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Porus 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Darius Punishes Puru Keeping Laachi as Hostage

Porus 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ambhi betrays Puru and reveals he is on Darius’ side. Mauses points knife on Laachi’s throat, Darius warns do dare not move. He picks iron rod and hits Puru. Laachi gets worried for Puru. Puru holds iron rod and says he is born to punish outsiders and not to bear their hits. He snatches rod and hits Darius. Darius orders soldiers to kill Puru. Puru snatches sword and fights with them. Wedding celebrations continue on Pourav rastra. Anusuya thinks why Darius did not come yet, if Puru is in danger, let her go and check. Bamni stops her. Soldiers attack Puru from back. Puru holds spearhead and warns to attack on his forehead and not back. Darius warns Puru that Laachi will be killed. Puru pleads to punish him and not Laachi. Laachi asks Puru not to worry about her and finish these Farsis.

Darius says he knew Bharatis are emotional fools and he enjoys their foolishness. Mauses tightens knife on Laachi’s throat. Darius takes back iron rod and hits Puru brutually. Laachi gets worried for him. Darius continues hitting Puru reminiscing Anusuya exposing his evil tricks and kicking him out of Bharath. He continues counting his insults and injures Puru repeatedly while Laachi pleads to spare him.

Anusuya eagerly waits for Darius, worried that he must be conspiring something big. Darius continues torturing Puru reminiscing Puru burning, then destroying his wealth etc. Ambhi raj starts torturing Puru next for thinking of reuniting Pourav and Takshashila, for kidnapping Ambhi kumar, etc. Ambhi Kumar feels bad for Puru and asks Ambhi Kumar to leave Puru as he is harmless now. Darius says in Faras they don’t spare their enemy and asks Ambhi raj to finish Puru. Puru smiles at Laachi. Ambhi raj hits Puru’s head and Puru collapses. Darius says Porus’ story is finished, he wanted to erase his name, now world will call him traitor Puru. Mauses asks if he should kill Laachi. Ambhi raj stops him and says Laachi is not their enemy, they should let her go. Darius says prince’s wish will be fulfilled, this weak girl cannot do anything. Mauses leaves Laachi. Laachi rushes to Puru and tries to wake him up. Darius walks back and says even if whole world tries to save him, he cannot be saved now, good bye prince Pours. Laachi continues trying to wake up Puru.

Anusuya feels something bad happened to Puru. Bamni asks what happened. Anusuya says she feels something bad happened to Puru. Bamni says he deserves that. Anusuya says soon he will know who is trustable and who is not.

Ambhi asks Darius what is his next plan to attack Pourav rastra. Darius says his soldiers are already in Pourav rastra concealed in barrels, they will attack silently, soon Bamni’s prince will be destroyed in soil. Laachi on the other side continues her worry for Puru.

In open theater, celebrations continue. People chant Kanishk’s name. Kanishk touches Bamni’s feet. Bamni says he is proud to have him as son. Kanishk says he will try to fulfill his wishes and thanks him for accepting the woman he loves, Barsin. Barsin walks down with Darius and servants reminiscing Puru’s words that her father will sacrifice even her for his dreams. She thinks Puru was right, right now Puru’s country needs him severely. Darius praises Barsin that she is looking angel in Farsi bride’s attire. Barsin says he wedding is his key for his dream to conquer Bharath. Darius says she is right, his aim is to misuse Kanishk and his family’s foolishness. Anusuya thinks where is Puru.

Laachi collects herbs in jungle and rushes back to Puru on horse. She grinds herbs and applies them on Puru’s injuries. She does Puru’s compresses Puru’s chest and says he has to get up to protect his mother land, she knows Puru is listening to her, but Puru does not respond. She cries loudly.

Precap: Ambhi raj says his arm that once they get Darius’ signal, they will destroy Pourav rastra into grave and attack Pourav rastra. Darius’ puppets inform that Puru with Takshashila has attacked them. Darius says Puru is traitor. Bamni says it is time to teach Takshashila people a lesson. Laachi continues trying to revive Puru.

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