes up. she sees Rohit is sleeping near her.

preeti: finally tum mjhe jaane nahi do gay..rohit. likin mjhe jana hai.

She is about to leave. he holds her hand.

Rohit: “tum jahan jao gi…me bhi saath jao ga”

both hugs tidely. and weeps.

both reach home. Here preeti saw their parents soul. preeti goes to hug them she cried loudly. Kavya and preeti takes the blessings of parents (Ishaan and preet).

ishaan: “preeti ab tum hummy mukhti de do”.

Preeti: “ni me ap dono ki kahin jaane ni dongi”.

Preet: “meri jaan yeh duniya hamari ni h q k ab hum insaan ni rahe. meri ashtiyoon ko baha do jo tumhare pas hai”.

Badepapa: yes my daughter go.

preeti takes her mom last rituals. All the family present their. At last Ishaan and preet left this world. And trio couple (preeti , Rohit) , (Kavya , Ritik) , (Ayesha , Harry) live happily toghter.

After sixth month….kavya borns a baby boy and preeti give him name (Arhaan). Rohit says to preeti that “you are also pregnant so our baby name is ishreet if it is girl”. Every body laughs. happiness is back in hooda family.

❤The end❤..

hopefully you like this ff. i will write the next ff after my exams. Thank you. jasmine i like your comments thank you dear. pray for my exams.good bye.

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