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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 24)

Episode 24:

Badi mummy Bade papa seemed to be fake angry with Preeti. here Rohit ‘s birthday. kavya plans to surprise him. At night she screams loudly. Everyone get up and reach to hall. Rohit also reach in hall.

Rohit: what happened?

Kavya and Ritik: Happy birthday Rohit.

Every one wish him.

Kavya: “abhi tw party shoro hoi hai” i planed a big birthday bash for you in evening.

Ritik: yes there is a huge party over ther bro.just chill.

Preeti comes and sees all the celebration. Badi mummy and bade papa go to their room. Everyone go to sleep. Preeti comes.

preeti: Happy birthday!

Rohit: Thank you. sorry kavya just scream so loudly that you sleep is disturbed.

Preeti: its ok. well finally i know your birthday date.

Rohit: go and sleep.

In Morning…

Kavya starts the preparations of birthday party. preeti comes. she sees that kavya bake a cake for him.

Preeti: “tumhe cake banana bhi ata hai”.

Kavya: “ofcourse…hamari mama…😦..i mean meri mama preet…bhut achi cooking karti usi ka asar hai”

preet says to Ishaan.

Preet: “likin meri beti preeti Ishaan tum par chali gai hai…kisi kam ki ni”

Ishaan: !excuse me…tum ne khuc kaha”.

Preeti:😋 no… your ears are beating.

Preeti goes to badi mummy for help. suddenly her feet clutches with some wire. she is about to fall then badi mummy holds her.

(kabhi khushi kabhi gumm) background tune plays.

Preeti: Thank you…

Badi mummy: 😐 “kavya hoti tw me yahi krti. tum ab hamare lia special ni rahi. sirf is ghar ki bahu ho. aur bas”

Preeti: “ji..ji😌”

preeti goes from there.

Neeti: 👍

Badi mummy: 😰 what 👍? “usy kitna bura lga hoga”

Neeti: I know but you know its needed.

preeti is in room. she weeps silently. She picks up her phone.

preeti: today i end up this story.

She calls Atif.

Preeti: Hello dad.

Atif: yes my daughter.

Preeti: I want to meet you and grandpaa in midnight at 2am , on petrol pump near forest of farm house. i want give you some papers.

Atif: (tensed) ok.

Atif then calls shergill. In call shergill give him some instruction.

Rohit comes. He brings new dresses for preeti.

Rohit: “is me sa jo dress acha lagy wo tum party me pehen lena”.

preeti: 😢… Rohit.

She pulled him towards her. she tidely hugs him. He also weeps and tidely hugs her.

Preeti: i m sorry…Rohit…please forgive me.

Rohit: its ok.. i love you so much.

Preeti: “mujhe teri muhabat se inkar ni hai. Rohit.
kon kheta hai mujhe tujh se pyar nahi hai.
tujh se hai wada saath nibhanay ka.
par mujhe apni saanson par etabar nahi.

Rohit: jahan teri sansein niklay gi….waha meri jaan bhi nikal jaye gi.

Kavya sees them behind the door. she gets happy.

Kavya: Thank God…every thing is settle down between them.

In evening…

Preeti dresses in white Long maxi…Rohit dresses in white suit. both look like angels. They come in hall. here party starts. Its 11pm.

Rohit cuts the birthday cake along his wife. Everyone cheers. He feeds the cake to all elders. Then Herry says to him to sing a song. Ritik gives him guitar. He starts singing.

“Mein phir bhi tumko chahungaa”.

In mid of song preeti goes to her room. kavya feels something wrong. she chases her. Preeti picks the injection and takes it. Kavya sees her. she shocked.

Kavya: yeah injection q la rahi hai?

kavya hides herself. Preeti goes to behind door and get out from house.
kavya runs to Rohit. He tells him about preeti.

kavya: “jaldi jao…pata nai kaha chali gai hai.itni raat ko.

Rohit: “likin yaha sab khuc…”

kavya: “dont worry me sanbhal lo gi”.

He goes. preet and Ishaan sees it. They both confuse and tense. Rohit picks car and chases her. after an hour…

Sid: where is Rohit…birthday boy.

Kavya: (tensed) chacho have you any work so plz tell me.

Sid: no…no…we want Rohit and preeti ‘s dance.

Kavya: i and Ritik dance for you dont worry.

Bade papa: where they are kavya go and call them.

Preet: “ab kya hoga…wo dono tw ghar par nahi hai”.

Ishaan: time to expose ourself…

preet: what…are you out of your mind.

Ishaan: its needed preet…come on.

Aftersome time. everyone calls Rohit.

Ishaan: why are you calling us…we are in room.

Kavya confused to see them. she wants to talk with them but sid insists them for dancing.

Preet: ok..ok.

Ishaan and preet starts dancing.

“bol do na zara”…song plays.

badi mummy: neeti…take the video.

Trisha: mom…i take it.

Trisha starts to shoot a video. she shocked to see that Rohit and preeti images are not shoot in phone. Sid comes from behind and sees it. Kavya also shocked to see that video is not shooting. Tisha sid badi mummy and Kavya realize that they are not Rohit and Preeti but They are Ishaan and preet.

(kabhi khushi kabhi gumm) background tune plays.

badi mummy sid and trisha eyes filled with tears.

Screen freez on ishaan and preet.

What happens next.

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